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frevvo Submissions can be saved directly into Google Spreadsheets. For complete details on using Google Apps with frevvo please see Connection to Google.

This tutorial will walk you thru the steps for connecting a form to a google spreadsheet. By the end of this tutorial you will have a form that creates a new row in your google spreadsheet each time someone submits your form.

We'll take you thru process from start -- logging into a google account and creating a spreadsheet; to the end-- using your form and seeing the submission written to your spreadsheet.

The instructions on this page refer to the Google Connector v1.4. Click here for the details about Google Connector v2.0.

On this page:




Create a Google Spreadsheet 

Login to your Google account on If you don't have an account click the "SIGN UP" button to create one now.

Create a new Google spreadsheet. Click the "New" menu option and select "Spreadsheet"

This will open a new blank spreadsheet. You can save it to any name you wish. We called ours "Birthday List".

The first row of the spreadsheet is where you put your column header names. Use these names:

  •  firstname
  •  lastname
  •  birthday
  •  gift
  •  email
  •  phone

Create a Form 

Login to your frevvo account on Or if you are using an In-house installation login there.

Create a new form by clicking  in the Forms Home Page. See Getting Started if this is your first time using frevvo. This launches the New Form Wizard. Select the "Blank" template and click "Finish".

This opens the frevvo Form Designer where you can drag/drop new controls onto your form.

Drag/Drop controls from the Palette to the Form Designer canvas (the palette and drag/drop is explained in detail here. Add a control for all 6 spreadsheet columns. We used a date control for the birthday column and an email address for the email column. This improves the form by enforcing that the user musts enter a valid date and email address. This form also used panels to get a 2 column layout.

Naming Controls

Every control has a Label Property. This is the label you see on the form such as “Your First Name”. Every control also has a Name Property. To map a form control to a spreadsheet column, name your control the same name you used for your spreadsheet column.

Google spreadsheet column names are not case sensitive. So a column name “First Name” is equivalent to a column named “first name”. Also spaces in the column name are ignored. So “first name” is equivalent to "firstname".

Google SpreadSheet Wizard 

The final step is to use the wizard to connect the form's submission to your Google spreadsheet.

  • Click the form designer's Doc Action toolbar button.
  • The wizard launches and you will see three tabs labeled "Doc Actions", "Additional Emails" and "Doc URIs".
  • Select the "Doc URIs" tab
  • Click the "Save Submission to a Google Spreadsheet" button

This launches the Google Spreadsheet wizard.

  • Enter your Google account username and password and click the login button
  • A Spreadsheet dropdown appears list all the spreadsheets in your Google account
  • Select the Birthday List 
  • Finally select the worksheet Sheet1
  • Click Finish on the Wizard

Test the form 

Now you are ready to test your form. Click the “Finish” button on the form designer. You’re back to the Forms Home Page. Click the “Test” button.

This launches your form. Before we submit the form lets take a look at the contents of our Birthday List Google spreadsheet. It contains one row of data.

The test button opens your form for use. Fill in the form fields. Note that frevvo ensures that when you enter values into certain fields such as the Email Address, that the value you enter is in fact a valid email address. It will warn you and prevent you from submitting the form if your address is bad.

Submit the form and look at your Birthday List spreadsheet again.


Your form submission should appear in your spreadsheet. Please check out the frevvo forum and add comments and questions there.

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