This documentation is for frevvo 9.0. Not for you? Earlier documentation is available too.

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Click the header of any form and frevvo displays the form properties in the Properties panel. A quick view of the form's current settings is shown, and clicking on any section will allow the user to edit properties. 


When Save is checked, the form submission is saved to the frevvo repository. If you uncheck this, then the data will not be saved by frevvo and you will not be able to view your submissions online. You may wish to uncheck this for security reasons.

Save PDF

If checked, a PDF (print view) of the form is also saved to the frevvo repository and you can view this PDF in your submissions.


If checked, a "print" icon is displayed at the top left of the form when the user is filling it out. When clicked, a printable PDF is generated and the user can save or print this PDF for his/her own records.


If checked, a "save" icon is displayed at the top left of the form when the user is filling it out. When clicked, the latest version of the form is saved and the user can return to it via his/her Task List and complete filling it out later. This is particularly useful for lengthy forms. Saving a partially filled form requires the user to be authenticated to frevvo. Using the Task List is a somewhat advanced topic and we recommend you read the detailed documentation on this topic and/or complete the Flows Tutorial for a full understanding.


If checked, a captcha logo appears when the form loads. This is to prevent Spam submissions. When users click to Submit the form, no further action is necessary.

frevvo provides many more properties and settings. You can learn about most of these simply by experimenting in the Form Designer and the properties are also detailed in the Editing Form Properties chapter of the documentation.

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