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Each property is described below.

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This specifies how wide forms in your flow will be. The default “regular” width is 600px, but the dropdown also includes thin (450px) and wide (800px). You also may pick the custom option; this will enable the box to the right of the Width dropdown and let you specify your own width.


You can choose a theme to alter the appearance of your forms in your flow. frevvo provides one global theme : Nouveau. The Nouveau theme gives the forms in your flow a clear (white) background and a submit and cancel button with rounded corners.

Of course, you may create a custom theme instead of using the default themes. After you have added the customized them it will appear in the dropdown list along with the pre-defined options.

Themes applied to forms added to a flow will be overridden by the flow theme.  Let's say you had a flow consisting of several forms, each of which used a different theme. Selecting a theme for the flow negates the individual form themes and ensures that the theme selected for the flow is applied to all the forms in the flow. This ensures that the look and feel of all the activities in your flow are the same.

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