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  1. Test Finance Role

    that there is a task awaiting their attention. You will see this message "The PO was sent to Finance for processing. An email notification has been sent." Close the Test … as the finance user sue@<your tenant>. Her task list will display. Click the blueperformicon.PNG Perform icon to complete the Finance step of the workflow Enter
  2. User's Guide

    Sources Multi Language Support Using Forms Using Flows Using the Task List Submissions Access Control and Shared Items Templates Customizing Behavior Data
  3. Data API

    that can be done with this collection at this point except for being an optional entry point for applications, tasks and themes. FormTypeTemplateFeed … applications in . TaskFeed - The collection used to manage the tasks for the current logged-in user. SchemaFeed - The collection used to manage the XSDs uploaded
  4. Training Classes

    paradigms and how/when to apply them to your forms/flows. Introduction to flow designer features - task lists, notification emails, escalation & reminders, desktop … flows and workflows and when to use linked steps. Setup Access Control to Submissions, Audit Trail and more All aspects of task list and submissions search
  5. JSP Tutorial

    to edit Forms/Flows in design mode  View Submissions link to list all Form/Flow Submissions TaskFeed: embed task list SubmissionFeed: Logout of user account … ");              FormEntry fEntry = builder.createInstance();            String XMLInitializeFormURL = fEntry.getFormUseLink().getHref();  }   Embed Task List
  6. Layouts and Styles

    control in your form, it will override the Style setting, used when no task in present in Task List on devices, form/flow name,user's First /Last name,audit trail header,messages on the Task List. Input Font Color #111111 Color of text entered in input, text area and other controls. Also, used as the font color dropdown
  7. In-house Installation Guide

    Database Setup Installation Tasks Integrating with IIS Proxy Redirect Ext Url Security Managers Upgrade Guide  Supported Platforms Need Help?      
  8. Reports

    . Recently completed processes. Task completion time per user. Operational errors that may have ended an active process. Areas of recent processes where a "bottle
  9. Google Connector

    as a content repository to approval workflows, the combination just makes completing routine, day-to-day business tasks easier.   provides a Google Connector
  10. Data API Tutorials

    for access control, digital signatures, participating in workflows, viewing their task lists, or for maintaining an audit trail. Working Examples Follow