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frevvo was designed to integrate with your back end systems. The form server is built using industry standard such as XSD, XML and Restlet. This chapter covers the built-in connectors as well as how to add your own connectors to the form server.

Integrating Connectors with frevvo Cloud Server

Connectors are most commonly installed behind your firewall where they can access (connect) to your back end systems in order to read/write data. If you use the Live Forms Cloud hosted server you must ensure that your Connectors are accessible from our servers. This is done by opening up one of the following ports on your firewall:

  • 80/HTTP (avoid except for testing) 
  • 443/HTTPS
  • 19080/HTTP (avoid except for testing) 
  • 19443/HTTPS

For customers that use firewall white-listing, make sure the frevvo cloud outgoing server IP (host is added to the list.

This is applicable to any outgoing HTTP requests to connectors. For example, if your forms are posting to the frevvo database connector to read data from the connector or any other connector you installed behind your company firewall.


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