Live Forms v7.0 is no longer supported. Click here for information about upgrading to our latest GA Release.

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Does your organization use Google Apps? If so, you can combine frevvo + Google Sheets/Drive etc. to create some really cool and useful solutions. The Google Connector allows you to:

  1. Save submissions to Google Sheets
  2. Create dynamic drop down controls where the choices come form a Google Sheet.
  3. Update a Google Sheet with values from a form.
  4. Save documents generated by your frevvo form to Google Drive
  5. Single Sign On to Live Forms using your Google credentials.

Google will no longer support the Google Documents List API 3.0 after April 20, 2015. All customers must upgrade their frevvo Google Connector to version 2.1 and migrate their forms by this date . The frevvo Google Connector v1.4 and earlier will not work after this date. 

There are currently two versions of the Google Connector that are available:

  • Google Connector 2.0 is compatible with Live Forms v5.1.1. patch9, v5.3.8+ and v6.1.2.1+ releases. 

  • Google Connecotor 2.1 is compatible with frevvo versions 6.1.3+.

  • Google Connecotor 2.1.1 is compatible with frevvo versions 6.2.3+.

Follow the instructions here to upgrade the connector and here to upgrade frevvoRefer to the Google Connector Release Notes for more information and the compatibility matrix.

frevvo customers building applications that are high volume and address critical business processes should not use Google Sheets in place of a production quality database.

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