Live Forms v5.3 is no longer supported. Click here for information about upgrading to our latest GA Release.

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This page contains the compatibility release matrix for the frevvo Data API .Net and Java Client Libraries. Each frevvo server version requires that you download and use the matching compatible client libraries.


We strongly recommend that you always use the latest version of the frevvo data API client libraries.

  • To use the latest client library version you also MUST upgrade to the compatible latest frevvo server version. Make sure you keep the compatible version in sync.
  • The Java Client Library is part of the frevvo In-house download. Click  here to download the latest tomcat bundle. The library files are located in the <installdrive>:\frevvo\ext\client directory.
  • The latest version of the Data API .Net Client library can be downloaded from the public Software Downloads page. Click here to download.

Click the Library Version link in the matrix below to download previous versions of the Data API.Net Client Library.

frevvo Server Version.NET Client Library VersionJava Client Library Version
v5.3.7 - latestv5.3.0.5Latest include in In-house server download
v5.3.2 - v5.3.6v5.3.0.4Latest include in In-house server download



Tickets fixed:

  • #16957- formEntryBuilder.Attachment does not seem to support multiple attachments.



Tickets fixed:

  • #16200 - FormEntryBuilder wetSignature() method is not working
  • #16201 - .NET API Not able to get form/flow feed in Cloud (SaaS) hosted server tenant



Tickets fixed:

  • #16044- FormEntryBuilder : Parameters such as _formActionURL were not encoded and caused submission to POST to the wrong URL.



Tickets fixed:

  • #16006 - FormEntryBuilder : _formActionURL parameter cannot handle "=" in its value



This was the initial v5.3 compatible release of the frevvo .NET API.

Tickets fixed:



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