Live Forms v6.3 is no longer supported. Click here for information about upgrading to our latest GA Release.

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This page contains the compatibility release matrix supported for the Live Forms Confluence Add-on.

Confluence Server VersionLive Forms Server Versionfrevvo Add-on Version
v5.4.*, v5.5.*, v5.6.*, v5.7.*v6.1.2.2v5.2.0
v5.8.*v6.1.4 - v6.2.xv5.3.0

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v5.3.0 (r26983)


This frevvo CF plugin is compatible with Confluence server v5.8.*.

Tickets Fixed:

  • #18416 - frevvoresolve template is not working with Confluence server v5.8.x
  • #18478 - Only the last frevvoresolve macro gets resolved

v5.2.0 (r24621)


This frevvo CF plugin is compatible with Confluence server v5.4.x, v5.5.x and v5.6.x and Live Forms server v5.3.3 or later and Live Forms server v6.1.2.2 or later. The Live Forms server or later is also compatible with Confluence server v5.7

New Features:

  • Confluence user profile attributes available in frevvo's Subject for use in business rules as subject.confluence.* as shown in the example below:

    if (form.load) {
      Email.value = _data.getParameter('');
      Location.value = _data.getParameter('subject.confluence.location');
      Phone.value = _data.getParameter('');
      IM.value = _data.getParameter('');
      Website.value = _data.getParameter('');
      Position.value = _data.getParameter('subject.confluence.position');
      Department.value = _data.getParameter('subject.confluence.department');

Tickets fixed:

  • none


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