Live Forms v6.1 is no longer supported. Click here for information about upgrading to our latest GA Release.

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Why Upgrade?

frevvo v6.1 contains new features that improve usability and makes designing forms easier. Here are a few of the top reasons to upgrade:

See the frevvo v6.1 release notes for more reasons to upgrade.

On This Page:

The v6.1 migration is automatic, however, we do recommend that you read the information below before you begin.

Just a reminder that the IP address for is Customers that use firewall white listing for must add this IP address to your white list . This is applicable for outgoing HTTP POSTs to connectors. For example if your forms are posting to the frevvo database connector or any other connector you installed behind your company firewall.

The IP address for and is Customers do not need to take any action as this is handled by the DNS entry automatically.

Automatic Upgrade for Live Forms Online Customers

Live Forms Online cloud hosted customers (SaaS) will be automatically upgraded on January 4, 2015. If you have any questions, please email

Migration Considerations for Live Forms Online & In-house Customers

Online and In-house customers should review the topics listed below: 

Support will be dropped for:

  • Using forms/flows in IE8 browsers
  • Live Forms server software configured with DB2 users and submissions database.

Radio Buttons

The style of the Radio control has been changed in order to support WCAG 2.0 accessible forms. Selected radio options will no longer display in the configured color if a style is applied to your form/flow. The color of a selected option for a Radio control will be gray or black. Also, you can no longer deselect radio button options, once selected. This capability has been removed as all standard radio buttons do not allow you to deselect options.

Modify/Reject Icon on the Task List 

The Modify/Reject icon has been removed from the Task List for non admin users.  After migrating to v6.1 all workflows will contain a new Reject button. The Reject button enables users to easily reject a task back to a previous activity, right from within the form itself. If you do not want the Reject button displayed in your workflows you can login as the designer user and disable the Reject feature.

In v6.1, the Modify/Reject icon is only available to tenant admins or flow admins as they need to reassign/abort or reset tasks. Regular (non admin) users will now reject a task via the easy Reject button within the form itself

Custom Print Button

The HTML needed when adding a custom print button to a form or flow has changed. All forms and flows with custom print buttons must be manually updated. Your forms and flows will continue to work without making this update but when a users clicks on your custom print button they will get a stylesheet error. See Printing Flows or Custom Print Button  for the new HTML.

Editing Previous Activities in a Workflow

Users can no longer edit previous activities assigned to a different role in a workflow configured with a navigation toolbar. For example, let's say a manager needs to review an Expense Report submitted by an employee in order to approve/reject the task. In v6.1, navigating back to the Expense Report step via the navigation toolbar loads the form as read only. The manager would be able to view the completed activity but no editing will be allowed. Previous activities are editable only if the activies are part of a screenflow performed by the same user. Pending tasks in your previous version of frevvo will be editable after migration to v6.1 but any new tasks created post migration will exhibit the new behaviour. Refer to Flow Processing Modes for more information on this new functionality.  

Summary Activity

The Summary activity for workflows now contains a Details button instead of an Edit button. Click the Details button to navigate to that step in the workflow. Editing data on a previous step is only allowed for the currently logged in user. Steps are rendered in View mode for all other users.

Table Control Alignment When Printing

You may notice that the Table control does not align correctly with other controls when printing a form. A wide form with a table control that has fixed pixel widths set on the columns looks like it exceeds the form width in the pdf:

Setting the Print Orientation for the form to landscape resolves the issue.  

Text field on Signature Control

The Signature control now has a text field where you can type your name using the keyboard. Typed text will be entered into the signature area. The text field is very helpful for individuals with motor impairment using an accessible form.

Migration Considerations Live Forms In-house Only Customers

Although there are no additional migration considerations for frevvo In-house customers., there are some pre-migration tasks if you are using LDAP or one of the supported databasesPlease review the instructions in the Upgrade Guide.

LDAP/Active Directory Security Manager Configuration

frevvo in-house customers should be aware that the configuration of the LDAP/Active Directory Security Manager is now done using the Add/Edit Tenant user interface  LDAP configuration properties that were previously included in the frevvo.xml file can be managed via these frevvo screens. Click here for more information on this topic.

Existing LDAP customers should refer to the Upgrade Guide for a quick way to import your current LDAP configuration properties before migrating.



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