This documentation is for Live Forms 7.3 Not for you? Earlier documentation is available too.

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The admin superuser can display the Live Forms server configuration by clicking the Server Configuration link.

Version Information

There are several ways to find the version information. The  version and revision numbers are displayed in the footer of any Live Forms page.

The admin superuser can view the Server Configuration page which displays the version and build of your Live Forms server and the settings for the number of users, forms and flows, and submissions your server supports, as well as information about your Live Forms license.

Finally, anyone with access to the Live Forms server software installation directory can look in <frevvo-home>\frevvo/tomcat/webapps/frevvo.war. Open the .war file as a zipfile and view the file META-INF\MANIFEST.MF. Look for the following lines in that file:

Implementation-Vendor: frevvo Inc
Implementation-Revision: 30587
Implementation-Version: 7.3.0



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