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  1. Forms Home Page

    The forms home page appears after you create/edit an application or install a Form Template application. 80FormsHomePage.PNG On This Page:   You won't see … . Click the Page Help button PageHelpbutton.PNGfor information about the features on the Forms Home page. This feature is only available for Cloud customers
  2. Flows Home Page

    Help button PageHelpbutton.PNGfor information about the features on the Forms Home page. This feature is only available for Cloud customers. There are three … . This icon also appears on the Applications home page so you can zip your entire application, including all the flows & forms it contains. The zip file name
  3. Multi page forms

    can be found by clicking the application_form_add.gif Share icon for formB on the Forms Home Page. Here is an example of a formB's raw form URL: https://<your …   On this page: Go To URL You can forward the user from one  form to another by specifying the raw URL of the second form in one of the Form Action
  4. Admin Home Page

    The Administration Home Page is the page you see immediately after logging in as an admin. This page looks different depending on if you are the  server admin … , not the  server admin (superuser). On This Page: Logging in as the server admin  To login as the server admin (superuser) ( In-house Only),  you must enter the userID
  5. Guided Tour

    : Applications Home Page Forms Home Page Flows Home Page Form and Flow designers What's New Tour The What's New tour appears once for designer users who have … on–demand by clicking the PageHelpbutton.PNGbutton. When you click on Page Help in the Form/flow Designers, a short tour automatically launches that offers tips
  6. User's Guide

    Home Page Flows Home Page Designing Forms Designing Flows Electronic Signatures Generate Pixel Perfect PDFs Business Rules Layouts and Styles Data … Welcome The  User's Guide contains all the information you need to create your own forms and electronic workflows. This guide also contains the information
  7. Manage Form and Control Categories

    to a category or tag, you publish the form as a template from the Forms Home Page. The publish wizard displays all the category names available in the tenant, and you … are a great reusablity feature of . They enable you to share your forms and custom controls with other designer users and within your own forms. On this page
  8. Manage Templates

    into . v53ManagingTemplatesAdminScreen.png On This Page: Manage Form Templates Form Templates can be permanently removed from the database or added to the new form wizard which appears every time you create a new form by clicking the add.gif icon on the Forms Home Page. Login as the tenant admin. Click Manage Form
  9. Making a Form or Flow Public

    The  designer can specify the Visibility of a form//flow in two ways: Clicking the NotPublic.png Lock icon on the Forms Home Page or the Flows Home Page … access it while you are editing it, they will see error messages indicating that the page is being refreshed or that the form is invalid.   You can mark your
  10. Form Setting Properties

      Each form setting property is described below. SearchableFields1.PNG On this page: Form Name This is the name you see on the Forms home page where your … on Forms home page.  You also see this description when you view individual submission documents. Element Name The default value for the Element Name