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Video Tutorials (Playlists)


Step-by-Step Tutorials

These tutorials take you step-by-step via screen shots and instruction to get started with frevvo features.
  • Employee On Boarding Tutorial - instructions for building the forms, workflow and PDF generation demonstrated in the New Employee On Boarding webinar.

Forms Tutorials

  1. Database Connector Tutorial
  2. Google Connector Spreadsheet Tutorial
  3. Process Form Data Tutorial
  4. Data API - Design-time integration with the Data API
  5. Embedding Forms and WorkFlows
  6. Getting Started with the Data API - Java Client Library Tutorial
  7. Survey Form with Excel Download in Confluence Tutorial
  8. Digitech ImageSilo Tutorial

Workflow Tutorials

  1. Leave Approval Workflow Tutorial
  2. Patient Referral Workflow Tutorial
  3. Expense Report Workflow Tutorial
  4. Employee On Boarding Tutorial


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