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  1. Security and Governance

    User/Run Time The designer/owner of a form/flow may designate who may use the form/flow with options for: public access (anyone including anonymous users … and are not used for routine operational tasks.  
  2. Configuring the LDAP Security Manager for In-house

    . Issues were found when using Safari with LDAP - SSO. V53LDAPDiagram.png On This Page: Prerequisite Tasks These instructions assume that you have … the key information listed below and verify the Prerequisite Tasks have been performed. Create a tenant with the LDAP Security Manager class. Once you have your
  3. Create and Update Pages

    "Error Access Denied. Task locked by user:<username>". If you are using templates with frevvo edit links it is good practice to set the session timeout to some shorter time then the default 8 hours. See setting the default session timeout. The following restrictions exist: Forms submissions from anonymous users
  4. Patient Referral Workflow Tutorial

    portion of the form. The Nurse fills it in and clicks a Continue button.  puts the referral on the Doctor's task list, [optionally] notifies the Doctor by email and displays a confirmation message to the Nurse. When the Doctor logs in, she visits a web page that displays an electronic task list. All pending referrals
  5. Expense Report Workflow Tutorial

    . If the amount of the workflow is less than $1000.00, the workflow will skip this step and route the task to the Accounting step. To add the precondition: Click … the Reddiskicon.pngicon to save the flow.   Step 5: Customize Notifications The designer can customize the messages the users see, the task information that appears
  6. Working with Rules

    time Perform the next flow step from the task list Save a form/flow  and perform from the task list Edit submission Navigate back to prior flow steps while … activity would both load and activate it. When a form is saved and then loaded from the task list both load and activate are triggered. Here is an example
  7. Access Control and Shared Items

    a form/flow. Dynamic ACLs Templates provide the ability to dynamically determine and restrict access to submissions/ task audit trails when assigning Access … with the Access Control List for flows. Whocaneditsubmissions.png Who can access the audit trail - Flows Only  The audit trail is accessed on a  user's Task List
  8. Leave Approval Workflow Tutorial

    in the form, digitally signs it and clicks a Submit Request button. puts the leave approval request on the specific Manager's task list, [optionally] notifies the Manager by email and displays a confirmation message to the Employee. When the Manager logs in, she visits a web page that displays an electronic task list
  9. Compatability with Other Add-ons

    } {compound-menuitem:custom|icon=pictures|link=/spaces/frevvo/addTasks.action?pageId=%withpageid%|caption=Add Tasks ...} {menu} {with-page} This adds a top-level menu called frevvo to Confluence and menu items to add a Form, Flow, Submissions and Tasks. Note that this also does not call the add-ins verification code
  10. Employee On Boarding Tutorial

    Task List for mobile devices Quick Approval feature - allows quick review of a task by the appropriate person with accept/reject buttons Generate an additional … employee will complete the screen flow from an iPad and the task will be sent to the new employee's manager for approval. The approval step will be performed