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  1. FAQ - Business Rules

    : Checkbox with Custom Options in a locked Signed Section Imagine a two step workflow designed with Linked Steps where step 1 contains a Checkbox control inside … to dynamically populate the checkbox with additional options. 18157step1designtime.PNG The image shows this scenario in use mode after the rule has executed
  2. Vendor Quote Workflow Tutorial

    information can be viewed by the right people at the right time ability to dynamically determine what data must be provided at a given step What You Will Need … for the vendor. Roles can only be created by the tenant administrator.  The steps are: login to your tenant with the admin user account you should
  3. Form and Doc Action Wizards

    of the wizards allow you to use form controls as templates to dynamically create what the users sees rather than hard coding this. See the section on using templates … account The form/flow URL in the above HTML example can be constructed dynamically in a business rule. See this rule example. Javascript is not allowed
  4. Expense Report Workflow Tutorial

    at the top click All to display a list of the users in the tenant. Follow steps 4 - 7 to create four users: For each user, click the user_add.gif icon to add a new user …  of the flow designer, we can add a linked version of the parent form, Expenses, for each of the remaining steps in the  flow. Click the Linkicon.pngLink icon
  5. Detailed Release Notes

    is immediately available for download from our frevvo Software Downloads Directory. Please review the these steps for Applying a Patch with Tomcat Upgrade … selecting an option TIP-22381 - Selecting an option for a dynamic ComboBox causes the form to jump to the top of the screen TIP-22751 - Matching user ids
  6. Integrating with REST Applications

    to create a new customer. Follow the same steps above, except use the appropriate URI template .../customers and change the Read method to POST. That's it. As usual … XML document to the URI of the newly created customer resource thereby updating it. The diagram below shows the interactions: Create_Customer.jpg Dynamic
  7. Leave Approval Workflow Tutorial

    that the leave approvals are stored online. Leave_Approval_Workflow_Chart.png The steps are as shown in the figure: The Employee goes to a web page that embeds … . Note that role names are case sensitive. Repeat for the second role. The admin user will also need to follow the steps below to setup the users shown
  8. Working with Rules

    dynamic setting select control options (radio, dropdown & checkbox controls only). label : This property sets the label seen on any control including sections … the index of the added item minFiles - This property only applies to an Upload control. Use this property to dynamically change the minimum number of attachments
  9. Forms

    on.) The height and width are form properties but the height property generally is blank since the form sizes dynamically when you design it. There are a number … the form or flow id in the path Instance URLs - browse the Share URL and hit enter In all cases, follow these steps: Browse the opaque Share or instance URL
  10. Generate Pixel Perfect PDFs

    to a PDF form will be written in plain text if they are mapped to a PDF field. PDF Form Generation The designer must follow these basic steps for each Pixel … - Upload PDF acroform Templates When steps 1 and 2 are competed, you are ready to begin the pdf mapping. Launch the form/flow designer. The form/flow designers