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frevvo and workflow submissions can be saved directly into Digitech PaperVision® Enterprise and ImageSilo® document management systems.

This tutorial will walk you thru the steps for connecting a frevvo form to ImageSilo. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a frevvo form that creates a new PDF document in your ImageSilo project with index fields every time someone submits the form.

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  • An ImageSilo account. If you don’t have one, please contact your nearest Digitech reseller or visit the Digitech web site. We assume that you are familiar with using PVE/ImageSilo.
  • A frevvo Live Forms account. If you don’t have one Signup Here online.

Create an ImageSilo/PVE Project

We'll use a Loan Documents test project for this Tutorial. The project has three index fields in ImageSilo: Document Type, Surname and Request Amount of type Text, Text and Currency respectively. Create the project in ImageSilo.

Create a Form

Login to your frevvo account on Or if you are using an In-house installation login there. Create a new form. If you are not familiar with the Forms Designer, please consult the User's Guide to get started. Open the Form Designer where you can drag/drop new controls to create your form.

Loan Test Form

Drag/Drop controls from the Palette to the Form Designer canvas (the palette and drag/drop is explained in detail here).  We have created controls in the form called:

  1. Last Name which corresponds to the ImageSilo index field Surname
  2. Amount which corresponds to the ImageSilo index field Request Amount
  3. Request Type which corresponds to the ImageSilo index field Document Type

PVE/ImageSilo Wizard

The final step is to use the wizard to connect the form's submission to your ImageSilo project.

  1. Click the  what happens to my data? icon toolbar button.
  2. The wizard launches and you will see three tabs labeled "Doc Actions", "Additional Emails" and "Doc URIs".
  3. The Doc Actions Tab is selected by default.
  4. Click the "Save to ImageSilo or PaperVision Enterprise" button. This launches the wizard.
  5. Login with your credentials.
  6. A drop down will appear and the list of projects is displayed.
  7. Select the Loan Documents Test project.
  8. Select a snapshot format (PDF, TIFF ...).
  9. You can choose to store the XML document as well.
  10. Click Next. 
ImageSilo Wizard 

  1. The next panel shows the three ImageSilo index fields.
  2. For each index field, a drop down lists the form fields.
  3. Select the appropriate field from the form that corresponds to each index field.
  4. Click Finish on the wizard.


ImageSilo Wizard

Test the form

Now you are ready to test your form. Click the “Finish” button on the form designer and click the “Test” button for the form on the forms home page. This opens your frevvo form for use. Fill in the form fields. Note that frevvo ensures that when you enter values into certain fields such as Date or Amount, that the value you enter is in fact valid. It will warn you and prevent you from submitting the form unless all required fields contain valid values.

Complete the form and submit it. frevvo will generate a snapshot in your chosen format and create a new document in ImageSilo with the appropriate index fields. In ImageSilo you can view the generated PDF or TIFF as usual using the ImageSilo viewers.

ImageSilo Index fields

Document in ImageSilo
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