Live Forms v6.1 is no longer supported. Click here for information about upgrading to our latest GA Release.

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This page contains the detailed changes made to the following products:

  • frevvo Online
  • frevvo In-house

v6.1 Release

The frevvo team is pleased to announce the release of frevvo v6.1. v6.1 is a major new release.

v6.1.8 (r27503)


v6.1.8 is a bug fix release. Customers already running v6.1.x please see Applying a Minor Patch Update.

Tickets Fixed:

  • #18931 - Solves a security vulnerability in commons-collections 3.2.1 documented by Apache Software Foundation here.

v6.1.7 (r27169)


v6.1.7 is a bug fix release. Customers already running v6.1.x please see Applying a Minor Patch Update.

Tickets Fixed:

  • #18565 - Embedded forms do not work in Internet Explorer 9.
  • #18660 - Disabled fields should not be grayed out when printed to the default PDF.

v6.1.6 (r27095)


v6.1.6 is a bug fix release. Customers already running v6.1.x please see Applying a Minor Patch Update.

Tickets Fixed:

  • #18419 - Logout link is not available in space for non SSO LDAP Security Manager tenants
  • #18581 - Task does not show up in task list when same flow is in 2 different designer accounts.

v6.1.5 (r26967)


v6.1.5 is a bug fix release. Customers already running v6.1.x please see Applying a Minor Patch Update.

Tickets Fixed:

  • #18461 - Clicking on backspace key while filling in a dropdown redirects users to previous browser page.
  • #18462 - Automatically disable problematic Microsoft Internet Explorer compatibility view when form is loaded.

v6.1.4 (r26779)


v6.1.4 is a bug fix and enhancement patch release. Customers already running v6.1.x please see Applying a Minor Patch Update.

Behavior Changes:

New Features:

Tickets Fixed:

  • #12763 - Space logout link should not appear for LDAP Security Manager SSO tenants.
  • #16733, #17179, #17692 - Uploaded Forms/Flows/Applications do not retain their custom ACLs.
  • #17702 - Narrow width radio control with short labels fall below the radio selector.
  • #17790 - Rule failed to set required to true.
  • #17809 - CSV user file upload does not give any visual feedback that the upload is in progress.
  • #17923 - User has to scroll up to see the reject lightbox for long forms in spaces.
  • #17967 - Escalation lightbox does not close on clicking submit/cancel.
  • #17973 - Audit trail is not cleared when task list saved/recent icon is clicked.
  • #18013 - With Save on Navigate enabled and Save to Role/User feature, a continue button click on that flow step saves the flow rather than advancing to the next step.
  • #18016, #18085 - Radio and checkbox option text is not spanning the entire control width.
  • #18024 - Flow admin search task list for saved/pending returns more then just saved/pending tasks.
  • #18030 - PDF mapper cannot map dropdown control's comment property
  • #18055 - Custom ACL does not work correctly if there are any space characters between usernames.
  • #18059 - Occasional NPE mapping PDFs.
  • #18069 - Save on Navigate was saving the flow step at incorrect times.
  • #18073 - Upload users csv table too narrow.
  • #18083 - Default frevvo.xml HSQL db is not obvious making updates to a production db error prone.
  • #18098 - Populating repeat from schema is creating extra rows.
  • #18104 - Tasks for certain flows open below the task list.
  • #18107 - Anonymous email only works once when save on navigate feature is enabled.
  • #18114 - CSV upload takes too long for 25 users or more.
  • #18134 - Admin updates tenant user may disable the user's account.
  • #18148 - PDF viewer control, displayed PDF fields mapped from form fields are not visible on IPhone and IPad.
  • #18159 - Reject popup looks bad due to black boarders appearing around popup.
  • #18160, #18191 - Rule editor can not type the control properties after dot character as the hint feature takes over and is cumbersome.
  • #18164 - Deleting applications leaks resource cache entries.
  • #18183 - Reject button state is not cached causing inefficiencies when using flows with reject enabled.
  • #18214 - Accessible form used JAWS do not announce "Value doesn't not match required pattern" for non-required controls or when user doesn't tab out of the control.
  • #18221 - ACL for who can administer the flow is not working for templatized role/user value.
  • #18241 - XSS scrubbing of label is breaking OEM integration using external connector PDF mapping.
  • API
    • #18244 - Access Denied. Attempting to access the task list for another user not allowed

v6.1.3.1 (r26581)


v6.1.3.1 is a small patch release.

Tickets Fixed:

  • #18122 - Problems for LDAP tenants while uploading app/forms/flows causing LDAP connection timeout and addition of non user objects in frevvo user database.

v6.1.3 (r26472)


v6.1.3 is a bug fix and enhancement patch release. This adds support for Confluence Server v5.7.x. The new frevvo Google Connector v2.1 is bundled with this release.

New Features:

  • Emails support configurable from addresses for forms/flows doc action and flow activity action (#9365)
  • Reset password has been improved to request the user's tenant username and then send an email to their configured email address with a link to reset the user's password (#16189)
  • Click on a disabled Continue or Submit flow/form button now displays a basic alert message. The message tells the user that the  button click is not allowing them to continue or submit the form/flow because the form has missing required data or invalid data . (#16722)
  • Performance improvements for customers with a large number of applications via lazy loading and other enhancements (#17512)
  • Email properties to, cc, bcc, reply-to now accept both ; and , separators solving a common designer mistake (#17516)
  • Shared Items submissions can be opened on mobile devices using a new View/Edit button (#17735)
  • Flow with linked activities no longer have issues printing multiple duplicate steps. The printable property which controls which flow activities print in the form PDF is now only on the original flow activity and not on the linked ones. No matter how many linked activities are added, the activity is correctly printed once (#17771)
  • New designer option to not flatten pixel perfect generated PDFs in order to leave unmapped PDF fields still writable (#17798)
  • Submissions UI now lets users select saved, pending, aborted, waiting in addition to submitted forms/flows (#17813)
  • Default PDFs now support setting PDF headers and footers (#17860)
  • New Save on Navigate feature in the flow designer causes the data to be saved to the frevvo Submission repository when the user clicks continue to navigate to the next activity of a screen flow(#17863)
  • Rule editor code completion enables quick navigation by choosing first letter of the property (#17948)

Tickets Fixed:

  • #9696 - Superuser Configuration Checklist screen missing 'Back to Manage Server' link
  • #12584 - Click to see saved tasks on user's task list should show only tasks saved by that user
  • Google Connector
    • #13595 - Spaces and special characters in Google folder names cause issues saving submissions to Google drive
    • #16838 - Timeout using the Google Sheets wizard. Performance enhancement now reads sheets and only then sheet tabs for the selected sheet.
    • #16463 - Google Wizards will only accept OAuth2 access tokens in this release and going forward as Google's API no longer supports passwords as of April 20, 2015.
    • #17673 - Forms named with special characters such as : do not get saved to Google drive
    • #17813 - Submitting data to Google Sheets having names with special character such as + does not work. The fix for this issue also requires upgrading the frevvo google.war Google Connector to v2.1.
    • #17828 - Submitting data to Google Sheets with tabs names containing special characters such as / fail to write data to the Sheet.
    • #17870 - Google Sheets wizard "An unknown error has occured"
  • #13015 - form.load rules were executing for all activities when the flow reached a summary activity
  • #13350 - form.load rules were executing for all activities when the flow was generating the pdf snapshot
  • #13738 - form.load rules were executing for all activities for flows with Save PDF property set
  • #17465 - In-house customers using anonymous signup have signup emails cc'd to
  • #17544 - Flow form action message does not work if the last flow step is assigned to a role or user. Default message displays.
  • #17571 - Missing value in generated PDF for submissions with dynamically populated dropdown controls.
  • #17629 - frevvo logs are written into the old frevvo.log files on linux
  • #17648 - Task list shows incorrect CST timezone
  • #17687 - In-house licenses with end date 2050 result in a license for 1950
  • #17709 - Task list does not scroll to the top of the page when performing actions on tasks at the bottom of the list
  • #17713 - Performing tasks sometimes shows inner horizontal and/or vertical scroll bars
  • #17715 - Modify task form for admin/owner displays vertical scroll bars
  • #17550 - Reject task notification email task list URL always brings user to frevvo UI task list. URL is removed from the email rather than keeping this often time unwanted URL in the email.
  • #17769 - Cloud login "What happened to edit tenant field?" can be removed.
  • #17770 - Repeat item added via rule displays error "Repeat Item add failed" on form when flow navigates back to the activity with this rule.
  • #17795 - NPE in logs from pve.war now displays a correct error message
  • #17799 - Application error seen when form mapped to some PDFs when PDF fields are named with # character in the name now generates useful error message so form designer can fix the PDF and solve the problem
  • #17803 - Open audit trail for task sometimes appears below rather than beside the task list
  • #17818 - Syntax errors in CSV user upload file are not communicate back to the user
  • #17821 - Logging form issues for rules
  • #17823 - Task list search form has inner scroll bars
  • #17858 - New Form Generation lightbox has UI alignment issue on Generate fillable forms checkbox option
  • #17861 - Selecting dropdown options by clicking Shift<letter> skips to 2nd option starting with 'C'
  • #17877 - "Submission has already been processed" error seen after loading a saved form from a Space task list, saving again, clicking audit followed by modify task.
  • #17879 - Modify task sometimes show inner scroll bar
  • #17889 - Tasks sometimes appear below task list
  • #17892 - Rule timeout seen during rule validation in designer for forms/flows with many rules
  • #17926 - Space mobile bookmark icon isn't the frevvo favicon anymore
  • #17927 - Default icons on mobile for Shared Items, Home and Account are new improved.
  • #17951 - IE10 shows unnecessary scroll bars in spaces
  • #17959 - Task list recent icon click does not list recent tasks
  • #17964 - Schemas max node count issue
  • #17979 - Task list embedded in user's html page has issues
  • #18020 - _data.getParameter("") returns wrong value when navigating to previous steps
  • #18021 - Application Error "javax.servlet.ServletException: Error Generating the PDF. Was the PDF deleted?" on opening a PDF via form viewer control before required select control (dropdown, radio, checkbox) have values set.
  • API
    • #17453 - Need helpful error message when error due to frevvo server expired license key

v6.1.2.2 (r26341)


v6.1.2.2 is a small patch release for LDAP cloud and In-house customers.

Tickets Fixed:

  • #17917 - Edit tenant form does not allow tenant admin to edit LDAP config

v6.1.2.1 (r26233)


v6.1.2.1 is a small patch release that must be applied for customers using the frevvo Google Connector 2.0. Customers already running v6.1.2 please see Applying a Minor Patch Update.

Customers using the Google Connector must upgrade to frevvo Google Connector v2.0 by April 20, 2015. Please see the Google Connector v2.0 release notes.

Tickets Fixed:

  • #17808 - Error  setting section required property to false in a rule caused hidden required fields to remain required.

v6.1.2 (r26148)


 v6.1.2 is a bug fix and small enhancement patch release.

 New Features:

Tickets Fixed:

  • #17027 - My Account link in space is visible even when not logged into a tenant.
  • #17113 - Horizontal scrollbars seen for forms/flows loaded from task list.
  • #17277 - Focus is shifted directly to radio control inside table.
  • #17354 - Print PDF: radio/checkbox options with 25% item width are not aligned in single line
  • #17355 - Hide Item Labels property does not work for radio control
  • #17411 - Radio option label alignment issues
  • #17416 - textarea contents becomes invisible if you expand textarea size
  • #17419 - Task List - Expand Collapse does not work when task perform is clicked
  • #17543 - Confluence users - remove hard coded link to default task list for reject emails.
  • #17545 - Space: blank area after a long form/flow is submitted requires users to scroll up to see Space menu.
  • #17552 - Make reject light box a little more end user friendly
  • #17574 - Wet signatures display an "Or Type Name" field even when form/flow is not accessible
  • #17597 - Allow dot (.) and more than 16 chars in frevvo usernames
  • #17620 - Dashes are not accepted in tenant names
  • #17621 - Print Link : Error Processing stylesheet error for multiple simultaneous requests 
  • #17643 - Setting Help and Hint in rule on table column is not working
  • #17649 - Recent button not working in task list.
  • #17681 - Cloud - 'max user limit has been reached' message shown for tenant with unlimited users license.
  • #17652 - Confluence users -  Rejecting a step, while performing a task, leaves user on the form after popup closes.
  • #17701 - Continue/Reject Button template values are not reflected on mobile devices
  • #17707 - flow does not work correctly when using HSQL database
  • #17738 - Table Control : itemIndex fetched by adding more than one table row using minOccurs is incorrect
  • #17732 - Email Activity : Email sent notification not seen when activity is performed from tasklist

v6.1.1 (r25922)


v6.1.1 is a bug fix and small enhancement patch release. This adds support for the frevvo-Confluence Add-on. See the Confluence Add-on Release Notes.

New Features:

Tickets Fixed:

  • #15051 - Login on mobile devices needs to switch to keyboard with @.
  • #16092 - Rule names, descriptions, label, help, hint and error message displaying html codes for some special characters.
  • #16106 - Tenant properties such as # users are sometimes displayed with incorrect values due to caching.
  • #16530 - Doc Action Email "Send Data" checkbox always appears checked.
  • #16538 - Escalation reassign to user is not displaying an error if the designer selects multiple users.
  • #17057 - Reorder of select control (radio, dropdown, checkbox) options is problematic.
  • #17290 - Date/Time control is shorter than date control causing misalignment.
  • #17299 - Signature lighbox is clipped on forms used from a task list embedded in a Space.
  • #17328 - Chrome design time support for role multi-select is broken.
  • #17341 - Rule outline and code completion are missing value property for signature controls.
  • #17368 - Chrome browser bug causes summary activity print background to black.
  • #17418 - Section valid property incorrectly appears as invalid from a rule.
  • #17422 - Error initializing form with date-time control initialized via Doc URI shows generic unhelpful error message
  • #17427 - Mobile Space looses correct locale when a form/flow is rejected.
  • #17440 - Flow admin cannot see audit trail when custom "Who can access audit trail" is configured.
  • #17441 - Required radio in table on chrome browser doesn't look required.
  • #17442 - NPE upload bad schema from .NET client obscures root cause error message.
  • #17475 - Confluence page refreshes continuously when it contains a form.
  • #17481 - Android support forces all forms to render as if on a phone even when viewed from tablet. Auto detecting no working.
  • #17482 - Some mobile Space thumbnails display as broken images.
  • #17483 - Reject task within Space on IE "Only secure content is displayed" warning in IE, and form remains visible/open even though it is no longer on the current user's task list.
  • #17486 - Debug console is visible to cloud hosted server customers.
  • #17488 - Rule editor validation errors sometimes appear even for valid rules.
  • #17490 - JBOSS DB Security Manager - Build is not able to locate Security Datasource (securityDS) configuration
  • #17497 - Captcha lightbox missing elements when a form is opened and submitted from the task list.
  • #17498 - Upload control Add File text is truncated.
  • #17500 - Download/updload form with mapped PDF sometimes causes mapping errors.
  • #17502 - Table tab order is no longer in a natural top to bottom, left to right order.
  • #17510 - LDAP tenants flow designer role list does not have roles in alphabetic order.
  • #17511 - Setup flow activity approval/rejection lightbox does not close on submit click. Also must click lightbox X.
  • #17513 - LDAP tenant: Invalid task assignment notification is sent when any flow activity is assigned to a role.
  • #17514 - Rare error sending flow activity document action emails in some flows.
  • #17515 - Server log file errors "stylesheet xxxx not found"
  • #17517 - Stylesheet error returned to browser and print fails using the flow print button solution. (Please see the new v6 flow print button solution. Designers need to update all flows using the old pre v6.1.x flow print button solution).
  • #17518 - Image and video controls are not uploaded to form designer in some cases.
  • #17523 - IE: cancel button click on setup approval/rejection lightbox closes browser.
  • #17532 - Cancel button prompts in edit mode.
  • #17538 - Add tenant causes application error: Could not initialize template.
  • #17548 - User's reports to is deleted after a user edits their account information causing flows depending on to navigate improperly.
  • #17550 - Clicking on Back/Cancel on forms used from mobile devices causes application error: stylesheet error
  • #17559 - Error message "For input string: "100,000" seen submitting edit tenant form.
  • #17599 - Tenant names starting with "web" cause images in forms to disappear from print/submit pdfs.

v6.1.0 (r25644)


This is the initial GA release of Live Forms v6. This release is immediately available for download by Live Forms In-house customer. Live Forms In-house customers should refer to the upgrade documentation. Live Forms Online Cloud customers will be automatically upgraded on 1/4/2015. Please also see the frevvo Confluence Add-on Release Notes. Please visit the v6.1 feature list for an overview. 

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported for using forms/flows.
  • Live Forms In-house server software no longer supports DB2 for the users and submissions database
  • WebLogic support is coming soon in the v6.1.1 patch release.

Tickets fixed:

  • #10469 - Repeat item : 'Min' not updated to all controls in designer mode
  • #10540 - Current workflow "reject'" via modify task sends email notification but no link to get to tasks
  • #10689 - Application error when flow is routed to non-existing role
  • #10774 - Rules auto complete control names
  • #13430 - Using templates in flow Roles and Users activity properties can cause missing tasks
  • #13557 - Form rules auto suggest
  • #14456 - Add an option to hide "forgot password" button on login screen
  • #14551 - Android - Append _device=tablet and _device=phone parameter automatically
  • #14582 - Clicking on tick and cross for Submit & Cancel buttons does not Submit/Cancel the form
  • #15912 - Detect non-reader enabled Acroform PDFs being upload and fail/warn user not supported
  • #15961 - Regular width forms show section sign error lightbox cropped
  • #16154 - Globals and Member added as part of includes.js are not recognized by the rule validator
  • #16155 - Incorrect date formatting in some cases for dd-mm-yyy
  • #16198 - Add new date format to the drop down (ex. 23-May-2014)
  • #16203 - Previous Button works only if user is logged in
  • #16204 - Need Hint property for Trigger control
  • #16211 - Same rule executes two time because circular dependency is enabled
  • #16221 - Add date and date/time validation/arithmetic functions in rules
  • #16223 - Workflow cannot be reset to a step with a precondition
  • #16246 - Max Length in Text Controls from Schema - Improved Error Message for Schema Validation
  • #16326 - Clicking Finish button shows a "Please wait” message upon submission
  • #16369 - Add confirmation to the Cancel button
  • #16408 - MySQL vacuum script corrupts pending submissions
  • #16556 - XSD restrictions handling when data type passed to frevvo is invalid
  • #16627 - Form Template containing PDF mappings is not working
  • #16973 - When send snapshot in activity doc action email is set to PDF, the form.load rules on next activity do not execute
  • #17120 - Dropdown type-ahead breaks for dashes
  • #17391 - File upload control and IIS problem: uploading file with space in the name results in link url that includes a ‘+'
  • #17407 - "Button Label" property now called "Continue Label”
  • frevvo API - Note - API support is coming soon...
    • #15503 - Download/Upload of an app created from API changes the Cancel button to Reset.
    • #16060 - Section initialized with Wet Signature does not show the signature image.
    • #16175 - Not able to initialize flow with _data parameter values.
    • #16269 - Creating flow instance initialized with XML, attachments and signatures takes a long time.
    • #16305 - Section wet signature initialization does not work for non-designer users.
    • #16734 - Should give a useful error message when getting formtypes from a frevvo server with expired license.
    • #16747 - Exception while getting ControlTypeFeed of a form with Form Viewer control in it.
    • #17019 - Attachments added to form created by FormEntryBuilder not shown in reinstatiated submission.
    • #17025 - Upload locales is not in a transaction
    • #17243 - FormEntryBuilder WetSignature method has a problem when using a memory stream
    • #17394 - Exception while getting ControlTypeFeed of a form with Form Viewer control in it.

End of Life Policy

frevvo supports major versions for two years. For example, frevvo supported Live Forms 4.1.x for 2 years after the first GA release in the v4.1 series. The first GA release was v4.1.1 on December 12, 2010. Thus technically end of life would be December 12, 2012. However in this case frevvo extended the End of Life Date for the v4.1 series to October 5, 2014. Documentation for Live Forms versions (in red - beginning with v5.1)) that are no longer supported is available on our frevvo Documentation Directory.

frevvo VersionInitial GA Release

End of Life Date

v6.1.xDecember 23, 2014January 29, 2017
5.3.xJune 4, 2014June 4, 2016
5.1.xJune 1, 2013June 6, 2015
4.1.xDecember 12, 2010October 5, 2014
3.4July 9, 2009July 9, 2011






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