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frevvo was designed to integrate with your back end systems. This chapter covers the built-in connectors. The connectors are free and come pre-packaged with the In-house bundle and some can also be downloaded here. More connectors are coming soon such as SOAP Web Services, MS Sharepoint, and others...

Database Connector

The Database Connector makes it very easy to connect frevvo to most databases. You can save form submissions in your database or initialize forms from a database. The database connector is freely available and is licensed under MIT license. Note that this connector requires Live Forms Professional Edition since it uses XML schema.

See Connecting to your Database for help installing and using this connector.

Google Apps® Connector

The frevvo Google connector does not yet support Google Drive. If you depend on Google integration in your forms do not yet transition your Google Apps account to use Google Drive. See this Google Drive support topic for details from Google on how to postpone transitioning your Google account.

Live Forms Connector for Google Apps makes it very easy to use frevvo with various Google Apps components including Spreadsheets, Documents, Sites and Gadgets.

See Google Connector for help installing and using this connector.

Confluence Add-on

The Live Forms Add-on for Confluence is available as a free add-on to either frevvo' Online service or In-house installations. You need to install it into Confluence before you can add forms and submissions pages to Confluence. You will also need to download and install Live Forms for Confluence.

For a quick look at the ease of creating and adding forms to your confluence pages please see the online video tutorial.

See Live Forms ™ for Confluence documentation for help installing and using this plugin. This video shows the creation of an Expense Report Application in Confluence.  .

PaperVision® / ImageSilo® Connector

Live Forms V4 supports form submissions sent directly into Digitech Systems PaperVision® and ImageSilo® document management products.

See Connecting to PaperVision® / ImageSilo®  for help installing and using this connector.

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