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  1. White Papers

    programmers can focus on other tasks. Customize our pre-built forms and workflows to fit your business or design your own. Business users will find our intuitive … PDF documents like Government W-4s, supports live task notifications, digital and wet signature capture, reports on data and available in both public
  2. Administrator Best Practices

    . Test tasks will not appear on your real users' task list. Test tasks will not appear in production Task History Search Test submissions will not appear … the dev/test phase. Test roles & users allow your designers to test workflow email notifications and workflow task navigation without spamming real users
  3. Custom JavaScript Examples

    customization. Although JavaScript will accomplish the task, it is important to note that your scripts are not subjected to formal testing by the frevvo quality … if the section of your form that contains the wet signature should be displayed or not. DetectBrowserInformation.png Save Screen Flow to Task List If two sequential
  4. Using Forms

    Now that you have designed your forms and workflows you will need to share them with others. This chapter discusses all the tasks and configuration options for sharing and using your forms.  v53useform.png Forms URL Parameters Initializing Forms with Data Making a Form or Flow Public Multi page forms Printing
  5. Getting Started with Flows

    by . The Employee fills in the form, digitally signs it and clicks a Submit Request button.  puts the leave approval request on the specific Manager's task list, [optionally … task list. All pending leave approval requests will be displayed in the task list. The Manager clicks to perform an approval. The Manager-specific portions
  6. Form Properties

    return to it via his/her Task List and complete filling it out later. This is particularly useful for lengthy forms. Saving a partially filled form requires the user to be authenticated to . Using the Task List is a somewhat advanced topic and we recommend you read the detailed documentation on this topic and/or complete
  7. Designing Forms

    Data Sources Multi Language Support Using Forms Using Flows Using the Task List Submissions Access Control and Shared Items Templates Customizing … to them. Tenant admin users should restrict themselves to administrative tasks.
  8. Flow Designer

    not create or edit flows, nor have roles assigned to them. These users should restrict themselves to administrative tasks. Once you are in a flows home page … to edit an step in a flow.  Properties Area This is where you define workflow navigation, customize button labels, configure task information, pending
  9. Form Setting Properties

    /flow.  Task Info When you save a partially filled form to continue it later, the saved form is accessed via your task list. This field controls the name that gets displayed in the task list. For more details, see the Tasks documentation.  This field can use templatized strings for dynamic content, e.g. the Task Info
  10. Operational Reports for Business Insights

    completed processes. "Bottlenecks" that may prevent processes from completing successfully. Task completion time per user. The Report feature uses the Solr … instances that are started, but have not yet been submitted. Active forms are those that have been saved to the Task List and have not been submitted