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  1. Valid Forms

    Optional sections can cause the validity of a form to change dynamically. For example, consider the following form: v614ValidFormsOptionalSection1.png The Required … these steps to change the current buit-in pattern to  ##-####-#### or ####-###-###. If you are using  In-house (downloaded and installed on your computer), you can
  2. Getting Started with the Data API - Java Client Library Tutorial

    null; } } ... } A better approach is to use the FormTypeEntry ID for the form in question. In integrations where forms can be dynamically created using the API … . no other configuration steps, and it also shows how you can use the API to upload an application (the same applies to forms, flows, schemas and themes
  3. Form and Doc Action Wizards for Flows

    to happen once all steps of the flow have been performed or in between individual steps. Refer to the Submissions topic for information on viewing/editing submissions
  4. Designing Flows

    Design Patterns Flow Designer Palette Controls for Flows Adding Steps to a Flow Designing Steps in a Flow Linked Steps in a Flow Editing Flow Properties
  5. Testing Workflows

    popup which includes the Test Mode Views discussed below. It is important to note that both Test methods allow the designer to test the steps of a workflow until … On-boarding workflow typically consists of multiple steps that are performed by the same user. These steps are usually individual forms. We refer to these steps
  6. Google Connector

    Sheets/Drive and provides interesting and useful ways to solve real business problems. From electronic signatures to dynamic pick lists to using Google Drive … Create a Dynamic Pick List from a Google Sheet Populate Fields with Data from a Google Sheet Update a Google Sheet with values from a form. Save documents
  7. Forms Tutorial

    with this tutorial. You'll need to first upload the application to your  user account. Follow these steps: Log into your tenant as the designer user. Click
  8. Using Flows

    additional steps, then check for a task notification email with a link to the task, for a user who can perform that step, then login if required. For example … . Access the task by clicking the Important Items tab and then click on the Task List. Approve each step.  Complete the remaining steps for the flow. Logout
  9. Upgrade Guide

    Please read the following upgrade steps prior to starting the migration. v7 License Key Required:  A v7 license key is required for this version of  if you … these steps: If the value in the parameter in the frevvo.xml file is not users, copy the value from the frevvo.xml and add it after the equal sign
  10. Email Integration

     or a dynamic address by using template syntax such as {person} if you want the name dynamic and the domain static or {emailAddress} to make the full email address dynamic. The "To:" email address is required. All other properties are optional. The tenant admin can configure the from email address on the tenant