frevvo v10.2 is no longer supported. Please visit frevvoLatest for our current Cloud Release. Earlier documentation is available too.

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Attached to this page are commonly-used images in the frevvo documentation.

Note to documentation authors

Use the images attached to this page, rather than attaching them to each individual page. That will make it easier to update the documentation if the frevvo UI changes.

You can insert the images directly into a page — there's no need to attach them to the page itself. Here's an example of how to do that:


To update an image:

  1. Use ctrl-f to find the name of the image in the list (on _icons or _images pages)
  2. Click preview (or click the image thumbnail.)
  3. Click the up-arrow to upload a replacement.
  4. Add notes about change when prompted.
  5. All pages the image is linked to will automatically update.

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