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  1. Upgrade Guide

    . Refer to Installation Tasks for information about additional configuration properties that can be added to the file to customize
  2. Azure SAML Security Manager

    specified for the user. Designer users will see the Application Home Page while non-designer users will be directed to their Task List … to a value greater than the default value of 60 seconds. Follow the instructions listed in the Installation Tasks chapter to add the parameter. Login
  3. Add-on Macros

    pending workflow tasks and any saved forms directly from your Confluence page via the frevvotasks macro. See using the task list for details. DO NOT use the new
  4. Design Time Integration with the Data API

    for this user (e.g. 'subs') you tasks 0 SELECT tasks for this user (e.g. 'tasks') themes 0 SELECT themes for this user (e.g
  5. Getting Started with Forms

    Services.  Because  is XML compliant and schema aware this is a straight forward task.  See Integration for details.      
  6. Submissions Stored Outside of Live Forms

    (FirstName, LastName and Avatar in our example) plus some additional fields like the submission ID, form ID and task perform URLs. In most cases, you can ignore
  7. Database Setup

    correctly without the proper encoding. Workflows directed to a specific user may not appear on the user's task list. Setting the encoding depends upon
  8. Testing Forms

    for a quick easy way to purge your test data (tasks and submissions) Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode If your Forms and flows do not look or work correctly
  9. FAQ - Java Client API

    The FAQs provide some examples and code snippets for common tasks when a third-party application wants to interact with the server. On this page: How do I login and logout to and from a server? See the Java code snippet below: FormsService fs = new FormsService("localhost", 8082); fs.login("myuserid
  10. Setting Properties

    Each control setting property is explained below. Keep in mind that all controls do not have the same setting properties. SettingProperties6.1+.PNG On this page: Label A control’s label is displayed on your form above the control. When you first drag in a control it is assigned an arbitrary and unique label—ch