This documentation is for Live Forms 9.0. Not for you? Earlier documentation is available too.

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If you do not see the Finance or frevvo_Finance role in the Role list, follow the steps to Create the Finance role before testing. If you are ready to test, go directly to the Test the Finance Role instructions.

Test the Finance Role

  1. Click the Save and Test icon. The Live Forms test mode will launch.
  2. Fill in the required fields.
  3. Upload an attachment (optional).
  4. Click on the Authorized Signature field and sign.
  5. Click Send to Manager
  6. Check "Yes" to approve the PO in the Manager Approval section,
  7. Click Approve PO and Send to Finance. All users with the frevvo-finance role will receive a notification email that there is a task awaiting their attention. You will see this message "The PO was sent to Finance for processing. An email notification has been sent."
  8. Close the Test window.
  9. Click the  cancel icon to exit the flow designer
  10. Log out of Live Forms.
    Check your email and click the link in the notification email.
  11. Login as the finance user sue@<your tenant>. Her task list will display.
  12. Click the  Perform icon to complete the Finance step of the workflow
  13. Enter a Reference Number and any optional comments
  14. Click the Edit this section button to sign
  15. Click Process and Finish PO. You will see "Purchase Order Number <order number> is complete. A copy has been emailed to <email address> for your records."
  16. Check your email to view the PDF for the completed PO.

Create the Finance role

Workflows route between multiple users and/or roles, which you must first create.

  • Click here to download a CSV file.
  • Open it in any text editor, make the following changes and save the file.
    • Replace YOUR_EMAIL with your email address. This is used for notifications.
    • All passwords default to 123. You may change any password.
  • Login as the tenant admin user.
  • Click the Manage Users Link.
  • Click the upload csv users icon, browse to the CSV file you just edited and click Validate.
  • You may see several warning messages. If you see a thumbs down icon in the left column and the message email is invalid in the Error/Warning column, please edit the file, correct the error and try again.

  • Click the Load button. You should see something like:  "Users Loaded successfully. 9 Added, 0 Updated, 0 Deleted, 17 Roles Added."
  • Logout of the tenant admin user account.


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