frevvo Latest - This documentation is for frevvo v10.2 v10.2 is a Cloud Only release. Not for you? Earlier documentation is available too.

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This page contains the detailed changes made to the following products:

  • frevvo Cloud

Please visit Planning for v10.2 for an overview of the changes and enhancements in this release.


v10.2.3 (rbc601de)

Cloud Release: May 11, 2022

On Premise Release: N/A

v10.2.3 is a small bug fix patch release. v10.2.3 is a Cloud-only release. Cloud customers are automatically upgraded. On Premise customers should subscribe to release announcements so you will receive an automatic email when the On Premise version is available. 

Tickets Fixed
  • TIP-31581 - Date Controls do not flag invalid values.
  • TIP-31578 - Application error throw when editing a Project if it contains one or more corrupt forms.
  • TIP-31540 - Values in from-schema decimal controls are treated as strings when the Display As property is Text.
  • TIP-31537 - Operational Reports display "No Data Available" in the data table.
  • TIP-31534 - The magnifying glass icon under DATA SOURCES (form/workflow designer) is not highlighting from-schema controls.
  • TIP-31504 - Link to documentation in "Workflow Step Settings" goes to 'page not found'.
  • TIP-31503 - Unsaved changes warning is incorrectly shown when navigating from read-only workflow view to any other page.
  • TIP-31500 - Security: Do not allow upload of project/form/workflow .zip file if the file contains any entry that changes the base directory.
VersionConfluence PluginDatabase ConnectorFilesystem ConnectorGoogle ConnectorSharepoint Connector
frevvo v10.2.3v5.5.0 (Confluence Server 7.4)v2.6.3v1.3.0v3.0.5v1.1.3 (SharePoint 360)

v10.2.2 (rcc5932b)

Cloud Release: May 5, 2022

On Premise Release: N/A

v10.2.2 is a small bug fix patch release. v10.2.2 is a Cloud-only release. Cloud customers are automatically upgraded. On Premise customers should subscribe to release announcements so you will receive an automatic email when the On Premise version is available. 

Tickets Fixed
  • TIP-31545 - A palette control in a workflow does not respect the pattern property.
  • TIP-31541 - (Workflows) Values in selection controls using dynamic options become invalid in later steps if options are not re-populated.
  • TIP-31538 - Checkbox with multiple values selected appears empty/invalid after Save or in later steps.
  • TIP-31536 - Deployment state is not retained when uploading/replacing a form/flow.
  • TIP-31519 - Submission XML version declaration is not compatible with .net services.
  • TIP-31539 - Cached allowed values in from schema controls cause them to be flagged as invalid.

VersionConfluence PluginDatabase ConnectorFilesystem ConnectorGoogle ConnectorSharepoint Connector
frevvo v10.2.2v5.5.0 (Confluence Server 7.4)v2.6.3v1.3.0v3.0.5v1.1.3 (SharePoint 360)

v10.2.1 (r32a0e98)

Cloud Release: May 4, 2022

On Premise Release: N/A

v10.2.1 is a small bug fix patch release. v10.2.1 is a Cloud-only release. Cloud customers are automatically upgraded. On Premise customers should subscribe to release announcements so you will receive an automatic email when the On Premise version is available. 

Tickets Fixed
  • TIP-31518 - After v10.2 Upgrade no submissions are shown for forms/workflows with multiple content types.
  • TIP-31517 - Export Fields incorrectly appear in Task List Search "Fields" dropdown; selecting one causes a Task Update Failed Error.
  • TIP-31512 - Unable to delete non-designer users from the users.csv upload.
  • TIP-31511 - All Projects fail to load if there is any corrupt project in the user's account.
  • TIP-31505 - .NET API: Users' request incorrectly blocked to forms/workflows.
VersionConfluence PluginDatabase ConnectorFilesystem ConnectorGoogle ConnectorSharepoint Connector
frevvo v10.2.1v5.5.0 (Confluence Server 7.4)v2.6.3v1.3.0v3.0.5v1.1.3 (SharePoint 360)

v10.2.0 (rcbbe1fc)

Cloud Release: April 30, 2022

On Premise Release: N/A

This is the initial GA release of frevvo v10.2.0. v10.2.0 is a Cloud-only release. Cloud customers are automatically upgraded. On Premise customers should subscribe to release announcements so you will receive an automatic email when the next On Premise version is available. 

New Features & Enhancements Introduced in v10.2.0


  • User upgrade threshold check has been removed from the configuration checklist. (TIP-30419) 
  • Log a warning instead of an error when a user uploads a schema without a target namespace. (TIP-30226)
  • Log a 403 error instead of a 500 error when an unauthorized user attempts to access the task list to reduce noise in frevvo log file. (TIP-28811)
  • Post-upgrade delays and time outs are resolved with a new resource-upgrade batch process that runs in the background immediately after upgrade, combined with upgrade-on-access for users that may access frevvo during the batch process window. (TIP-28742)
  • Tenant "Manage Script" user interface updated to match designer-level Scripts page. (TIP-28546)

Designing Forms/Workflows

  • Save to Filesystem and Send to SharePoint Document Action screens updated for user interface consistency. (TIP-29954) 
  • New Copy Code button on Business Rules that allows the designer to copy JavaScript for use in another rule. (TIP-29040)
  • The UI saves the selected sort by and sort direction for each resource type (projects, forms & workflows, schemas, styles, spaces and shared items) so that if you leave that page/list and come back (in the same session) it will be sorted the same way. (TIP-26524)
  • Forms and Workflows built from schema will no longer depend on the uploaded schema (Data Source) at runtime, improving performance and making forms and workflows resilient to corruption. (TIP-28716)

Workflow Design Wizard

The Workflow Design Wizard received several enhancements that make it faster than ever to design new workflows. (TIP-29980) (TIP-29908) It will now

  • Create a 3-step approval workflow by default
  • Utilize digital signatures on email-assigned approval steps
  • Send a Document Action email with a PDF Snapshot of the workflow to the designer's email address upon submission, and
  • Contain enhancements to the default messages/notifications.
  • Allow designer to create an empty workflow if desired. (TIP-31200)

Export Fields, Summary Fields and Submissions CSV Download

  • The Submission CSV Download replaces Submissions (Legacy View) Export to Excel.
    • You may now include unlimited fields from your form/workflow in the Submission CSV Export by configuring Export Fields in Form/Workflow Settings. Export Fields will be included in the .csv download in addition to metadata and Searchable Fields. (TIP-27927)
    • The .csv will now display repeat items on separate rows. (TIP-20562)
  • Summary fields are now shown in the View Submissions Details: Data tab. Summary fields are available for both forms and workflows, and can be selected and ordered in the user interface similar to Searchable Fields. (TIP-30983) 

Using Forms/Workflows

  • Forms and Workflows now automatically infer the time zone from the user’s browser time zone upon login or first access (anonymous users). (TIP-24880 )
  • A more user-friendly message is shown when a user attempts to sign a section that contains invalid controls. (TIP-16690)
  • The {task.perform.url} link in a Task Notification email will now return the user to a task they have previously saved. (TIP-28496)
  • A form/workflow loading for more than 1.5 seconds displays a blue spinner in the center of the screen to communicate that the form is loading. The ComboBox control has a similar indicator for conditions where searching for a typed in value takes longer than 1.5 seconds. (TIP-27735)

Task List Enhancements

  • Task List Improvements (TIP-29405)
    • Increased loading speed 
    • Number of tasks shown at top of Inbox, Recent and Saved views
  • Users with View or Edit Submissions Access Control may now view a read-only version of a pending task by clicking the View Task icon (Audit Trail), or by clicking the Workflow Name (View Submission Details dialog). (TIP-22736)

Dashboards/Report Builder

Dashboards Report Builder (TIP-29160, TIP-19574) frevvo Dashboards is a reporting feature that allows you to collate, visualize and share metrics and operational insights from your forms and workflows. Use Dashboards to create beautiful, functional reports that give your stakeholders at-a-glance insight into your business, as well as help you monitor the efficiency of your workflow processes. 

Features Retired

  • Submissions (Legacy) view has been removed. (TIP-20211)
  • Saved Fields has been retired and replaced by Export Fields. (TIP-28724)
  • IE11 is no longer supported. (TIP-28706)
  • The "Print workflow" button in the Workflow Designer menu has been removed. (TIP-30865)

Tickets Fixed in v10.2.0

  • TIP-31062 - Forms/Workflows with data that contains certain special characters are not shown in the submission repository and associated tasks cannot be performed.
  • TIP-31023 - Installable Templates are loaded immediately on page first load which can impair performance/load time.
  • TIP-30918 - Google connector requests default to port 8082 even if the external HTTP port is different.
  • TIP-30883 - The first index of a repeat that has min and max are set by a business rule is non-responsive, e.g. a dropdown is not clickable.
  • TIP-30831 - Edit Tenant: Default Space dropdown does not show options for existing spaces.
  • TIP-30829 - Language bundle files have redundant storage and cache hits, resulting in load inefficiency.
  • TIP-30463 - Using the Anonymous Signup URL gives an application error.
  • TIP-30457 - A rejected step incorrectly shows the Task Info of the rejecting step rather than the Task Info of the current step.
  • TIP-30416 - Dates and Times in Submissions CSV Download do not match the XML document.
  • TIP-30276 - Using a control template in the Send to PayPal Form Action returns an error from PayPal.
  • TIP-30218 - Unable to delete a Space in a tenant with no Default Space set; attempting to delete the Space causes an application error.
  • TIP-30154 - Multilanguage Support: Published Form/Workflow Template Name and Description does not display international characters correctly.
  • TIP-29915, TIP-29917 - Populating a table with large number of rows through Doc URI causes the browser to become unresponsive. On iOS the table may not load at all.
  • TIP-29895 - Docuware Connector: Using tenant-level global _data templates in metadata causes a validation error on the Settings tab.
  • TIP-29758 - A Space does not display some forms that the user has access to via the Who Can Start the Workflows access control.
  • TIP-29588, TIP-29071 - In certain cases, Cloud tenants Manage License & Usage page incorrectly showed expiration: Non-expiring when there is an expiration date.
  • TIP-29578 - Escalation Complete By/Perform By Date set to a control template is cleared when navigating between steps or saving/reopening the workflow.
  • TIP-29515 - Controls templates used in the Task Notification Subject field do not resolve consistently.
  • TIP-29432 - Task List: Canceling a search, then refreshing the task list does not show "Inbox" tasks.
  • TIP-29333 - Dev Tools console shows 404 error "colorscheme.css fails to load" on License entry page.
  • TIP-29326 - Application Error shown in logs during invalid control check when advancing a workflow.
  • TIP-29294 - Error "Unexpected Problem Querying Submissions..." shown when search field contains more than 100 characters.
  • TIP-29231 - Images added to a Message Control using the rich text editor do not appear on the PDF snapshot.
  • TIP-29045 - Firefox browser dev tools shows an XML parsing error while editing forms and workflows.
  • TIP-29013 - Rules with "Current Step is before/is after" conditions are not marked as invalid after the step used in the expression is deleted.
  • TIP-28994 - Tenant Admin - Manage Form/Workflow Categories briefly displays the incorrect page title "Manage Control Categories" before switching to the correct page title.
  • TIP-28976 - Exceptions can be logged during a form/workflow upgrade without failing the upgrade, resulting in a partially upgraded form/workflow that appears successful.
  • TIP-28973 - Refreshing the browser during form/workflow upload causes a second copy of the form/workflow to be uploaded.
  • TIP-28952 - Data API & Azure Security Manager: When using the Data API loginAs function, characters after the @ in the username are ignored, so the SAML security manager fails to get user details from Azure Active directory.
  • TIP-28817 - Tenant Admin: Manage License & Usage page takes a long time to load for tenants with a large number of submissions, and displays irrelevant data to Annual Plan customers.
  • TIP-28775 - Access Control "Who can start the form/workflow?" and "Who can edit the form/workflow?" fields incorrect accepted control templates even though templates are not supported for these items.
  • TIP-28323 - The Visual Rule Builder gives the error "Edit Rule DSL failed." if Finish is clicked and errors or missing required fields remain.
  • TIP-27950 - LDAP Tenant upgraded from v7.4 to v9/v10: Built-in admin password is not required, but saving the Edit Tenant page without entering a password fails.
  • TIP-27770 - Signed Section with an uploaded signature image displays a broken image icon instead of the signature image to anonymous users.
  • TIP-27489 - Submissions with the same submitted date are not always indexed correctly and the error "missing required field: instanceid" is shown in the logs.
  • TIP-26291 - Admin invalid-task-assignment notification email is hard to trace back to the affected workflow.
  • TIP-24905 - Submission, Task List and Reports: Searching by "Submitted Date" filters results by UTC instead of user's time zone.
  • TIP-31185 - Submission Filter "From" and "To" dates are shown as date controls but the underlying field is a date/time type.
  • TIP-24074 - Changes to Table Min/Max properties are not saved.
  • TIP-21980 - An optional signed section with no child controls mapped to PDF causes an Application error on submission and on clicking form viewer control.
  • TIP-30369 - Data API: The max-results command does not limit responses as expected.
  • TIP-30366 - Data API: Unable add uploaded schema to a form.
  • TIP-31306 - Submission document XML Version declaration is suppressed.

Project/Form/Workflow Corruptions Fixed

  • TIP-29794 - Attempting to open a Project results in an application error.
  • TIP-29457 - Attempting to upload/replace a workflow first gives the error "Make sure you are uploading a previously downloaded form/workflow...". A second attempt successfully uploads the workflow, but then clicking to edit gives the error "Error, This form is invalid and cannot be edited."
  • TIP-29158 - Blank Projects can be created and cannot be deleted.
  • TIP-29093 - Uploading a workflow to an existing project gives an incorrect error "Duplicate flow ID."

Security Vulnerabilities Fixed

  • TIP-31075 - SOLR upgraded to address Log4j Critical RCE Vulnerability. Additional vulnerabilities resolved by upgrade to Apache Solr v8.7.0:
    • TIP-30812 - Checks that prevent dangerous features in a ConfigSet may be circumvented in Apache Solr versions 6.6.0 to 6.6.6, 7.0.0 to 7.7.3 and 8.0.0 to 8.6.2.
    • TIP-30812 - The payload length in a WebSocket frame was not correctly validated in Apache Tomcat 10.0.0-M1 to 10.0.0-M6, 9.0.0.M1 to 9.0.36, 8.5.0 to 8.5.56 and 7.0.27 to 7.0.104.
    • TIP-29065 - CWE-331: Insufficient Entropy
    • TIP-28832 - CWE-78: Improper Neutralization of Special Elements used in an OS Command ('OS Command Injection') 
  • TIP-30427 - AWS ECR: Docker Image Vulnerability Scan - CVE-2019-14889 A flaw found with the libssh API function ssh_scp_new() in versions before 0.9.3 and before 0.8.8 was resolved by upgrading OpenJDK docker image to 11.0.13-bullseye.
  • TIP-29376 - CVE-2021-24122 Apache Tomcat Information Disclosure "When serving resources from a network location using the NTFS file system it was possible to bypass security constraints and/or view the
    source code for JSPs in some configurations." resolved by upgrade to tomcat version 9.0.40.
  • TIP-28955 - CWE-80: Improper Neutralization of Script-Related HTML Tags in a Web Page (Basic XSS) mitigated using contextual escaping on all untrusted data before using it to construct any portion of an HTTP response.
  • TIP-28759 - Issue where a malicious link with CSRF attack can delete frevvo resources is resolved.
VersionConfluence PluginDatabase ConnectorFilesystem ConnectorGoogle ConnectorSharepoint Connector
frevvo v10.2.0v5.5.0 (Confluence Server 7.4)v2.6.3v1.3.0v3.0.5v1.1.3 (SharePoint 360)

End of Life Policy

frevvo supports major versions for two years after the first GA release date. Please see our complete list of End of Life dates on the Software Downloads Directory page. For some releases, the End of Life date may be extended. Documentation for frevvo versions that are no longer supported is available on our frevvo Documentation Directory

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