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  1. Integrating with IIS

    configuration is a complex task. The integration steps below relating to your IIS web server should be performed by your IIS Web System Administrator.  It is very
  2. Flows Home Page

    a flow also deletes all associated flow submissions, saved and pending tasks. See replacing flows. Below each flow name are six more icons. Each is described … all submissions from Live Forms; submission repository and any saved in process form instances and pending workflow tasks. Before deleting you may wish
  3. Multi Language Support

    and Design-Time Translations Runtime strings such as those found when a user logs in to access their task list, the login page, access denied messages, etc and Design … . Testing Runtime and Design-Time Translations Runtime Translations: Test that your Runtime string translations show up as expected, for example on your Task
  4. SAML Security Manager

    login will occur before a task is created for a specific user /role. If you have workflows, that are routed to users who have not logged in yet, your workflow may not do what you expect. If the user’s role changes after 1st login but before the next task is routed to their new role, the task will not appear
  5. Manage Users

    of tasks and activities in work flows. A tenant admin with roles may be accidentally assigned a task actually intended for other non-admin users who have the same role, and the tenant admin could perform the task and thereby disrupt or compromise the work flow or its data. Adding Superusers  The superuser admin, whose
  6. URL Parameters

    want to generate a debug console?  Defaults to false   Embedding the task list successfully into an HTML page requires setting its width. You must explicitly add … ="http://localhost:8080/frevvo/web/embed?resize=true&container=true&border=false&URL=http://localhost:8080/frevvo/web/tn/<your tenant name>/subject/{} /tasks%3fembed=true%26container=true%26resize=true%26tasks-width
  7. Testing Workflows

    the flow is routed to a different user. Once a step is routed to a different user, testing must continue by Using the Task List. For example, An Employee
  8. Applications

    . These users should restrict themselves to administrative tasks AppHomePage.PNG The Template Applications, Guided Tour and Page Help features are currently
  9. Accessibility and Live Forms

    in this release for mobile devices, Task List and Spaces   For users requiring assistive technology,  supports the following screen readers: Mac OSX Voice Over
  10. Forms Designer

    tab. Please see Data Sources. If you do not see the Data Sources tab it may be hidden via the form server's configuration. See Installation Task Show/Hide Data