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This page contains release notes for the Live Forms Google Connector and the compatibility release matrix supported for the frevvo Google Connector.

frevvo Google Connector VersionLive Forms Server Version
v2.1.1v6.2.3 or later
v2.1v6.1.3 or later
  • frevvo only supports/certifies the Google Connector running in the Apache Tomcat container.

v2.1.1 (r27383)


This is a small patch release. This is compatible with frevvo v6.2.3+ releases. 


  • google.war/web.xml parameter is a new parameter used to specify how long the frevvo google connector will wait for Google API to respond to a request. This is useful when Google is returning HTTP Error 500 for frevvo form submissions saved to Google Drive (#18808)

Tickets fixed:

  • #17628 - Performance Issues causing concessional rule timeout exceptions and failures performing read/write/update operations on Google Sheets.

v2.1 (r26460)


This is a small patch release. This is compatible with frevvo v6.1.3+ releases. 

Tickets fixed:

  • #17816 - Google sheets with + characters in their names or tab names don't work
  • #17848 - Read/Update Google Sheets does not work when password contains special characters such as { } # ? / \ ...
  • #17992 - Read/Update Google Sheets does might not update the Sheet/Tab or might update the wrong Sheet.Tab if multiple Sheets/Tabs have similar names like "Leave Approval" and "Leave Approval (Other)" and the rule references the shorter name like "Leave Approval".

Please also see the Google Connector fixes listed in the frevvo v6.1.3 release notes . You must also upgrade your frevvo server software to v6.1.3+.

v2.0 (r26214)


This is a major update. This is compatible with frevvo v5.1.1. patch9, v5.3.8+ and v6.1.2.1+ releases. 

All customers must upgrade their frevvo Google Connector by April 20, 2015. The frevvo Google Connector v1.4 and earlier will stop working on this date. See this Notice from Google.


  • The frevvo Google Connector v2.0 uses the new Google Drive API. This replace the Google Documents List API v3.0 which Google has deprecated and will no longer support on April 20, 2015 (#16419)
  • Connector status page <frevvo server>/google/info (#16504)
  • Connector health check page <frevvo server>/google/health (#16906)

Tickets fixed:

  • #17389 - No preview available for default form/flow PDFs uploaded to Google drive.

  • #71594 - Upload to Google drive does not work if there is a slash "/" in the form name.

v1.4 (r16835)


This is a small patch release and compatible with frevvo v5.3.5 and later releases. 

Tickets fixed:

  • #16676 - Google SS wizard - error with large number of spreadsheets. See work-around solution.

  • #16829 - Upload to Google Docs creates a duplicate named folder if one already exists rather than adding files to the existing folder.


v1.3 (r24651)


This is a small patch release and compatible with frevvo v5.3.5

This update is bundled with the Live Forms In-house tomcat bundle software download. 

New Features:

  • The frevvo Google Connector wizards are now available for use with frevvo workflows.
  • Support for all types of Google Drive accounts:
    • Google for Education
    • Google for Business
    • Gmail


GA release bundled with frevvo v5.1.x and v5.3.0 - v5.3.4


GA release bundled with frevvo v4.1.x


Initial GA Release.

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