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The information on this page is relevant to Google Connector 2.0 and 2.1.


On this page:

Why won't the Doc Action wizards connect forms/flows to my Google Account ?

Google users with 100+ pre-existing documents in their Google Drive may have issues using the frevvo Doc Action Wizards to connect forms/flow to their Google account. The login screen in the wizard may hang or throw an unexpected error, for example, "Got exception Read timed out". If you experience this issue please:

  1. Update to the frevvo Google Connector v2.0
  2. Note: If you are using Live Forms Online, cloud hosted software the frevvo Google Connector is already updated to v2.1.1.
  3. Use the form/flow Manually Set Doc URIs wizard and do NOT use the frevvo Google Sheet wizard

In the form/flow Manually Set Doc URI, do the following:

  • in the Write method, put the URL to the frevvo Google Connector and set the key in the URL to your Google Sheet, username and password. For example:

The big ID after the key/ comes from the Google Spreadsheet URL that you see in the browser. It looks like this:

The parameters indicated in the URL: ?user=xxx&password=yyy. You should URL encode the user and password though this may not be required e.g. will work fine. You don't need to URL encode the @. Some characters must be encoded e.g. &.

Spaces in the URL should be encoded with the + (plus) sign. For example, a worksheet named Employee Information should be encoded as Employee+Information.

If you aren't sure, encode it (

This workaround bypasses the wizard completely and points the form to the Connector directly via a manual doc URI.

"Invalid Credentials" message.

When logging in to the 'Save to Google Docs' or Save to Google spreadsheet wizards using a gmail address like,, you may see the message "Invalid Credentials"Gmail prevents logins from new locations and marks them as suspicious. Follow these steps to enable login from the unknown device:  

  • Navigate to
  • If you are a cloud customer, select ‘YES, THAT WAS ME’ for the unknown device with IP address - this is the ip address of the frevvo SaaS server.

  • In-house customers may see the ip address of their own frevvo server.
Once completed, login to the Google connector wizards will work without any error.

Do not setup 2-step verification. Access to less secure apps should be turned on.

How do I find the version of the Google connector?

To verify the version of the Google Connector, type http://<your domain name>/google/info into your browser. Cloud customers should change http to https and use for the domain name and port number. Provide your domain name and the port number if you are running locally. In-house customers can also find the information in the <frevvo-home>/tomcat/webapps/google/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file.

How do I check the status of the Google connector?

Paste this url in your browser: http://<DOMAIN_ NAME>/google/health to check the Google Connector status. Provide your domain name and the port number if you are running locally. You should see a {"status":"UP"} message.

"Unknown Error has Occurred" message when logging on to the Save to Google Spreadsheet wizard

In-house customers:

frevvo in-house customers may encounter an "Unknown Error has Occurred" error when logging on to the Save to Google Spreadsheet wizard. If you see "Error creating bean with name 'credentialController" in the <frevvo-home>/tomcat/logs/frevvo.log file, then the error was caused by starting frevvo without the client_secrets.json file present in the <frevvo-home>/tomcat/lib folder. Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Stop frevvo.
  2. Navigate to the Credentials screen for the project you created for your Google Account at
  3. Click the Download JSON file.
    1. Rename JSON file as client_secrets.json
    2. Copy it to tomcat/lib folder.
  4. Restart frevvo.

Cloud and in-house customers:

Cloud and in-house customers may see this error when selecting a Google sheet from the dropdown after you log into the wizard with your Google account and access code. To prevent this, set the Share permission for your Google Sheet to private then run the Save to Google Spreadsheet wizard. Change the share permission to public once the wizard is completed.

There are other causes for this error. Contact frevvo support if this solution does not solve your problem.

"Syntax Error: missing ; before statement" error

You may see the error: "Syntax Error: missing ; before statement" followed by the name of your form/flow and the name of the rule containing the error in the debug console when testing a form/flow that reads or updates a Google sheet via the Google Connector.

This may be because you are using an invalid or revoked access token in your business rule. Make sure you are using a valid access token and retest.

Internal Server Error

You may encounter this error when performing read/update/write operations to a Google sheet from a form/flow. The Google API can never be a replacement for a database in terms of reliability. There are no SLAs associated with free google accounts. frevvo makes multiple http calls to the Google API with no guaranteed SLA.  As the load increases, the chances that the Google service might fail increases. If you encounter the 'internal server error', the only thing to do is to try again later.





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