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  1. URL Parameters

    cancellation message and will redirect the user to the specified URL when the Cancel button is clicked. _unsavedWarning=true/false - This parameter displays a browser Warning message when data has been changed and the user closes the browser/browser tab without Saving or Submitting. The default is true. Embedded form
  2. Customizing Behavior

    to the requirements. For example, let's say you have a message control in your form that contains markup to pull a custom JavaScript. The URL for the script contains … JavaScript to the custom.js file then upload it into your application. Method 2 -  Add a Message Control that contains your JavaScript. Method 1 Upload your
  3. Testing the Connector

    are shown when you browse the status URL and appropriate error messages are displayed in the browser. This provides an easy way to find all syntactic or schema related … message to add it.     If the configuration.xml file is not found, the status URL will report it immediately. See the Common Problems section for some examples
  4. Rules Examples

    rule is to use the Visual Rule Builder. Here are common reasons for using Show/Hide: Show/Hide a section Show a Message to the user to alert them to either … ShowHideShippingAddressRule2.PNG Rule List Show a Message based on Selections in Other controls This form has a radio control named Facility and a second radio control
  5. Testing Forms

    . An informational processing message as shown in the image is displayed after the icon is clicked until the test window opens. Formdesignerinfomessage.PNG if your form contains business rules they will be validated before the test popup displays and you will see this message: ValidatingRulesinfomessage.PNG
  6. Multi Language Support

    will see a line for every control label in your form, message control text, hint, help, etc... in the format: <Text String>= Add translations for each text … the html apostrophe escape sequence like this Initializing\ form=l&#39;initialisation de la forme Messages formatted in HTML that contain new line characters
  7. Filesystem Connector Release Notes

    are captured in a separate logfile in <frevvo-home>\tomcat\logs. #21644 - Ability to log messages in JSON format v1.0.1 (r28403) 7/22/2016 Version 1.0.1
  8. SharePoint Connector Release Notes

    -SharePointConnector. Tickets Fixed: # 21642 - Ability to log messages in JSON format v1.0.0 (30698) This is the Initial GA Release of the SharePoint connector
  9. Forms Designer

    will be highlighted with an orange background color. The designer can also display a message instructing the user what to do. This method is very helpful to users … and then programmatically submits the form. When you click the Cancel button, a confirmation message displays. You can internationalize this message - it will be part of the form
  10. Making a Form or Flow Public

    to access the form. Until you set your form/flow visibility to Anyone (login not required) all other users will see this error message when they try to access … access it while you are editing it, they will see error messages indicating that the page is being refreshed or that the form is invalid.   You can mark your