Live Forms v5.1 is no longer supported. Click here for information about upgrading to our latest GA Release.

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This page contains the detailed changes made to the following products:

  • frevvo Online
  • frevvo In-house
  • frevvo Confluence Add-on
  • frevvo Database Connector
  • frevvo Data API Client Libraries

v5.1 Release

The frevvo team is pleased to announce the release of frevvo v5.1.  v5.1 is the first generally available release of the new v5 frevvo version containing numerous improvements and new capabilities.

v5.1.1 patch9 (r26171)


This is a small patch update that must be applied by customers using the frevvo Google Connector 2.0. You may download v5.1.1 patch9 here. This patch includes fixes for all prior v5.1.1 patches.

Customers using the Google Connector must also upgrade to frevvo Google Connector v2.0. You may download the frevvo Google Connector v2.0 here. Please see the Google Connector release notes.


  • Support for the frevvo Google Connector 2.0.

Tickets fixed:

  • #16415 - flow corruption after MySQL PacketTooBigException
  • #17598 - Tenant names starting with "web" cause images in forms to disappear from print/submit pdfs. 

v5.1.1 patch8 (r24054)


 This is a small patch update the Chrome browser version 34 update that caused an issues initializing Live Forms. You may download v5.1.1 patch8 here. This patch includes  fixes for all prior v5.1.1 patches.

 Tickets fixed:

  • #15965 - forms hang initializing in the latest Chrome 34 browser

PVE / ImageSilo Connector


This is a small patch update to frevvo pve.war. This update was deployed to frevvo Online on 3/16/2014. It is also available for frevvo In-house customers - download pve-5.2.war. After downloading rename pve-5.2.war to pve.war and replace the file in <frevvo installdir>/frevvo/tomcat/webapps/pve.war with this new war file.

Tickets fixed:

  • #12701 - Prevent the digital signature image files from submitting into PVE/ImageSilo.

v5.1.1 patch7 (r23049)


  This is a small patch update focused on an intermittent application corruption issue when frevvo is accessed via the API login.

Tickets fixed:

  • #15507 - Application error on clicking 'Try' for published forms.
  • #15388 - Additional bug fix for  Intermittent application corruption when the frevvo server is accessed via the API login.

v5.1.1 patch6 (r22973)


 This is a small patch update focused on an intermittent application corruption issue when frevvo is accessed via the API login and focused on issues when patterns are used in workflows.

Tickets fixed:

  • #14893 - Upgrading from v4.1.11 to v5.1 fails
  • #15334 - Application error editing a workflow with patterns
  • #15357 - IllegalArgumentException editing an activity where the same control has different patterns in different activities
  • #15388 - Intermittent application corruption when the frevvo server is accessed via the API login.
  • #15391 - Application Error while saving workflows with patterns
  • #15406 - Patterns do now work or updated properly and changes are missing from _types.xsd in downloaded workflow zip file
  • #15441 - Upload/replace a workflow does not correctly update control patterns
  • #15442 - Adding a form with a pattern to a flow and updating the pattern and then replacing the original form in the flow does not replace the pattern.
  • #15443 - Form with pattern added to the same workflow multiple times resulted in duplicate patterns in _types.xsd.
  • #15447 - Published custom control with patterns dropped multiple times to table control resulted in only one pattern defined in _types.xsd. Editing the form and changing one of the patterns caused Application Error.

Patch6 solves issues with patterns used in new workflows. In the rare case that your workflow created in a prior release is already having a pattern issue you can manually fix the workflow. This is a one time manual update after which the affected workflow will no longer have issues. Please see the frevvo KB article in the frevvo customer support forum.


v5.1.1 patch5 (r22214)


This is a medium patch update to v5.1.1. This patch simplifies secure form access on mobile devices and solves an issue upgrading from version 4.1.8+ releases.

Mobile devices now support login/logout to a frevvo Space. This simplifies accessing private in tenant forms, flows and the users tasks which require authentication.

Tickets fixed:

  • #13725 - Signup for frevvo trial sometimes indicates that the new account is disabled.
  • #13739 - License Manager login page unused "tenant" field has been removed to avoid confusion.
  • #13740 - frevvo Online login page now clearly indicates how to login to your SaaS account versus how to login to the License Manager to access In-house license keys.
  • #13742 - frevvo Online login page is simplified to no longer contain the tenant field. Logins use format <username>@<tenantId>.
  • #13792 - License Manager incorrectly generating https urls.
  • #13845 - Improve logging output for default key generation in Weblogic.
  • #13852 - Login page on frevvo Online server was not forcing auto redirect to https
  • #14020 - Warning not displayed when a designer logs in using a browser not supported for designing forms/flow. See Supported Platforms.
  • #14351 - Digital signature images from wet signatures controls must not be submitted/stored into ImageSilo/PVE
  • #14446 - Space login was erroneously displaying designer login unsupported browser error messages.
  • #14530 - Forgot password button missing when Space accessed from a mobile device.
  • #14532 - Session expiration message seen for public flows cross domain embedded in an html page when accessed anonymously via Safari browser (Mac, iOS, or Windows). This is caused by Safari's "Block Cookies" setting in preferences. The default setting of "From third parties and advertisers" causes this issue in that Safari will not send cookies in the cross domain scenario. 
  • #14624 - Import data folder during upgrade of frevvo v4.1.8 or greater version erronesously causes an unsupported migration version error.
  • #14631 - doesn't support https access.

v5.1.1 patch4 (r21176)


This is a small patch update to v5.1.1. This supports the frevvo-Confluence Add-on for Confluence server version 5.1.

Tickets fixed:

  • #13493 - NPE caused by removing a flow activity contain controls from schema
  • #13521 - TIFF missing from snapshot dropdown of Doc Action Wizards in Live Forms Online

v5.1.1 patch3 (r21032)


This is a small patch update. This update also adds enhancements and fixes to the frevvo data API for .NET.

Tickets fixed:

  • #13352 - frevvo-Confluence add on has been removed from the In-house frevvo-tomcat bundle.
  • #13368 - Edit submission from anonymous user submitted prior to Live Forms v5 upgrade will fail and displays form's error action.
  • #13385 - Money control value 2 decimal places are rounded in the form if the number is larger then 6 digits.
  • #13386 - Timeout generating TIFF submission document. When using ImageSilo connector the submission stored in frevvo reports "failed to POST to PVE, Socket timeout exception".
  • #13431 - Register anonymous user form is clipped. Last field and submit button are obscured.
  • .NET frevvo data API Client
    • #13358 - Method added to set _formTz parameter
    • #13360 - Method to CreateFormInstance with multiple files
    • #13370 - Support _formActionDocs parameter in CreateFormInstance method
    • #13377 - Add support for _formActionDocs parameter
    • #13406 - CreateFormInstance returns requested form not found error under some circumstances
    • #13438 - Added new CreateEditingFormEntry method
    • #13480 - ApplicationEntry.Update throws a NotSupportException

v5.1.1 patch2 (r20860)


This is a small patch update.

Tickets fixed:

  • #13242 - Control updated triggered recursive Doc URI update infinite loop
  • #13261 - Export to excel failing for migrated forms in some cases
  • #13264 - Submission document has namespace prefix 'null'
  • #13271 - Download bundle missing latest Google.war
  • #13273 - Migration import v4 data folder reset formtype version back to v0
  • #13281 - Remove license manager text/link for OEM branding

v5.1.1 patch1 (r20830)


This is a small patch update.

Tickets fixed:

  • #13254 - Write to Google Spreadsheet not working
  • #13237 - Relaxed rule validator so it no longer complains that == must be changed to ===
  • #13258 - Date controls will now work in form.load rules without needing &_formTZ to specify the users's timezone

v5.1.1 (r20809)


This is the initial GA release of Live Forms v5. This release supports migration for existing customers running Live Forms v4. Please visit the introduction to new features for an overview.

  • Safari on Windows is no longer support by Apple. See this link. Value update failed in frevvo forms was seen using Safari with LDAP SSO documented in ticket #12515. We no longer support Safari on Windows as Apple is not supplying a patch for this. Safari on Mac OS will continue to have full support going forward.
  • Element Name property for forms and flows so that the underlying XSD root element name no longer depends on the form/flow's name

Tickets fixed in v5.1:

  • #8398 - Redirects to relative URLs are now working on WAS
  • #9131 - Server take precedence over url values
  • #9575 - Improvements to Google Analytics page tracking for forms
  • #10799 - IE8: Upload control's attachment does not open when using SSL
  • #11429 - Form outline shows form viewer control without properties
  • #13008 - Date/Time control formatting not preserved on migration. Signed sections with date/time controls can appear as tampered.
  • frevvo data API
    • #9273 - Render a task using the popup link using the API and you will not get the task data
    • #9286 - SubmissionEntry.getSnapshotLink(String contentType) does not work
    • #10056 - API doesn't returns an error if docURI contains a bad URL
    • #10310 - Application level themes not retrievable through the API
    • #10745 - Problem deleting  formtypes & submissions via .NET client
    • #10892 - EMBED_RESIZE_PARAMETER doesn't work with getFormTypeEditorLink or getFormTypeLink
    • #11327 - NPE on submitting a Flow instance
    • #12506 - ApplicationContainer:2728 - Application error processing /frevvo/web/tn/tenant01/api?null
    • #12963 - Reset Task / update TaskEntry does not work in v5.1.0
    • #10310 - Application level themes now retrievable through the API
  • #5987 - Support frevvo forms on Smart Phones / PDAs
  • #4674 - Upload control file type filter 
  • #11306 - Enhancement: ability to specify which MIME types can be uploaded. 
  • #11321 - Upload Control: enable camera on mobile device 
  • #10121 - Message control dropped into Table as a Column now has 'hide label" property 
  • #10526 - Upload Control: Support the selection of multiple files during a single browse 
  • #10577 - Mobile Form View 
  • #10617 - Create Wet Signature Control 
  • #11168 - Allow error actions to display the exception that caused the error.
  • #12391 - Edit submission after modifying the form name does not work
  • #11329 - Page Break control in palette
  • #11463 - New Global Themes
  • #11489 - Issues when member directive does not have an end tag.
  • #11735 - Long Form Names Throw Rollback Exception
  • #11937 - Geo Location Feature - Add location to a form
  • #12271 - Mapping selection controls in frevvo form to single-select controls on acroform does not work
  • #12391 - Edit submission after modifying the form name does not work.
  • #9179 -  Upgrade code added for frevvo.Publisher Role
  • #9984 - v4 to v5 Migration Scripts Updated
  • #12466 - Upgrade Themes
  • #10895 - Form Gets Added to Production List whenever a Control is Published
  • #12593 - Migration for form/flow root element names  

  • #12925 - DB2 Upgrade Script now Adds ShowinWizard Column to template table
  • #12928 - 4.1.7 Migration SQL2k5: Flow Using Schema when Migrated has Issues
  • #12949 - Phone Control has new default pattern
  • #12952 - Prevent data folder migration if folder isn't in v4.1.7 or newer release
  • #13042 - Flows with Schemas when directly upload to 5.1.1 do not show element name
  • #13044 - Max Length Property is not present in v5 for Numeric Controls: Money, Number, Quantity
  • #9266 - Allow Dl version to redirect login page to HTTPS 
  • #9934 - Upgrade tomcat to 6.0.35 to resolve denial of service vulnerabilities
  • #10577 - Mobile Form Web View
  • #10580 - Add Pixel Perfect forms functionality (aka generated forms)
  • #10620 - Upgrade for Multiple Docs URLs  
  • #12548 - Propagate space theme down to forms/flows/task list in the space
  • #9293 - Non-designers can be granted rights to view form submissions.
  • #11463 - New Default Theme 
  • #12769 - Form Instance data can no longer be accessed from different sessions.
  • #11496 - frevvo/userDB data source schema for MySQL uses the InnoDB engine for all created tables.
  • #11072 - Custom Logo not Saved in Spaces
  • #12919 - Thumbnail icons can be added to Live Forms and Flows.
  • #12746 - Using frevvo.forms.server.external.url gives web page error on IE
  • #11180 - Space TimeZone error when Loading date/time controls from the Task List.
  • #9958 - Configure email from address
  • #11053 - Improvements to Task List.

v5.1.1 beta (r20586)


This is the initial beta release of Live Forms v5.1. This beta supports migration for existing customers running Live Forms v4

v5.1.0 (r20346)


v5 is a major new release of the Live Forms product. The v5.1.0 release has a limited availability for new customers only as it does not support migration for current customers running frevvo v4.

v5.0 Release

v5.0.* is a forms-only version of the frevvo v5 major release update. This release does not support workflows. This release is not generally available to all customers. Please contact frevvo customer support.

v5.0.2 patch2 (r23048)


This is a small patch update.

Tickets fixed:

  • #15497 - NPE while creating webforms in bpm composer

v5.0.2 patch1 (r22490)


This is a small patch update.

Tickets fixed:

  • #13561 - Corrections to WEB-INF\licenses
  • #14572 - XSD enhancements:
    • #13724 - Support XSD nillable attribute
    • #13724 - Allow XML initialization of table control with xlm documents containing less elements then specified in XSD minOccurs
  • Support for XSD minOccurs > 0 and nillable attribute

v5.0.2 (r21066)


This is a small patch update.

Tickets fixed:

  • #10545 - NPE in UsersMonitor when replicating instance sessions
  • #13365 - Document work-around to support international characters in PDF submissions
  • #13367 - Rule Editor  - the "enabled" check box for each rule does not translate well in Japanese (not enough room)
  • #13479 - Control names with non-ascii chars causes a problem validating rules.
  • #13501 - Some rule execution output is logged as WARN rather than INFO, for instance the end of rule.

v5.0.1 (r19811)


This is the first release build of Live Forms v5.0.

End of Life Policy

frevvo supports major versions for two years. For example, frevvo supported frevvo 4.1.x for 2 years after the first GA release in the v4.1 series. The first GA release was v4.1.1 on December 12, 2010. Thus technically end of life would be December 12, 2012. However in this case frevvo extended the End of Life Date for the v4.1 series to October 5, 2014. Documentation for Live Forms versions (in red - beginning with v5.1)) that are no longer supported is available on our frevvo Documentation Directory.

frevvo Version

End of Life Date

5.1.xJune 6, 2015
4.1October 5, 2014
3.4July 9, 2011






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