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  1. Update a Google Sheet

    Let's take a look at how you can update existing values in a sheet. It’s another common scenario that can be used for a variety of tasks (e.g. limiting the number of submissions for a particular form or creating a sequentially increasing counter). We’ll use this sample Google Sheet
  2. Security Managers

    not public. Suggest 2 tenants: One tenant that uses SSO for internal forms/flows A second tenant that uses the Default Security Manager where all anonymous
  3. FAQ - Business Rules

    to Tasks Lists of users who fulfill the requirements for the next step. When Step 2 loads, the rule is executed again. This combination results in data tampered … and the flow progresses to Step 2 which is designed to be performed by a user with the Manager role, Jerry. Jerry logs in, and access the task from his Task List. Jerry
  4. Live Forms for Confluence

    feature, along with the legacy submissions view, will be removed in the next major release. The Task List also has the capability to search for tasks … , submissions and the Task List to Confluence pages when viewing the videos referenced above if you are using Confluence v5. These functions are located on the Tools
  5. Add-on Installation

    to this group can add the Task List to Confluence pages. If this is left blank, all Confluence users will be able to add the Task List to Confluence pages. Note … or task list is rendered in the browser, this URL will be used to access . This URL defaults to the above Forms Server URL if not specified. Frevvo supports
  6. Templatized Strings

    this syntax to access the selection control option and/or the selection control comment in a template. The examples use templates to specify the Task Information field on the Task List for a workflow: To access the value of the selected option via the template the syntax is  - {your selection control name
  7. Test HR Role

    designer Log out of . Check your email and click the link in the notification email. Login as the HR user sue@<your tenant>. Her task list will display
  8. Configuring LDAP(s) for Cloud tenants

    connectivity. Once you receive this white listing confirmation email verify that you have completed: the Prerequisite Tasks listed below collected the information … company AD server Prerequisite Tasks Active Directory Customers using LDAP must ensure frevvo.TenantAdmin and frevvo.Designer groups are specified
  9. Embedding frevvo: A Getting Started Guide

    to allow completely anonymous access, you must set the visibility of the FormType to PUBLIC. Public forms can be instantiated by everyone without authentication e.g
  10. Installation Customizations

    settings frevvo.sharepoint.connector.url=http://localhost:8082/sharepoint On This Page: Common Customizations For the most common configuration customization tasks that every customer and OEM partner will want to consider see Installation Tasks.  API The  Data API enables programmatic access to the all resources