Live Forms v5.3 is no longer supported. Click here for information about upgrading to our latest GA Release.

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Unix Installation

frevvo provides a bundle that includes Tomcat version 7.0.35 and has the frevvo web application, the database connector web application and the Google connector web application pre-deployed and pre-configured. The bundle works on Windows, Linux and Mac systems without any further configuration. If you are evaluating frevvo, we strongly recommend the bundle.

  1. You must register for a frevvo account, generate a 30 day trial license and download the tomcat bundle from the frevvo web site.
    1. Download the tomcat bundle to your local machine
    2. Fill in the form to register. You will receive an email with a link to activate your account. Click the link in the email.
  2. Ensure that you do not have another server running on port 8082.
  3. Unpack the file to the location of your choice: e.g. /Users/me/frevvo. We'll refer to this directory below as <frevvo-home>.
  4. Ensure that the scripts are executable: chmod 755 <frevvo-home>/tomcat/bin/*.sh
  5. Start frevvo: <frevvo-home>/tomcat/bin/ run. This starts tomcat on port 8082 with frevvo pre-configured.
  6. In your browser, go to http://<server-name>:8082/frevvo/web.
  7. If frevvo does not accept your license after multiple attempts, please try restarting your frevvo server after the license install. <frevvo-home>/tomcat/bin/ stop. When tomcat has stopped, restart using <frevvo-home>/tomcat/bin/ run.

Although we recommend Tomcat 7, we realize that you may have a customized tomcat environment and just want to drop the v5.x frevvo.war into it. If it is a tomcat 6 installation, here are some tips :

  1. frevvo 5.x requires JDBC4. Tomcat 6 ships with DBCP 1.3, which is compatible with JDBC3 not 4. Update the tomcat-dbcp.jar file in your installation with the tomcat 7 version.
  2. The v5.x frevvo.war file requires a javax.transaction implementation jar in the servlet container. This file is not bundled with the war. For Tomcat installs, copy the jta-1.1.jar, included in the Tomcat bundle, into your tomcat/lib folder. Full J2EE containers already have the jta jar in the classpath.

Next Steps

Your Live Forms server installation is complete. You are now ready to create your firsts tenant, users, forms and workflows. See the documentation for creating a tenant and users.

You can find examples on creating your own workflows on the Tutorials page.

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