Live Forms v7.1 is no longer supported. Click here for information about upgrading to our latest GA Release.

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New Features Coming Soon

Coming in v7.2

Q2 - 2017

Live Forms Enhancements

  • Visual Rule Builder provides a user friendly way to create common business rules (no scripting/code)
  • Opaque URLs - the user id is no longer included in frevvo URLS.
  • Ability to change rename attachments uploaded to a form/flow.

More details coming soon....

Form/Flow Templates

  • Solutions for Government
  • Solutions for Education - E-Consent, Students, Community
  • Solutions for Accounting & Human Resources - Vacation Requests, Expense Reports, Time Sheets, Check Requests, Purchase Orders, Employee Onboarding, etc...

GA Release Matrix

The table lists the latest frevvo released versions.

Product Version Matrix
ProductLatest VersionRelease Date
Live Forms Cloudv7.1.84/25/2017
Live Forms In-housev7.1.99/28/2017
Live Forms for Confluencev7.1.99/28/2017
frevvo Confluence Pluginsee ref

Please refer to the Confluence Add-on Release Notes

frevvo Database Connectorv2.4

Please refer to the Database Connector Release Notes. Also bundled with Live Forms In-house v7.0

frevvo Google Connectorsee ref

Please refer to the Google Connector Release Notes. Also bundled with Live Forms In-house v7.0

frevvo PVE Connectorv5.3Released 6/4/14. Also bundled with Live Forms In-house v7.0
frevvo Filesystem Connectorv.1.0.1Released 7/22/16. Please refer to the Filesystem Connector Release Notes
frevvo Box Connectorv1.0.0Released 12/16/16. Please refer to the Box Connector Release Notes
frevvo API .NET Clientsee refPlease refer to Data API Client Libraries Releases

Live Forms v7.1


In-house customers may download the last released software patch from our frevvo Software Downloads Directory. Please see the Detailed Release Notes for specific version, enhancements and tickets fixed.



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