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  1. Palette Controls

    the wrong data types. For example, if users enter letters into a number control, your form will display an error message and form submission is prevented until valid … the entered text in your form's Doc Action display message, in an html formatted email or in on a web page such as your Confluence wiki. The challenge is caused
  2. Detailed Release Notes

    for Email/Anonymous Task steps. [TIP-17740] "Error Access Denied. This submission has already been processed" error message now displays when clicking … ] It is no longer necessary to enter a single space in a Message control that is used as a spacer in a form/flow. Message controls can now be set to an empty
  3. Form and Doc Action Wizards

    not reach it's intended destination. When the form/flow is submitted, the user sees the message "Thank You! Your submission has been received … configure what users will see when they submit your form. v612FormActionWizards.PNG Using these wizards you can: Close the form window Display a message
  4. Valid Forms

    the error message, yellow background and the warning icon. When the user enters a valid value in the phone control and clicks the Submit button the form … the Submit button. The designer can add a message control(s) to the form with a customized message to alert the user that the form cannot be submitted and what
  5. Controls in the palette

    message. You can also change the filename of the attachment that is stored in the form submission. Message Control Types Drag and drop a Message control from the palette onto the form. Notice that this control has a Message Type property. Experiment with the various types of messages to see what they look like. If you
  6. Test Finance Role

    that there is a task awaiting their attention. You will see this message "The PO was sent to Finance for processing. An email notification has been sent." Close the Test … the Uploadcsvfileicon.PNGupload csv users icon, browse to the CSV file you just edited and click Validate. You may see several warning messages. If you see
  7. Testing Workflows

    the SaveTesticon.PNG save and test icon: On the  designer , rules and PDF mapping pages. An informational processing message as shown in the image is displayed … popup displays and you will see this message: ValidatingRulesinfomessage.PNG If flows/field validation errors are detected, closing the test popup returns
  8. Configuration Checklist

    , the Configuration Checklist displays a warning icon to the right of the incomplete item and a warning message. In the example below, the yellow warning symbol
  9. Manage Users

    into the transaction column of the file for that user. The user id and tenant fields are required for successful deletion. The message "Attempting to delete … in the transaction column of the file. Roles are also inserted as necessary. v6.1.4Usercsvwithwarnings.PNG You will see this message with the number of roles
  10. Setting Properties

    (by clicking the control and selecting the label) or by overlaying the arbitrary name in the Properties Label field.  Message controls are the only controls without … about XHTML tags at this website  These restrictions also apply to help, hint, label, validation message