Live Forms v7.4 is no longer supported. Please visit Live Forms Latest for our current Cloud Release. Earlier documentation is available too.

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Each property is described below.

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This specifies how wide forms in your flow will be. The default wide width is 800px, but the dropdown also includes thin (450px) and regular (600px). You also may pick the custom option; this will enable the box to the right of the Width dropdown and let you specify your own width.


You can choose a layout to alter the appearance of your forms in your flow. frevvo provides three layouts : Nouveau, Compact and Tight. Nouveau, the default,  gives the forms in your flow a clear (white) background and a submit and cancel button with rounded corners.

Layouts are selected on the flow property Style tab and are applied to all the forms in your flow. This ensures that the look and feel of all the steps in your flow are the same. 


You can apply a style to your flow by selecting a choice from the Style dropdown. frevvo provides 4 styles but designers and admins can create customized styles. Styles are primarily concerned with colors but you can specify other properties such as font name, label, input font and background colors.

Print Styles

Live Forms designers can specify the content of headers and footers for the PDF that is generated when the Save PDF property is checked for a flow. Checking this property creates a PDF:

  • when the flow is submitted
  • when the print link in use/test-mode is clicked
  • when the print icon in a edit-mode flow is clicked. 

Print margins: Top, Bottom, Left and Right can also be specified.  Refer to this Form Print Styles topic for the details.

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