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This page contains the detailed changes made to the following products:

  • Live Forms Online

Please visit Planning for v9.0 for an overview of the changes and enhancements in this release.


v9.0.6 (r106f1bd)

Cloud Release 10/12/2019

In House Release 10/16/2019

Version 9.0.6 is a bug fix patch release with two enhancements and one feature removed. The Live FormsCloud was upgraded on 10/12/2019. This version was released for in-house customers on 10/16/2019. The connectors compatible with this release are available for download from the frevvo Software Downloads Directory. Prior version compatibility will be supported for a limited time.

v9.0.6 is the initial release for in-house customers. It is immediately available for download from the frevvo Software Downloads Directory.


  • Setting Up Dynamic Options - The error message "No options available due to an error" will no longer appear below selection controls, which was confusing for users when selection control were populated dynamically based on other controls in the form/flow. Any web service errors will be available in the log and the test console. (TIP-25323)
  • Improved default heap settings that reduce memory usage (TIP-26303)

Features Removed:

  • The LDAP CSM Security Manager is no longer supported. (TIP-26459, TIP-26395)

Tickets Fixed:

  • Template Validation:
    • TIP-26006 - Template Validation is flagging errors for templates that resolve from default _data 
    • TIP-26118 - Template Validation is not catching an invalid template on custom option in Who can start the form/flow.
    • TIP-26250 - Form/Flow and Flow Step Properties wizards do not show built-in data {form.*} templates as available options.
    • TIP-26259, TIP-26290 - Template Validation is not catching invalid {form.} templates on Flow Step properties Rejection and Escalations.
    • TIP-26329 - Flow Step Properties Assignment Tab: Template Validation erroneously flags templates such as '' in the subject/message fields as invalid templates
  • Legacy Anonymous Step Feature Migration:
    • TIP-23929 - Flows with an Anonymous step can go into an infinite task perform loop after migration to v9.0
    • TIP-26024, TIP-26217 - Flows using an email assignment on the first step give an "Application Error" instead of creating a task. 
    • TIP-26154 - Flows with v8.x and prior Anonymous Task (email step) feature do not show Reject button on anonymous step after migration to 9.0.
    • TIP-26384 - The Modify Task Reset to Step dropdown is missing some steps for flows using the legacy Anonymous Email feature.
  • Forms/Flow Properties Wizards:
    • TIP-25843 - The form/flow Searchable Field Property wizard does not display an error when the number of selected Searchable fields exceeds the frevvo.max.searchable.fields property setting.
    • TIP-26435 - Form/Flow Document Action Wizard does not save PaperVision credentials after saving form/flow.
    • TIP-26447 - Form/Flow Document Action Wizard Cancel button did not close wizard when selection changed from "Send to ImageSilo or PaperVision Enterprise" to "Send to File System."
  • Internationalization
    • TIP-25935 - The form/flow Property DocAction Wizard Login button text appears cropped when using internationalization feature if translation text is longer than 9 characters.
    • TIP-25998 - Form/flow Properties Wizard Settings tab: "Print font" dropdown is not displaying unicode font added in WEB-INF/font folder. Fonts also not visible in mapped PDF.
    • TIP-26071 - The Internationalization default translation file is not escaping spaces and equal signs under some circumstances.
  • Other Tickets Fixed:
    • TIP-22773 - Unhelpful error message uploading a invalid Style file Invalid Style. Got exception: java.util.MissingResourceException.
    • TIP-25517 - Data API: Both Java and .NET are showing /u/userid instead of /u/uuid in the Submission XML
    • TIP-25853 - f-submit-error Error Message remains visible after correcting Signed Section missing signature.
    • TIP-25863 - "Value does not match required pattern" message appears when entering an Admin User Id that contains a hyphen on Edit Tenant screen.
    • TIP-25923 - Azure security manager only retrieves a user's first 100 groups. In the event that frevvo specific roles are missed, the associated frevvo functions ie. frevvo.Designer are unavailable. 
    • TIP-26049 - Tenant Admin Home Page: When clicking on Manage Form/Flow Templates the left side navigation bar is appearing.
    • TIP-26074 - Adding Custom Javascript via Data API fails.
    • TIP-26109 - A form/flow shared for editing gives unhelpful error message when clicking the cancel button from the Thumbnail feature.
    • TIP-26149 - frevvo Log file NullPointerException ("Exception upgrading flow") logged while migrating a flow with no steps to 9.0. 
    • TIP-26167 - Money control no longer accepts negative amounts.
    • TIP-26223 - Invalid task assignment email contains a misspelled word.
    • TIP-26268 - frevvo Cloud is experiencing JVM delays caused by random number generation.
    • TIP-26276 - Clicking "deploy" on a newly uploaded form/flow creates a copy of the form/flow.
    • TIP-26285 - Error logged: "Timeout: Pool empty. Unable to fetch a connection in 30 seconds, none available." 
    • TIP-26328 - Visual Rule Builder: "Initialization Only" setting checked on first ("When") step reverts to unchecked after proceeding to "Set" step, and does not mark rule as Initialization Only.

    • TIP-26364 - The Tenant Admin Manage Form/Flow Templates page shows "Back to Manage Server" link instead of "Back to Manage Tenant."

    • TIP-26398 - Edit Tenant page does not display the tenant admin email that was entered during tenant creation.
    • TIP-26426 - Data API: Unable to initialize a form/flow with _data URL parameter.
VersionConfluence PluginDatabase ConnectorGoogle ConnectorPVE ConnectorFilesystem ConnectorSharepoint Connector
Live Forms v9.0.6v5.4.0.28485 (Confluence 6.13)v2.6.1v2.4.1v5.6.1v1.2.1v1.0.4 (SharePoint 360)

v9.0.5 (r988237a)

Cloud Release Date: 9/11/2019

Version 9.0.5 is a small bug fix patch release. This is a Cloud Only release. It was deployed to the frevvo Cloud on 9/11/2019. In-house customers should subscribe to release announcements so you will receive an automatic email when the in-house version is available. The connectors compatible with this release are scheduled to be released on TBD. Prior version compatibility will be supported for a limited time.

Ticket fixed:

  • TIP-26244 - Form and Workflow Designers are lagging at times
VersionConfluence PluginDatabase ConnectorGoogle ConnectorPVE ConnectorFilesystem ConnectorSharepoint Connector
Live Forms v9.0.5v5.4.0.28485 (Confluence 6.13)v2.6.0v2.4.0v5.6.0v1.2.0v1.0.3 (SharePoint 360)

v9.0.4 (re5f0946)

Cloud Release Date: 9/07/2019

Version 9.0.4 is a small bug fix patch release. This is a Cloud Only release. It was deployed to the frevvo Cloud on 9/07/2019. In-house customers should subscribe to release announcements so you will receive an automatic email when the in-house version is available. The connectors compatible with this release are scheduled to be released on TBD. Prior version compatibility will be supported for a limited time.

Ticket fixed:

  • TIP-26267 - Default Values in a text control disappearing after saving flow
VersionConfluence PluginDatabase ConnectorGoogle ConnectorPVE ConnectorFilesystem ConnectorSharepoint Connector
Live Forms v9.0.4v5.4.0.28485 (Confluence 6.13)v2.6.0v2.4.0v5.6.0v1.2.0v1.0.3 (SharePoint 360)

v9.0.3 (r337fb3b)

Cloud Release Date: 8/31/2019

Version 9.0.3 is a small bug fix patch release. This is a Cloud Only release. It was deployed to the frevvo Cloud on 8/31/2019. In-house customers should subscribe to release announcements so you will receive an automatic email when the in-house version is available. The connectors compatible with v9.0.3 will be released on TBD. Prior version compatibility will be supported for a limited time.

Ticket fixed:

  • TIP-26217 - Flows that have a Task Assignment to an email address on the first step produced an error when starting the flow.

  • TIP-26225 - Disable LDAPS endpoint verification

VersionConfluence PluginDatabase ConnectorGoogle ConnectorPVE ConnectorFilesystem ConnectorSharepoint Connector
Live Forms v9.0.3v5.4.0.28485 (Confluence 6.13)v2.6.0v2.4.0v5.6.0v1.2.0v1.0.3 (SharePoint 360)

v9.0.2 (rbb4148f)

Cloud Release Date: 8/28/2019

Version 9.0.2 is a small bug fix patch release. This is a Cloud Only release. It was deployed to the frevvo Cloud on 8/28/2019. In-house customers should subscribe to release announcements so you will receive an automatic email when the in-house version is available. The connectors compatible with v9.0.2 will be released on TBD. Prior version compatibility will be supported for a limited time.

Ticket fixed:

  • TIP-26145 - Money control does not accept negative amounts after v9.0.0 upgrade, 
VersionConfluence PluginDatabase ConnectorGoogle ConnectorPVE ConnectorFilesystem ConnectorSharepoint Connector
Live Forms v9.0.2v5.4.0.28485 (Confluence 6.13)v2.6.0v2.4.0v5.6.0v1.2.0v1.0.3 (SharePoint 360)

v9.0.1 (r54b9cf0)

Cloud Release Date: 8/27/2019

Version 9.0.1 is a small bug fix patch release. This is a Cloud Only release. It was deployed to the frevvo Cloud on 8/27/2019. In-house customers should subscribe to release announcements so you will receive an automatic email when the in-house version is available. The connectors compatible with v9.0.1 will be released on TBD. Prior version compatibility will be supported for a limited time.

Tickets fixed:

  • TIP-25887 - The values set in the assignment tab on the first step are not getting reflected in the custom field of the "who can start the flow" option when migrating from v7.3.8-> 9.0.0.
  • TIP-26075 - Data API call fails when adding Applications as a non-designer user
  • TIP-26129 - Flows that have roles selected via the listbox on the first step do not migrate properly
  • TIP-26132 - Flows with Roles on first step that migrate to flow properties ACL "custom" are not visible in Space Menu
VersionConfluence PluginDatabase ConnectorGoogle ConnectorPVE ConnectorFilesystem ConnectorSharepoint Connector
Live Forms v9.0.1v5.4.0.28485 (Confluence 6.13)v2.6.0v2.4.0v5.6.0v1.2.0v1.0.3 (SharePoint 360)

v9.0.0 (r97caf97)

Cloud Release Date: 8/24/2019

In-House Release Date: TBD

This is the initial GA release of Live Forms v9.0.0. It was deployed to the frevvo Cloud on 8/24/2019. v9.0 is a Cloud Only Release. In-house customers should subscribe to release announcements so you will receive an automatic email when the in-house version is available. 

Features introduced and tickets fixed in the frevvo Cloud versions v8.0, v8.1 and v8.2 are now included in v9.0. In-house customers should review the Release Notes below for the details.

New Features introduced in v9.0: 

  • Redesigned User Interfaces:
    • Redesigned Form and Document Action Wizard UI (TIP-19873)

      • More intuitive names for file type options in all frevvo wizards (TIP-20878)

      • Control names now referenced in all frevvo Wizards instead of labels) (TIP-21708)
    • Redesigned intuitive Form/Flow Properties wizards. Settings, Style, Form/Doc Actions and Access Control are now individual tabs in the Forms Properties wizard. (TIP-23066, TIP-22777)

    • Ability to edit the Flow Step name in the Properties Panel (TIP-24788)

    • New Form steps added to a flow are automatically named "Step #' and the form name is set to "Form #" while pulling an existing form into a flow names the step "Step#" but retains the original name. (TIP - 24955)
    • New on-demand Help button on each tab of the Flow Step Properties displays a helpful tour of the features in that section. This feature is only available for Cloud customers. (TIP-23506)
  • Visual Rule Builder 
    • Rule enable checkbox moved to Rule Editor Canvas (TIP-16635)
    • Rule Editor is now automatically expanded when you create a new rule. It is no longer necessary to click the pencil icon to define the rule. (TIP-23781) 

  • Non Default Security Managers
    • Redirect to tenant's SAML URL if logging into a SAML tenant with Live Forms normal login URL (TIP-18604)
    • Warning message on the Manage Users page to remind the tenant admin that user changes made on this page will be overwritten when the user logs in for SAML Security Manager tenants configured for Discovery mode (Authentication Only not checked) (TIP-19623) 
    • New backdoor admin URL for all non-default Security Managers including LDAP  (TIP-21205) 
    • Configured backdoor admin id now shows on the SAML & Azure Edit tenant page  (TIP-23774)

  • Form Styling Improvements:
  • Changes to Live Forms passwords and the CSV upload

    • Tenant admin can select password expiration for users by checking the "Change Password on next login" option (TIP-11376)
    • Last used password is not allowed when changing password. (TIP-24141)
    • CSV Upload now has an option to send an email to create a password if ta user does not have one (TIP-16333)
    • New user now receives an email with their frevvo id and password when added to tenant via the CSV Upload. Users added manually do not receive this email. (TIP-21170)
    • Passwords are no longer supported in CSV upload and will be ignored. (TIP-26089)

  • Translation File:
    • Reorganized translation file entries into functional groups (TIP-24245)
    • Rule related strings grouped together in the translation file, (TIP-24264) (TIP-25300)

  • Default Spaces

    • Ability to select a default space. Task perform links will render in the default space if selected (TIP-22038)

    • Default Space displays on the View Configuration screen (TIP-25783)

  • Renaming a flow in production retains the original flow name for the submission in Reports and on the Task List. New submissions will show the updated flow name. (TIP-19261)
  • Progress indicator for form loading when clicking the Perform icon, the Task List Search Magnifying icon or the Submit button on a Task List search(TIP-19556)
  • Warning message if the user did not check the Replace checkbox when replacing a form/flow with an id that matches an existing form/flow (TIP-19568)
  • Operational Reports are now available to non admin users (TIP-19766)
  • Forms/Flows using the f-submit-error css class and Message controls to warn users about invalid controls are automatically hidden when the form/flow becomes valid (TIP-19775)
  • Tenant/flow admin email notifications now contain the application,form/flow name and error to easily identify the form/flow submission that did not reach it's destination (TIP-20278)
  • New ComboBox property to allow only valid values that match available options (TIP-20443)
  • "Cc" field added to task notifications, escalation reminders and escalation notifications to specify a list of email addresses (TIP-20691)

  • Tenant/flow admins no longer receive an email if submissions are created while the Refresh Searchable Fields process is running. (TIP-21074)
  • Changes to workflow behavior for steps that are routed to a role, user or an email address (Task Boundaries). Tasks are created on the user's Task List even if the user is eligible to perform the next step.(TIP-21738)

  • Task assignment to role sends a single Task Notification email to all users belonging to that role. (TIP-22366)

  • In-house customers must obtain a v9.0 license for this release. v7.0 licenses will not work. (TIP-22386)
  • Unlimited mappable fields in Filesystem Connector wizard (TIP-22461)

  • Improved template validation.  A warning message displays in the designers if a template control was renamed/deleted (TIP-22781)

  • Requires Support Open JDK 11  (TIP-23150)

  • Click anywhere in the signature panel for a Signed Section to sign. (TIP-23391)

  • Custom option to add role and user support for the "Who can start the flow" permission on the  Access Control List (TIP-24044)

  • Label name in the PDF Mapping UI are no longer truncated in the tooltip (TIP-24343)

  • Updated Error Message on Upload Forms/Flows to reinforce best practices (TIP-19568)

  •  Detect/log warning message when single formtype has more than one _types.xsd (TIP-25877)

  • Features Removed:

    • The "Close Window" Form Action wizard has been removed from Live Forms (TIP-22706)

    • The box connector is no longer supported by frevvo (TIP-23490)

Tickets fixed in v9.0:

  • TIP-19959 - External redirect with target-uri parameter puts the target-uri in session and redirects to user's home page. The target-uri param is no longer supported.
  • TIP-19970 - Clicking Submit on the Task Search screen does not automatically scroll to the top of the screen
  • TIP-20969 - Name of the PDF opened from Form Viewer control does not have templatized values in it.
  • TIP-21953 - Can download file without authentication
  • TIP-22553 - Green arrow not visible when dropping a control to the right of another one inside a Repeat
  • TIP-22675 - Unable to drop the control to right to the existing control in section
  • TIP-22671 - License key continued to work 11 days after expiration

  • TIP-22993 - The text of submission status are not displaying properly in Confluence

  • TIP-23121 - Able to upload/replace a flow that was being edited by another user

  • TIP-23148 - Not able to remove default selection of checkboxes in the Flow designer

  • TIP-23152 - Application error/NullPointerException logged in the frevvo Production logfile

  • TIP-23202 - Unable to upload schema in Microsoft Edge browser

  • TIP-23344 - Save not working when clearing default value in designer

  • TIP-23659 - Grab back task from Anon User by Authenticated User who sent it fails

  • TIP-23789 - Preconditions and Form Outline behaving strangely and causing NPE errors

  • TIP-23983 - 'Access Denied' error when the User property of the first step of a flow is set to a templatized value of a required control

  • TIP-24004 - Functions unintentionally exposed when performing a CTRL Space in the Rule Editor

  • TIP-24063 - Errors in the CC: field causes some emails to not be sent from a flow

  • TIP-24087 - Error evaluating rule causes NullPointer exception
  • TIP-24089 - The Message text box on the Assignment tab bleeds out of dialog window
  • TIP-24092 - JsonMappingException: Infinite recursion' error when trying to trigger flow with task for first step via rule
  • TIP-24246 - Insight batch job failed when long text was entered in a TextArea field
  • TIP-24342 - Wet Signature shows a broken image if a user logs in to sign when executing a public flow
  • TIP-24586 - Performance is slow when designing large flows in the Edge browser

  • TIP-24881 - Inconsistent behavior of a timezone sensitive rule in Test mode vs the share URL

  • TIP-25063 - Electronic signatures do not work with Topaz Signature pads in Test mode of form/flow
  • TIP-25311 - The New button on the Forms Home Page should be hidden for a user with the Publisher role
  • TIP-25338 - frevvo.userDetails(user id) shows Null Point Exception if the user id does not exist in an LDAP tenant
  • TIP-25606 - Schema(s) missing when a flow step created from schem is downloaded, uploaded to the forms library of a new application and then is added to a new flow
  • TIP-25781 - Correct Global Logging Level Property
VersionConfluence PluginDatabase ConnectorGoogle ConnectorPVE ConnectorFilesystem ConnectorSharepoint Connector
Live Forms v9.0.0v5.4.0.28485 (Confluence 6.13)v2.6.0v2.4.0v5.6.0v1.2.0v1.0.3 (SharePoint 360)

Features introduced and Tickets Fixed in v7.4.1 -v8.2.2 now included in v9.0

 Click here to see Features introduced and Tickets Fixed in v7.4.8 - v8.2.2 included in v9.0

v8.2.2 (r24514d7)

New Features:

  •  TIP-24772 - Creole, Haitian (Creole) and Somali locale options added in frevvo Cloud for form/flow internationalization.   

Tickets fixed:

  • TIP-24872 - Submit and Cancel buttons are not accessible when adding an Escalation to a workflow

  • TIP-24874 - "Form Designer Functionality not supported in this browser" message is briefly displayed then disappears when you open the Form designer in the Edge browser.

  • TIP-24878 - Show logo checkbox doesn't get saved if you uncheck the checkbox, save the form, edit the form and check it again.

v8.2.1 (r8b28925)

New Features:

  •  TIP-24839 - New method call to prevent long delay when a user logs into Live Forms for the first time after a Cloud upgrade/restart

Tickets fixed:

  • TIP-24785 - "Application error / by zero" displays when running a flow if you toggled notifications on/off when setting up an escalation.

  • TIP-24854 - Space URLs using target-uri as a query parameter in Azure/Saml tenants are redirected to the user's My Task page instead of the specified space home page.

v8.2.0 (rb2a3426)

Tickets fixed:

  • [TIP-16974] - When a custom style is applied to a Space, the down/up arrow icon in the upper right corner does not display correctly on iOS/Android mobile devices

  • [TIP-19959] - Login URLs with target-uri parameter redirect to external page instead of user's home page. The target-uri param is no longer supported

  • [TIP-24244] - Other filter items with text value as search criteria does not refresh the table on tab off
  • [TIP-24258] - SAML user can login after the max concurrent user limit is reached
  • [TIP-24563] - Hidden columns in a table are visible in Internet Explorer and Edge browser

v8.1.0 (r93b07c0)

New Features:

Tickets fixed:

  • Comment Box for Selection Controls:

    • TIP-22223 - Comment property value disappears after section is signed.
    • TIP-23285 - Comment box is cleared when dropdown/radio/checkbox is disabled.
  • TIP-22431 - Precondition evaluating selected checkbox options does not work as expected.
  • TIP-23051 - Runtime "Precondition evaluation failed" error for checkbox controls for "is not" "is filled" "contains" and  "is" conditions. "startswith" and "endswith" conditons removed.
  • TIP-23284 - Roles do not wrap to the next line when entering values in the "Select Role Assignee(s)" field on Escalation->Action tab.
  • TIP-23309 - "No options available due to an error" when pulling options from webservice for dropdown columns in a table.
  • TIP-23957 - Unexpected Application Error while logging in after max user limit reached in a SAML Security Manager tenant.
  • TIP-24089 - Long text string with no white space in the Task Notification Message box on the Assignment tab bleeds out of dialog window.
  • TIP-24155 - The Perform icon for a task assigned to role should be blue, showing as red.

  • TIP-24223 - Changes are not saved if the Precondition builder is used to add a precondition for PDF mapping then the builder is turned off, precondition JavaScript is entered, the flow is saved and the precondition is reedited.

v8.0.2 (r01d037d) 

Tickets Fixed:

  • TIP-24107 - "The action could not be completed. This can happen if your session expires or if you are editing the same form/flow in multiple sessions." error when clicking Submit after editing Step Properties.

v8.0.1 (r45d8f5f) 

Tickets Fixed:

  • TIP-23783 - "Anonymous" is not showing in the Task List or Audit Trail for flows built with previous versions of Live Forms that contain an Anonymous Email Task step.

  • TIP-24000 - "Update control failed" error when modifying properties for a Section control.

  • TIP-24035 -Second flow with Task for First Step property selected fails to kick off with a 'JsonMappingException: Infinite recursion' error when called from a business rule.


New Features:

  • Flow Designer Improvements:
  • Flow Step Properties:
  • Task List:
    • View your Tasks: Users can review the tasks they completed. [TIP-18070]
    • The Task List no longer automatically refreshes every 5 minutes.[TIP-22916]
    • Tasks performed by Anonymous Users:
      • Workflows can be rejected to a step that is performed by an Anonymous user. [TIP-18311]
      • Tenant/Flow admins and the user who performed the prior step in a workflow can search the Task List for tasks waiting to be performed by an Anonymous user, perform the tasks themselves or reassign to an internal user, role or email address. [TIP-20464]
      • A task returned from an anonymous user shows the email address in the Audit Trail. This is not supported for Email/Anonymous Task steps. [TIP-17740]
      • "Error Access Denied. This submission has already been processed" error message now displays when clicking the link in an Anonymous Task step email more than once.[TIP-22331]
  • Refresh Searchable Fields:

    • Designers, administrators or anyone given the Edit form/flow permission can initiate a Refresh Searchable Fields process for Individual Forms/Flows to update existing submissions for changes to Searchable Fields. This no longer requires Admin privileges. [TIP-22332]
    • Refresh Searchable Fields table shows if the process was run for all tenants or a specific tenant. [TIP-20309]
  • It is no longer necessary to enter a single space in a Message control that is used as a spacer in a form/flow. Message controls can now be set to an empty string. [TIP-22186]

  • Doc Action post failures now include the Server name. [TIP-22759]

  • Visual Rule Builder now generates code for itemAdded if a rule contains repeating controls. [TIP-23061]

  • Template syntax expanded to force Live Forms to use the value instead of the label in the Options URL for Selection Controls. [TIP-21788], (#21830)
  • Flow designer functionality is not supported in the Internet Explorer 11 browser. [TIP-23110]

Tickets fixed:
  • TIP-13035 - Geo Location does not work for forms created inside the Flow Designer. (#13061)
  • TIP-19450 - A submitted activity can be re-initialized and edited from the Email link if an Anonymous Task is the last step in a workflow. (#19482)
  • TIP-19506 - A form that is configured with a Doc Action that is added as a workflow step executes when the flow is submitted. (#19538)
  • TIP-20160 - The data API uses the userid instead of the uuid for URLs. (#20193)
  • TIP-21811 - Rules with multiple when conditions exceed right side of the rule tree. (#21853)
  • TIP-21902 - Warning Message when running the Live Forms designers in an unsupported browser is out of date. (#21944)

  • TIP-21992 - Unexpected Approval sections display if Approver 1 clicks on an Anonymous Task link for the second time before Approver 2 accesses the task (#22034)

  • TIP-21995 - Reject email directs the user to Access Denied error instead of the login screen if the flow is public, has a role assigned to the first step and is rejected from an Anonymous step and uses the Task if first step feature. (#22037)

  • TIP-22133 - Editing the Doc Action "Additional Email" wizard turns the options to Send Snapshot and Files on. (#22176)

  • TIP-22160 - HTML tags in control labels are lost when the Application is downloaded/uploaded.(#22203)

  • TIP-22330 - Allow templatized value in place of "Anonymous" in tasks which are created by anonymous users
  • TIP-22331 - More informative error message when re-accessing Anonymous email link.
  • TIP-22331 - Modify Task - Reject from Anonymous Email step does not use the Reject Notification Email configured for the step.
  • TIP-22339 - Email and HTTP activities have properties/links that do not apply to those features. (#21320)

  • TIP-22344 - Changing search criteria in the Submissions UI does not refresh submissions table when using the IE11 browser.

  • TIP-22357 - Combobox list doesn't clear after selecting an option.

  • TIP-22362 - The selection of a combobox dropdown value that includes an "&" display as &amp

  • TIP-22363 - Enable Java Management Extensions (JMX) when installing frevvo as a service on Windows.

  • TIP-22368 - Change the default JMX monitoring port to 7091 from 9010.

  • TIP-22369 - Use 64-bit Windows binaries by default when configuring Live Forms as a Windows Service.

  • TIP-22371 - When you uncheck the Reject from here in the Rejection Wizard the Insert Into Message trigger is still visible.
  • TIP-22381 - Selecting an option for a dynamic ComboBox causes the form to jump to the top of the screen.

  • TIP-22406 - Task Search query takes minutes to execute due to missing FormSubmission.submitterId index.

  • TIP-22410 - Search Task List rule stuck executing MSSQL JDBC Driver ...
  • TIP-22424 - Links in Anonymous Task emails {task.notify.url} are generated using iframes if the tenant is using the SAML Security Manager.

  • TIP-22425 - Unexpected schema corruption from Duplicate Documents and Document Types.

  • TIP-22439 - Session expire message when an anonymous user clicks on the Save button.

  • TIP-22449 -Public form/flow when accessed with public url is asking for credentials when using the LDAP Container Security Manager.
  • TIP-22459 - "Thank You! Your submission has been received." message when searching tasks for a workflow that routed to a role name that contains a forward slash.

  • TIP-22474 - Width percentage for Radio Controls works at runtime but does not position the options correctly in the PDF.
  • TIP-22487 - Servlets using basic authentication are not receiving Doc Action file attachments.

  • TIP-22509 - Saved forms do not display on the Task List for Confluence users.

  • TIP-22537 - Emails not formatting correctly after upgrade.

  • TIP-22562 - Drop down values of the first drop down control are hidden behind a second dropdown control.

  • TIP-22600 - Rules using the Visual Rule Builder with a when condition that uses the "is" operator, wraps in the UI. This happens when using the Firefox browser.

  • TIP-22609 - Completed submission remains visible in the user's Task List.

  • TIP-22610 - Downloading workflow steps as individual forms displays a blank screen if the form contains controls with patterns.

  • TIP-22624 - Application error when editing and saving a workflow step.

  • TIP-22629 - Application error persisted when uploading an application to Live Forms.

  • TIP-22669 - Message controls with a Base64 image is not printed to PDF.

  • TIP-22674 - "Thank You! Your submission has been received" message displays when all Submission states are selected as search criteria on the Task Search screen. Tasks that meet the search criteria do not display.

  • TIP-22691 - 'By User' and 'Locked By User' comboboxes on the admin search task page do not return results when you start typing in them.

  • TIP-22703 - Form Actions Forward user to a web page of your choice wizard for flows does not forward the user to the defined URL.

  • TIP-22708 - Cannot uncheck Save PDF property on a flow step that was downloaded as a standalone form.

  • TIP-22751 - Matching user ids are not shown when all the characters of a user id are entered in the Reports To combobox on the create/edit user page.

  • TIP-22754 - Creating a Control Template that contains a Trigger control is not allowed.

  • TIP-22762 - If Searchable fields do not have unique names they do not display in the Submission Table.

  • TIP-22769 - Null Point Exception when clearing the From date and To date in submissions filter.

  • TIP-22941 - Default Reject Notification message does not have a clickable link.

  • TIP-22987 - If an unauthenticated user accesses a tenant level url (e.g. Admin functions) and the tenant does not have a session expiration configured, the session never expires.
  • TIP-22998 - "Control is bound to non existing nodetype. You should remove this control and readd it as needed" message keeps reappearing when editing a workflow created from schema.
  • TIP-23054 - TypeError for checkbox controls for "is not" "is filled" "contains" "is" "startswith" and "endswith" operations in the Precondition Rule Builder.

  • TIP-23055 - TypeEror for Radio Controls for "is not" "contains" "is" "startswith" and "endswith" operations in the Precondition Rule Builder.

  • TIP-23057 - Long running queries causes SQL Server deadlocks
  • TIP-23134 - 'is after', 'is before', 'is on or after' and 'is on or before' operations for the Date Control return the same results for true/false conditions in the Precondition Rule Builder.

  • TIP-23182 - Time shown in GMT for tasks in Task List.
  • TIP-23283 - Cannot assign a step to a role or user template where the role/user name includes a prefix/suffix and a templatized portion. For example, {role}-manager where the {role} is selected from dropdown choices (floor, sales, store).
  • TIP-23308 - Application error when editing a step in a customer workflow.

  • TIP-23474 - Item width for Radio Control options set to 50% works in use mode but not in PDF.

v7.4.8 (rdb3e8e3)

Form Styling Improvements:

End of Life Policy

frevvo supports major versions for two years after the first GA release date. For some releases, the End of Life Date may be extended. Documentation for Live Forms versions (in red - beginning with v5.1)) that are no longer supported is available on our frevvo Documentation Directory. Versions with an end of life date of N/A are Cloud Only releases and are no longer available/supported.

Live Forms VersionInitial GA Release

End of Life Date

9.0.xAugust 24, 2019August 24, 2021
8.2.xApril 20, 2019April 20, 2021
8.1.xMarch 9, 2019N/A
8.0.xDecember 15, 2018N/A
7.4.xJanuary 7, 2018January 7, 2020
7.3.xSeptember 2,2017September 2, 2019
7.2.xApril 29, 2017April 29, 2019
7.1.xDecember 18, 2016December 18, 2018
7.0.xJuly 23, 2016July 23, 2018
6.3.xFebruary 13, 2016February 13, 2018
6.2.xOctober 31, 2015October 31, 2017
6.1.xDecember 23, 2014January 29, 2017
5.3.xJune 4, 2014June 4, 2016
5.1.xJune 1, 2013June 6, 2015
4.1.xDecember 12, 2010October 5, 2014
3.4July 9, 2009July 9, 2011







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