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frevvo has a plugable security mechanism and offers a variety of Security Managers. If you use the frevvo built-in security manager, a tenant admin can create users and roles directly in your frevvo tenants. See the Manage Users and the Manage Roles for instructions on creating users and roles.

frevvo also supports the LDAP Security Manager that pulls users and groups from your external Active Directory or Open LDAP system; a Delegating Security Manager such as used by Confluence; and custom security managers, such as LDAP and DB Container Security Managers. Note that with LDAP Security Manager and Delegating Security Manager, groups are the equivalent of frevvo roles

  • frevvo Default Security Manager frevvo is responsible for authentication/authorization and managing users/roles. This is the default option. Your tenant will be created with this security manager if no other choice is selected. 
  • LDAP Active Directory Security Manager - The user is authenticated outside frevvo. Typically, SSO or frevvo performs the authentication using LDAP directly.
  • Delegating Security Manager - This is the Security Manager needed for Confluence integration.
  • DB Container Security Manager - Authentication is the container's responsibility, but frevvo provides a database interface to fetch users/roles for design time functionality from an external database.   
  • LDAP Container Security Manager - This is exactly the same as the DB Container Security Manager but LDAP instead of DB. Authentication is the container's responsibility. 
  • Custom - (CSM) - This options lets you build and plugin your own custom security manager using frevvo's security framework.
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