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  1. Working with Rules

    the firstname and lastname controls are on the right side of the assignment operator. fullname.value = firstname.value + ' ' + lastname.value; Conditions testing … . help : This property sets the help text. hint : This property sets the hint seen on hover. status : This property sets the error message display whenever
  2. SAML Security Manager

    ) that users and tenant admins can modify user information in the UI. If user information/role assignment is changed in the UI, the changes will be overwritten … password function works for a SAML tenant admin user. For all others, it will display the error message about not being supported for the tenant
  3. Operational Reports for Business Insights

    and the table to the right displays the summarized counts of assignments per user and status. Hovering over the pie chart shows the assigned user/roles … but will receive an " Access Denied. Authentication required. Are you trying to access a private form or flow?" error message when they click on them
  4. Linked Steps in a Flow

    , the name of the second step is Manager. Click on the Assignment tab. Add the Manager role to the Assign to Role field. You can begin typing the role name in the field … step in the Name field on the Settings tab. For this example, the name of the third step is Finance. Click on the Assignment tab. Add the Finance role
  5. Flow Design Patterns

    on the workflow step then click anywhere in the Task Assignment section of the Properties Navigator. Add the role name(s) to the Assign to Roles field on the Assignment tab. Begin typing the role name then select the role from the dropdown options. Repeat to add more roles. Workflow_Patient_Referral.png
  6. Form Actions after Submit

    these using HTML as well as create dynamic content using controls in the form. Set an email Subject and Message as desired. Experiment with using controls in the form … the FormActionicon.png icon. Click this icon and you'll see a number of options. Let's try the Display message wizard. Click this button and a wizard pops up. You can specify any
  7. Document Services

    a message control to your form Add the following html to your message control <center> <a href="javascript:void(0);" onClick=" … should return html to the browser window. You can style the message control as a button by adding a background color, a message type and even dragging
  8. Client Information Form

    the Email Address control. In the Properties panel, change the Error Message to "You must enter a valid email address". Set the Hint to "Enter a valid email address" and Help to "Email address <u>must be</u> entered in a valid format.". See that the Hint message shows up on hover and the Help content causes a help icon
  9. Email Integration

    . Each time the form is submitted,  will send an email message with the form submission data, optionally an attachment snapshot of the form image, and optionally … Select the Submission Documents for the Email When the form is submitted, Live Forms will send an email message with the following selectable options attached
  10. Test HR Role

    ! Your request has been sent to your Department Head (}) for completion" message Close the Test window. Click the RedXforspace.png cancel icon to exit the flow … . Click the Edit this section button to sign Click the Finish On-boarding button. You will see the message "New Employee <employee name> has been successfully