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A frevvo space is a web site that organizes and displays applications, forms, workflows, tasks, etc. A space has a tab for each application, and each tab has a drop-down list of the deployed forms and flows in that application. When you click on a form or flow name, the space opens the form in the page. A space also has a home panel and two optional panels at the left and at the bottom of its page. You can edit the content of any of these panels; you can also choose not to include the optional panels. You can apply a theme to a space as you do to forms. The Space theme will be propagated to forms, flows and the Task List. If you want to use a different theme for a particular form or flow, you must override it by using the URL parameter, _themeId= "Name of Theme". You can also use the composite ID form of the parameter: _themeId!userId!designer= "Name of Theme". Here is an example of a form URL with the _themeId parameter specifying the Nouveau theme :{}/user/designer/app/_N4cF4ZuwEeCwk5wyBHqHrQ/flowtype/_BRD_MHxkEeKJS-B6PtnIKQ?_method=post&embed=true&_themeId=Nouveau

Refer to Themes for more information.

 Spaces can be used to simplify accessing forms/flows/Task List from your iPhone or iPad. You can add thumbnail icons to your forms and flows and the space will display on mobile devices as shown below. 

On This Page:

Each designer user in a frevvo tenant can create, edit, and delete his or her own spaces. You can share the URL to a space with others inside or outside your organization.

If you share a space, you are essentially creating a website — anyone who has the URL can view the space. Whether or not someone can actually open a form or flow and use it depends on the Visibility property of the form. A form or flow must be Public for anyone to use it. An outside user will be blocked if he attempts to open a non-public form, and may even lose his session credentials with the space. Also, remember that a form must be deployed to production for it to appear in an application tab menu.

  A form action display message formated using html tags will not work like they do in your own customer web site.  XHTML in the display message is currently unsupported.

Create a New Space

When you create a space, frevvo creates a tab on the space for each of your applications — and also adds a Task List tab. The application tabs display a list all of the deployed forms in that application; undeployed forms are not included. If an application has no forms, frevvo doesn't create a tab for it.

You create a new space from the spaces home page.

  1. Log in as the designer, and then click on Spaces  .
  2. Click  to create a new space, enter a Space ID. The Space ID must be unique, start with a letter, cannot contain spaces or special characters and cannot exceed 16 characters.
  3. Enter a Space Name - this name will display in lower case when the space is accessed. The Space Name should not exceed 16 characters but you can type spaces here.
  4. Click Create.

The new space is added to the list. 

The spaces home page lists any spaces that you've already created. On this page, you can:

  • Click  to create a new space.
  • Click  to delete an existing space.
  • Click  to edit a space.
  • Click  to test a space.
  • Click o to share a space.

If you add or remove applications or add or remove forms or flows from applications, and you want to update the space that contains them, a quick way to do that is to delete the old space and create a new one. You can use the same name as the original space. The new space will contain all your current applications, forms, and flows. Customizations made to the space, such as adding your logo or HTML will have to be redone. If you do not want to redo your customizations, edit the Tab menus manually as explained here.

Edit a Space

Click  to display your space in the space editor. The editor displays your space as it will appear if you share it with others. The editor also includes a Properties panel at the left of the space, a toolbar at the top with Finish and Cancel buttons, and editing tools you can use for the three panels in the body of the space, the logo area, and the application and Task List tabs.

Edit Space Properties

Use the Properties panel to edit the the space Name, choose a different Width, or apply a Theme to the space. If you change any of the properties, frevvo refreshes the space so you can see your changes.

The two global themes, Nouveau and Noveau Blue, each contain a Cascading Style Sheet document (space.css) that you can use to customize the look of your space. See Customizing Themes for more information about using style sheets in themes.

You can edit all three panels in your space, and you can show or hide the left panel and bottom panel. You can also remove or replace the logo. The logo filename can contain up to 50 characters.

  • Click  to edit a panel, upload a graphic file to use as a logo, or to edit the application tabs.
  • Click  to remove the logo.
  • Click  or  to either hide or show the left and bottom panels. When hidden, the editor displays the panels grayed out.

When you edit a panel, frevvo displays its contents. You can add your own content and format it using HTML tags. 

To replace the logo, browse for the graphic file you want. Click Finish when you're done.

You might want the default logo to be your company logo. You can configure the "frevvo.logo.url" parameter in the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\conf\Catalina\localhost\frevvo.xml file or you can unzip the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\webapps\frevvo.war file and modify the configuration parameter in the web.xml file with the URL to your logo file. Click here for a step by step procedure of how to modify these files. Modifying this configuration parameter will change the default logo to your image for all of frevvo including Spaces.

Edit the Tab Menus

Click  to edit the application tabs. You can use the editor shown below to add, delete, or rearrange the tabs in your space, and add or remove forms or flows from the drop-down tab menus. The editor uses this format:

  • Text that begins with a single asterisk is a tab name — * Human Resources is a tab name.
  • Text that begins with two asterisks is a form or flow name — ** Expense Statement is a form or flow name.

To add a new tab, type its name and begin it with a single asterisk. Use two asterisks for a form or flow name. Notice that a form or flow name is followed by a URL that identifies it. For example, the full entry for the Human Resources > Expense Statement form in this example is:

** Expense Statement|

To add a form or flow name to a tab, you'll need its URL. Follow these steps:

  1. On the applications home page, click  to edit the application that contains the form or flow you want to add.
  2. Click the  button to open the Share Form panel for the form you want.
  3. Click Raw form link to display the raw URL.
  4. Copy the URL, then in the tab editor, type a | character after the form name, and then paste the form's URL after it.
  5. Click Finish to update the tab menus.

Forms/flows in a space should be located on the same frevvo Server. They can be created by other designer users in same tenant or a different tenant.

Test a Space

Click  to test a space. The space is displayed as it will look to anyone you gave its URL to. If a user has the correct credentials, he can fill out and submit forms and flows. Close the window when you're done testing.

Share a Space

Click  to share a space. frevvo displays your space's URL — this is the link you distribute to those who you want to view your space. Remember, whether or not someone can actually open a form or flow and use it depends on the Visibility property of the form.

You may use either an http or https Space URL. However if you use https to access the Space then all the forms/flows in the space must also have https URLs. And if you use http to access the Space then all the forms/flows must all have http URLs. Spaces do not support a mix of http and https.

Space Content

Spaces can contain any content the designer wants to add. The most common content is:

  • Tabs for each application
  • Menu items to access forms and workflows
  • A Task List Tab
  • A Logout Tab - add "* logout|logout"

Spaces can also contain form submissions. Copy the URL to any  form or flow submission page and append the URL paramenter embed=true. Here is a tab menu item link to a form submissions page:


 If a user is not authenticated to view the form/flow submissions, then the error message "Access Denied. Authentication Required." will display. 

Spaces and Mobile Forms

You do not have to use Spaces to access your mobile forms but it is a convenient way to do so. Of course, you can still embed your forms and flows in your own internet.  You can add icons to your forms and flows which will display on mobile devices when you access the space. Spaces can be a valuable tool for testing your Mobile forms on the iPhone and iPad. 

Selecting the Excel export feature when viewing submissions from the Shared Items tab (inside or outside of a space) on an IOS device (iPad,iPhone), may have to install an application to edit and save .xls files. This requirement is browser specific.

Refer to the Employee On Boarding  tutorial for more information on Spaces and Mobile Forms design. For information on thumbnail icons go to the Forms or Flows Home Page.

Spaces rendered in a desktop browser will have a Logout button but the Logout menu item (Logout|logout) from a space will not appear on mobile devices.  Sometime in the future, there will be an iOS app that will handle the authentication on mobile devices. In version 5.1.1, you will have to bookmark two links in your mobile devices: one to the direct frevvo login page which should be used for login/logout to the frevvo server from your user account; and second to the space URL to use the forms/flows/tasklist. frevvo v5.2 will have the login/logout options available for spaces on mobile devices.




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