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  1. Palette Controls

    you upload a schema.  Notice this control does not have a display as property so you cannot change the appearance of the control using this property … value states so the designer will not have to make further changes. Upload Control Use this to allow the user to upload and submit attachments with your forms
  2. Controls in the palette

    such choices side by side if you want your form to be usable on a smart phone. Attachments (Upload Control) Drag and drop an Upload control from the palette onto the form. This control allows the user to upload 1 or more files as attachments. You can specify the min # of files, the max # of files, the max size of any file
  3. Control Templates

    . v53PublishControlTemplate3-2.png The image, video, table, upload and pagebreak controls are not allowed in a custom control. You will see this message if you try to publish … A control template is a control that was published by the form designer so that it can be reused in other forms and by other designers within the same tenant
  4. Planning for v8.1 uploaded to an Upload control in a form/flow has been increased … to Upload controls in forms/flows in the frevvo Cloud has been increased to 20 MB (20971520 bytes). As a reminder, there are three places to set the maximum size
  5. Read Only Forms

    Any form can be rendered as read-only by appending the form URL with the parameter _readonly=true. In read-only mode, all controls are disabled from entry including dropdowns, repeats and upload controls. The default value is false. Here is an example of the Raw Form Link with the &_readonly parameter appended
  6. Accessibility and Live Forms

    control, grid cells in a table, a signature light box cycle through options in a checkbox, move through the lightbox for an upload control. cycle through … the browse file dialog for an upload control Enter only select a value and close a dropdown list Escape close lightboxes and help text windows
  7. Detailed Release Notes

    limit is reached. [TIP-23431]   The maximum size of an attachment uploaded to an Upload control in a form/flow has been increased to 20MB in the frevvo Cloud.  [TIP-24240] Tickets fixed: Comment Box for Selection Controls: TIP-22223 - Comment property value disappears after section is signed. TIP-23285
  8. Templatized Strings

    the pipe (|) to specify repeats/table rows will not work for the Upload control  File Name property. Repeat Item Labels It is very useful to use templates … more interactive and are useful in summarizing information in collapsed section controls. Templates can be used in the form designer in the following control
  9. Manage Users

    Size property of individual Upload Controls. The image shows a 5 MB Max Size property specified for an Upload Control. UploadControlMaxSizeproperty.PNG If a user uploads a file larger than 5 MB to this control, they will see this error UploadControlMaxSizerror.PNG The value of the Max size property of individual
  10. Layouts and Styles

    for the Done button in the Signature Lightbox, text and tic for the Done button of the Upload control Lightbox. Label and decorator for continue / submit / done (signature) / upload (upload control). Much lighter version of the base color.   Lighter Three #f2f9ff Color of watermark used in spaces. Also used