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The frevvo client services team is committed to ensure your success during the sales cycle. Sometimes the sales process benefits from a custom POC form/flow. We advise:

  • Scope down - find a simple example that will convey the ROI.
  • Use customer logos/images - adding images enables you to convey how forms blend with their style.
  • Ask frevvo for help with your POCs. This is a great additional cross-training opportunity.

Customers and Prospects often do not have the internal resources and/or are too busy already to spend time creating their own forms. Even though the frevvo designer makes it easy/possible for non technical people to create forms we often are asked to help. Sometimes this means creating their first few forms and other times they ask for us to build their new forms over and over.

A prospect will typically hand you their existing paper form or have a pdf, word or excel document they want to convert to an online form. Here are several points of wisdom:

  1. 90% of customers are ok changing the look of the paper form to the look of an online form. We also try to encourage that. 
  2. 5% of customers still want it to look like the paper as much as possible. 
  3. 5% of the customers need it to look EXACTLY like the paper, for example W-4 forms. That is called "pixel perfect" PDF Generation and a key new feature of frevvo v5.



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