Live Forms v5.3 is no longer supported. Click here for information about upgrading to our latest GA Release.

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Why Upgrade?

frevvo v5.3 contains many new features that improve usability and the look & feel of your forms. Here are a few of the top reasons to upgrade:

  • New layouts and customizable styles replace the need for themes.
  • Drag/drop usability improvements make form design faster.
  • You can add decorators and placeholders to controls providing easy visual hints for your users
  • PDF generation is available for both forms and flows.
  • Access Control enhancements enable the designer to specify fine grained permissions for form, flows submissions and the audit trail.

See the frevvo v5.3 release notes for more reasons to upgrade.

Most forms/flows created on Live Forms v4.1.7+, or v5.1.1 will not require further attention after migration. However we do recommend that you read the information below before you begin.


Post migration any form/flow listed on the Forms/Flow Home page that used one of the features listed below, will display with a pink color and are flagged with one or two migration warning icons: the Partial Upgrade Warning icon and the Style Warning icon. If you did not use this feature your form/flow will be completely migrated and needs no further attention. If your form/flow is only showing the Partial Upgrade Warning icon you can complete the upgrade of that form/flow at your convenience. The Style Warning icon requires the designer's immediate attention.

If your forms/flows contain any of the following, please read and understand these topics which may require your action.

Otherwise, you can read this page at your convenience. If you have any questions, please email


Migration Considerations for Live Forms Online Customers

Live Forms Online cloud hosted customers (SaaS) were automatically migrated from the current v5.1.1 to the new v5.3 on May 4th at 7:03 am ET. The vast majority of your forms/flows require no attention post migration and your forms now have the new improved v5.3 look & feel.

Live Forms Online customers had an opportunity in advance of the May 4th production upgrade date to test each of your forms/flows on a v5.3 Live Forms testbed server, to confirm if look & feel adjustments were needed. The testbed is no longer available and customers should now test/verify their forms directly on the production server

If your forms contain any of the following, please read and understand these topics which may require your attention. 

Otherwise, you can read the migration considerations at your convenience. If you have any questions, please email


The following issues may be seen by Live Forms Online customers on the v5.3 cloud server. These issues and simple solutions are described below.

Click "Login" on returns 404 page not found.

Most customers will not experience this issue. This issue is due to the IP address change of that was required due to high availability and security infrastructure cloud improvements made while upgrading the Live Forms Online cloud hosted server to v5.3.

Solution: Close your browser and restart. This will cause your browser to get the updated IP address for from a DNS server.

Blurred / double icons appear on forms inside Spaces.

This issue will be seen by any customer who used the _themeId URL parameter for any forms/flows inside their space. Please see the _themeId URL parameter topic below for full details.

Solution: Edit your space's tab menu to remove the _themeId parameters.

Blurred / double icons appear on forms embedded in web pages.

This issue is similar to the blurred/double icon issue for forms/flows embedded in spaces. However the cause and solution are different. This issue may be seen by customers who used to have non-tenant accounts.

Solution: Login to the frevvo designer account in your tenant who owns these forms. This will immediately solve the issue with no further action required.

Font size changes.

The default font size in Live Forms v5.1.1 was 12pt. The new Live Forms v5.3 font size is 14pt. If some of your forms are still at the old 12pt font it is most likely because that form is in a partially migrated state. This partial upgrade is beneficial as it keeps all of your forms/flows in as usable a state as possible until the designer can review/update them. 

Solution: Login as the designer user and simply edit and save the form/flow. When you edit the form/flow for the first time the form/flow automatically will be fully migrated and will switch to the new Live Forms v5.3 font size.

Task List missing from space menu.

Spaces with the Task list menu item setup as a tab in the space no longer show the Task tab.

Solution: Move the Task list URL to a item under the task tab by creating a tab and putting the ** double asterisk in front of the task list URL

* Tasks
** Task List|<your task list url>

IP Address Change

What actions do I need to take? Customers that use firewall white listing for must add the following IP address to your white list: This is applicable for outgoing HTTP POSTs to connectors. For example if your forms are posting to the frevvo database connector or any other connector you installed behind your company firewall.

The IP address for and will also change. The new IP address will be It is unlikely that you will need to take any action due to this change since the DNS entry will be updated during the upgrade window and this IP address change will quickly and automatically propagate around the world within 10 minutes.

What happens to my testbed tenant modified forms/flows?

If you made changes to any testbed forms/flows or created custom styles in your testbed server tenant, you need to plan to upload them from your testbed server tenant into your production server tenant in on or after the production server upgrade date of May 4th.

  • If you had to make changes due to style warnings that impacted the usability of your forms you should plan to upload your testbed tenant forms to your production tenant on May 4th or as soon thereafter as possible.
  • If you choose to make any minor form/flow changes due to partial upgrade warnings you can upload from your testbed tenant to your production tenant after May 4th at your convenience.

Follow these steps to copy your modified forms/flows from your testbed server tenant to your production server tenant on or after May 4th:

  1. Download each application containing modified forms/flows to your local disk. If you didn't make any changes to any forms/flows in a particular application then you do not need to do this.
  2. Save the application zip file to your local disk.
  3. On or after the May 4th production server upgrade, Upload each application zip file to your production server tenant.
  4. If you created any custom styles in your testbed tenant, download each custom style from your testbed tenant and upload it into your production server tenant.

When uploading forms/flow or applications from your testbed tenant to your production tenant make sure you select the replace checkbox. The replace ensures that all your submissions are saved. Please refer to the documentation for upload/replacing  applicationsforms and flows.

Please contact if you have any updates due to style warning usability issues and need help uploading to your production tenant on May 4th.  

Be careful when testing your forms/flows on the frevvo testbed.

  • If you submit forms/flows, any document actions configured will execute. You could update your backend system with your test data.
  • Submissions created in the testbed will be deleted on May 3, 2014, when version 5.3 is officially released to production.

What happens if I modify one of my production server form/flow after it was copied to the testbed server?

Customer tenants were cloned and copied from the production server to the testbed server on April 11th during a window of 3:59am and 4:29am ET. This means that all the forms/flows in your testbed server tenant are as they were in your production server tenant on April 11th. If you make any changes to your forms and flows in your production server tenant after April 11th, you can manually copy them to the testbed server in order to verify them using the v5.3.1 customer testbed. You can either copy the containing application from the production server to the testbed server or you can copy just that particular modified form or flow.

Testing Spaces

If you want to test your space, you will have to replace the existing url for your forms and flows to point to the v5.3 frevvo testbed. Follow these steps:

  1. Edit your space.
  2. Edit the Edit theTab Menus.
  3. Replace the or with the url to the testbed -
  4. Click the icon to save your changes.

On This Page:

Migration Considerations from 4.1.7+ and 5.1.1+ (online and in-house)

Migration Warnings

There are many changes in frevvo v5.3 regarding form/flow styling. Global and custom themes have been replaced in v5.3 with Layouts and Styles. Margins and paddings are no longer supported. After completing the Migration Steps, forms/flows will be partially upgraded. The partially upgraded forms/flows are flagged on the Forms or Flows Home page until the designer can review/update the form/flow manually.

When a form/flow/app is migrated from a previous version (4.1.7+, 5.1.1+) to v5.3, the following happens automatically:

  • Controls take on the new look & feel, mostly due to the changes made to control width properties in v5.3.
  • The form's font size is set to 12 px.
  • Any background color for Submit buttons is removed. Submit controls will automatically be decorated and will always use the color specified in the Style of the form.
  • Custom themes are removed (warning displayed).
  • Margins and Paddings are removed (warning displayed).

These properties are left alone:

  • Widths set using px or em in panels or other controls. 
  • Message and trigger controls are set to a different type.
  • Border width, style, color are left alone.

This partial upgrade is beneficial as it keeps the form /flow in as usable a state as possible until the designer can review/update it manually. When you edit the form/flow for the first time the form/flow automatically will be fully migrated. After full upgrade the properties mentioned above that were initially left alone are now upgraded. Then you will potentially need to make slight adjustments as widths, borders etc will convert to the new v5.3 settings.

Partially Migrated Forms/Flows/Applications

When a form/flow/app is migrated from a previous version to frevvo v5.3:  

 Forms/flows will be listed with a pink background and you will see a  Partial Upgrade Warning icon : 

Click on this icon, and you will see this message:

It is recommended that you have a copy of the partially upgraded form/flow before editing as the changes made are irreversible.

When you click on the  Edit icon, this message will display:

When you click Ok editing performs the remaining upgrades: 

  • Widths are removed and replaced by an approximation of the width using columns. 
  • Message controls change to type None.
  • Trigger controls change to type Default.
  • Border properties are removed.
  • Font size is removed. This will be removed even if you had set it manually. 

Make any additional changes and don't forget to save. 

You do not have to edit and save the individual forms in a frevvo flow, even though they may display with the pink background. Simply click the Edit icon on the Flows Home page then click the Save icon to complete the upgrade.

Style Warning

When global/custom themes and margins/padding are removed from a migrated form/flow, it is flagged with a second   Style Warning icon on the Forms or Flows Home page to let you know that it requires some manual migration attention. 

If a theme was removed, you will see this message when you click on the  Style Warning icon.

If a theme was removed along with margins and padding on controls, you will see this message when you click on the  Style Warning icon.

It is very important that the designer check all migrated forms/flows flagged with the  Style Warning icon, to make sure that the forms/flows look correct. See the list of topics to consider below.

Make any additional changes and don't forget to save. 

Form Designer

Custom Themes

Customers have been struggling with Themes when upgrading to the latest Live Forms. This feature is replaced with a new feature called Layouts and Styles which removes this migration headache.

Themes are removed from forms/flows that are being migrated. These forms/flows are flagged so the designer is aware that some manual attention is required. Typical  theme customizations such as, background color, panel background color, setting a default label color, reducing white space between controls, are handled using Layouts and Styles. For example, forms with a Nouveau Blue theme convert to the Nouveau layout and the Aqua style after migration.

CSS Class

Some customizations will no longer work due to css changes. Some CSS Class properties, such as showhelp. can still be used. Refer to this documentation for more information. 


If you are using Live Forms in-house, Cascading Style Sheet code that was used in themes applied to forms/flows in previous Live Forms releases, can be added to ta newly created style.css file in the frevvo.war file . The context parameter, frevvo.css.url, in the web.xml file must be changed to point to it.

_themeID URL Parameter

The _themeId URL parameter is no longer supported. Customers using spaces with this parameter appended to any form/flow URL in the space menu must remove it. 

Any form/flow URLs that contain the _themeId will render incorrectly. Here is a form inside a space that still has an _themeId appended to it after the frevvo server was upgraded to v5.3.1. Notice that the icons appear smudged and the table cell corners are rounded rather than tight together.


Custom JavaScript

Since Themes are no longer supported in this release, any custom JavaScript that you may have placed in the custom.js file in a theme will have to be moved if you want to use it in v5.3. You have three options in v5.3.

  • Upload your JavaScript file via the new script tab in the designer.
  • Add your code to a script tag in a message control.
  • Add your code to the include.js file in the war file.

You can find details in the Script documentation topic.

Width Property

Control widths expressed in %, em or px values in previous versions are removed and replaced by columns. This is an approximation.  For Example, the image shows a panel with a width of 30% in a form created in frevvo v5.1. 

In version 5.3, the 30% width will be converted to columns, in this case - 4 as shown in this image:


 Widths set by the user (in px, and em) in Table or Tab controls are left alone. The widths of the columns in this table in a form created in frevvo v5.1 are the same after the migration to v5.3 is completed.


Controls inside of a group control with widths expressed in em or px values , may not convert to the best possible estimate after migration. For example: below is an image of a Total Amount Due control that has the width set to 10 em. The control is inside a panel named Panel 215.

Here is what Panel 215 looks like after the form has been migrated to version 5.3. Notice the Money control has been converted to a width of 2 columns. The designer must manually increase the width of the Money control inside Panel 215 to 8 columns in version 5.3 for the control to display correctly:

Panel Widths

Panel widths may not look correct when converted to columns. For example, here is a row of controls each inside individual panels compared when the form is partially migrated and fully migrated. 

In this case, the width of the panels or the form have to be manually adjusted by the designer.

Tab Width

Tab width may not be retained post migration. Let's take a form created in an earlier version that has a Tab control with five tabs. The Width property is set for 15%. In the fully migrated form, notice the tab labelled Section 5 slips to the 2nd line as the tab width property is lost.

The designer will have to add the Width property manually for the tabs to display correctly.


Date Control with Small Widths

The date picker icon has moved inside the date control. Dates in fields with small widths will overlap with the date picker. The designer has to manually increase the width of the date control.


Labels with Small Fonts in Panels

Labels with a small font may not migrate correctly. For example, the Year of Graduation label displayed on one line in v5.1.1 but is seen on two lines post migration. The designer must edit the panel or control width property to the appropriate number of columns needed to display the label on one line.


Option Width Properties

The Option width properties for selection controls are not longer supported. Options will automatically be as wide as the item less the width of the option itself and will wrap automatically post migration. The Option width property in prior versions was there to manually work around  issues with long option labels. These issues have been fixed so the manual work around is no longer needed. Forms with controls that have alignment using the option width property will need to be checked by the designer.  

Control Styling

The whitelist approach used to filter out XSS attacks has been improved.  As a result, form control properties: help, hint, label, validation message, rule name and description can no longer use arbitrary XHTML for styling. Some styling is still allowed but it must comply with the more restrictive whitelist approach used in v5.3. frevvo will strip out any styling that does not comply upon upload of forms, flows and applications. For example, the color, font size and font weight would be stripped out for a control label in your form using this styling <span style="color:red;font-size:18px;font-weight:bold;">My text</span>. Only plain text will display. For a list of allowed tags, click here


Margin, Padding and Border Properties

Margin, Padding, and Border properties (Border width, style and color) have been removed. Migrated forms/flows with controls using these properties, will show the Style warning icon on the  Forms or Flows Home page to alert the designer that some manual attention is needed.  Along with the changes to the Width property, it is very important that the designer check all migrated forms/flows flagged with the  Style Warning icon, to make sure that the forms/flows look correct. Layouts and Customized Styles can be combined to ensure that the migrated form/flow looks similar to the previous versions.

For example, Let's say you have your company logo and product statement as your form title. 

Here's what it looks like in the designer. The Image control in Panel 49 has a padding of 8px and the Message control in Panel 48 has a padding value of 30 px. This was done to align the text in Panel 48 with the image in Panel 49.

After migration to v5.3, the form will look like this. Notice the alignment of the the second panel has changed due to the elimination of padding. 


One workaround the designer can implement is to add a section with two 6-column Panels.  Add the Company logo to the first panel then add a non-decorated Message control to both panels. Set the background color for the section using the BG Color Property on the Style tab. You can use an HTML <br> tag in the message control to move your text down a line in the second panel.

Another solution would be to not use a background color in the form title at all.


Border properties of some controls (signature, radio, checkbox) are not retained as there is no border property in 5.3.

Message controls in panels using padding may not align as expected after migration. For example, the panels in the image both contain message controls for the Financial Counselor and Phone fields in this form that was created in v4.1.7.

After migration, the alignment looks like this:

The designer can modify the width of the panels/form or discard the panels completely so that the alignment is closer to the previous version. 


Nillable Element Attribute

frevvo v5.3 supports elements with a nillable attribute in schema. If you upload a nillable XSD to a frevvo version which did not support the feature, then you upgrade that version to v5.3. the nillable feature will NOT be automatically enabled post upgrade. The designer must add the nillable element in the data source and create the form again.

Form Font Name, Size and Color

The form's Style tab options for font name, size and color properties have been removed. The font name, label font color and input font color are configurable via a custom Style. .  After migration, all your forms/flows will default to the Blue style and font size 14. You cannot change the font size.

Background Color Coverage for Controls in a Panel Nested in a Section

There may be a difference in the background color coverage for controls inside a panel nested in a section for forms created in previous versions.  Post migration the color spreads to the upper and lower borders of the section and it does not fill to the left/right section borders. 


Also, panels with background colors might not look the same due to the 12 column format.

Message and Trigger Control Default Type

The default type for the Message control will change to type None post migration. This message type has no decorator, border or color. New Message controls added to your form will have the default type. 

Triggers change to type Default. The Default type uses the base color of the Style that is applied to your form for the background color of the Trigger control. Select None from the Button Color dropdown to remove the decorator on the Trigger control.

Text in Trigger controls may not correctly align post migration. For example, the Trigger control in the image had a width set to 100px. Notice the text inside the control is not centered. In some cases, the text could be missing. The designer can manually increase the Width or remove the decorator as described above.

Panel Height Property

The panel height property has been removed. Panels with height set in forms/flows created previous to v5.3 will look the same but the designer will not be able to change the height of the panel in the designer.  

Time Control

The Time control is now a time of day control. This means it is independent of any timezone and simply displays the value as is. The time you set in a time control will be the same each time you view it even if you view it from a different time zone.  

Form/Flow Visibility and Access Control List

The form/flow visiblity property and the frevvo Access Control List feature have been combined into one wizard in v5.3. Migrated forms/flows will retain the assigned visibility and submission permissions. The designer should be aware of the enhancements incorporated into these features. Read the documentation for Access Control and  form/flow visibility

Localization Changes

Locale Enhancements:

frevvo v5.3 supports localization from the browser locale setting. Live Forms will recognize the browser locale and alter displays and input formats as well as language according to the user's setting. The locale can be overridden with a locale URL Parameter.

Date and Time controls have a new format, Automatic. When the form designer sets the format of date and time controls to automatic, they become locale parsing and formatting aware. The automatic locale specific formatting and parsing for date, time and date/time controls can also be configured by the designer. These enhancements apply to localization of the designer and use mode forms. Refer to this documentation for all of the details. 

PDF Print Font Enhancements:

The ability to add font families that will display in the designer as choices for the PDF Print Font has been added in these areas:  

  • PDFs generated in the Live Forms submission repository when you check Save PDF on your form
  • PDFs generated for print view
  • PDFs generated for mapped PDFs

Font families can be used to print international characters. The designer can select the font to be used in the PDFs generated by frevvo from the Print Font dropdown on the form/flow Property pane

Label Color and Layout for Select Controls

If the Label Color property on the Style tab is set to a color for Dropdown, Checkbox or Radio controls, it applies only to the control label. The control options will not display in the specified color. 

There may be cases where the selection control labels take up 2 lines instead of 1. To fix this, increase the width of the control/panel, whichever is applicable. If this does not seem feasible, reduce the font size of the form. 

HTML in Labels

You can no longer use arbitrary XHTML for styling labels. Due to the incorporation of a new whitlelist approach to filter out XSS attacks, there are restrictions on what you can do in the label markup. Refer to this topic for the details. The ability to turn off XSS cleaning, which would lift the restrictions,  will be available in a future release.

Checkbox Labels in Panels

Checkbox labels in Panels might not look the same in partial and completely migrated forms. When the form is partially migrated, the Checkbox label appears on one line. Upon full migration the Checkbox label displays on two lines. The Width of the Panel must be increased for the text to display correctly. This can happen because the default font size in v5.3 was changed to 14.

Submit Button

Partial migration of a form with a Submit control that had a width set to some value i.e. 100px will not look correct. Control width [if set in earlier versions] for submit buttons is unset when the form is first migrated to v5.3. When the form is fully migrated, the width of the Submit control is set to auto. The button will automatically become wide enough. The New Line property will be checked for migrated submit buttons.


Required Field Indicator

frevvo has a new look & feel. Customers have been asking for a higher visibility way to indicate required form fields. The red asterisk is no longer used to indicate required fields in your form/flow. It has been changed to a yellowish background. The background color is configurable via the frevvo Styles feature. So it's very easy now for you to change the required field color to a much more visible color if you need to. We like the yellowish background but as we know beautiful style is in the eye of the beholder.

Signatures as Email Attachments and Submission Data to ImageSilo

Signatures are not sent as part of a Doc Action emailThe pve connector by default will not send any handwritten signature images to ImageSilo. This can be overridden by setting frevvo.send.signature.image to true in web.xml in pve.war. See this documentation for the details.  

Changes to Pixel Perfect PDFs

Flows with PDF's created in v5.1.1 will automatically display in list format when you click on the  icon in the Forms/Flows Designer.  

Mappable and Max Map Idx Properties

In v5.3, there are two new properties for controls: Mappable and Max Map Idx. These properties affect PDF mappings for any Pixel Perfect PDFs mapped in pre-5.3.1 versions and any new additional PDFs that you create. An example of a Pixel Perfect PDF is the W - 4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate pdf for an Employee On boarding form or workflow.

The Mappable property must be set on a control to if you want that control to be available in the mapping selections in the PDF mapper and the details dialog mapping. The Max Map Index propterty controls how many mapping options are in the mapping selection for repeat items and tables. 


The mappable property is checked by default so the designer will have to UNCHECK controls that do not need to be mapped in the pdf.

When you migrate pre-5.3.1 forms and flows that have mapped pdfs, frevvo will automatically set the Mappable property for previously mapped controls. Any repeats or tables that contain mapped items will have their Max Map Idx property set to 10. If your form/flow contains a table or repeat control with more than 10 items or rows that need to be mapped, contact Customer Support.

Print Issues after Migration

Width Setting for the Image Control in Print View 

Print View may not honor the Width setting for the Image control after a form has been fully migrated. For example, an Image control had a width of 90% in the earlier version of a form. Post migration, clicking on the icon may show the Image control overlapping adjacent fields. The designer may have to manually modify the width of the Image control in the form to resolve this.  

 The print view of a form with selection controls assigned an item width of 15% in a horizontal layout, may show the options overlapping the selection control decorator. Complete the full upgrade to resolve this.

Page Breaks in the PDF

You may see incorrect characters or misplaced page breaks in the pdf that is generated when Save PDF is checked on the properties panel. The designer can rectify misplaced page breaks by adding the f-page-break css class to specify which controls appear at the top of the page.

Rule Validator Change

Member and global directives used in rules now require comma separators when you put a list of items in them. In previous versions, space separators were supported. Forms with rules that have space separators instead of commas, will still work in v5.3, but  they will not pass the rule validator unless the commas are added. For example: /* member a1, a2, a3 */.  

Circular Dependencies in Rules

In previous versions of frevvo, rules with circular dependencies were immediately detected by the Rule Processor and disabled. This restriction has been lifted in v5.3. The rule below is an example of circular logic by trying to set the value of the same control used to trigger the rules execution. In this release, these types of rules will work.  

if (color.value === 'red') {   
    color.value = 'blue'; 

Database Character Set

Forms and users databases must be created with UTF-8 encoding. The parameters, frevvo.db.check.encoding and frevvo.db.encoding.errorhave been added to v5.3 to configure frevvo to check database encoding and display/not display an error if it is not UTF8. These parameters are particularly useful for OEMs. By default, frevvo does the check, will fail and display an error message if the encoding is not set correctly. 

Internet Explorer 8

IE8 is deprecated in this release and support will be dropped in the Fall 2014 Live Forms Release. If you are using IE8, be aware that the labels of Boolean controls with a width less than 6 columns may fall below the checkbox. This is because IE8 does not recognize the calculation used for the width of the label of a radio or checkbox. Also, decorators are not supported. 


Server Restart after Data Folder Import

If you are upgrading from frevvo v4.1.x,  you must restart the frevvo server after importing the data folder.  A simple server restart will alleviate any issues including the production/development status of forms and flows.

Additional Tips

Several new features have been added in frevvo v5.3. You will see these when you design your forms/flows for the first time. See the tips listed below:

Decorator Property

The Decorator property, new to this release, is enabled by default. The designer can control this on a form /flow level by unchecking the Decorated checkbox on the form/'s Setting tab. Input controls added to your form will show the decorator. Controls in migrated forms or forms created in a previous release and then uploaded to v5.3, are not decorated. However, if you modify the Control Type or Display As properties for an input control, the decorator will display if they are turned on for the form. 

The designer can also check/uncheck the Decorator property checkbox for individual input controls located on the Settings tab in the control property panel.   

Placeholder Property

The Placeholder property, new to this release, display in your input control until the user enters data into the field. You may have noticed the user@tenant placeholder on the frevvo login screen.

Additional Date Format Support

The frevvo designer can set a fixed or automatic (locale specific) format for Date controls. In addition to these format choices,  frevvo supports the format MM-dd-yyyy. The built-in String DateUtil.Today(), used in a rule, returns today's date in mm/dd/yyyy format. Refer to this documentation for more information.

Quote Characters

Quote characters used in form labels get mangled in the generated PDF document.This makes the label text in the PDF document unreadable. This is a issue that will be fixed in a future patch update.

Solution: Use ’ instead of ' and ” instead of ". If these alternate characters are not available on your keyboard you can copy them from this documentation topic and paste them into your form field label.

There are several choices for Task Notification Email links. Customers using frevvo Spaces, can now add a link to the Task Notification email that will take the user directly to the Task List in their Space bypassing the need to click on the Task List menu tab. The designer must manually change previous links in the Task Notification Email wizard to create the Space specific URL. Append /tasklist to the space URL as shown:

License Manager

IP Address Change

The frevvo license Manager's IP address changed on May 4th 7:03am ET. This change was made in conjunction with the Live Forms Online cloud high availability and security infrastructure improvements.

What actions do I need to take? This issue only applies to Live Forms In-house customers with frevvo software and license keys installed on your own computers. It is unlikely that you will need to take any action due to this change since the DNS entry was updated causing this IP address change to quickly and automatically propagate around the world. However some machines get stuck with old IP address caches.

If you see this error:

Please take the follow steps to flush the DNS cache manually on your Live Forms In-house server machine:

  1. Open a cmd prompt window.
  2. Run the command: ipconfig /flushdns.
  3. Run the command: ipconfig /registerdns.
  4. Restart the frevvo server Software.



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