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Unzip the sample database file that was downloaded to a directory of your choice.

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MySQL Database

To install the MySQL version of the sample database, you must have MySQL installed. See for instructions.

From the command line:

  • On Windows
    •  % cd ClassicModels\mysql
  • On Unix/Mac OS
    • % cd ClassicModels/mysql-unix

Start the mysql utility, giving the name (and password, if needed) of a user with
permission to create databases. For example, to use the default root user:

  •  % mysql -u root

Create the ClassicModels database, load the schema, load the table contents and exit from MySQL. (Loading the schema
the first time will give error messages as it attemtps to empty any existing tables, just ignore these.)

  •  mysql> create database ClassicModels;
  •  mysql> use ClassicModels;
  •  mysql> source create_classicmodels.sql;
  •  mysql> source load_classicmodels.sql;
  •  mysql> quit;

Access Database

An Access sample database is in the ClassicModels\msaccess directory. To use this database, you have to define an ODBC data source.

Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC). Click the Add button.

Select the MS Access driver and click Finish.

Choose a name for the data source. Type ClassicModels.

Select the database and click Ok.

The data source should now be defined.

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