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  1. Client Information Form

    the application_form_edit.gif edit icon for the Forms Tutorial application. You'll be on the Forms home page. Click the New add.gif icon to create a new form. In the wizard that shows … Previous Section | Next Section Example - Client Information Let's begin by creating a simple form that the customer will use to first fill out some basic
  2. Forms Designer

    the Reddiskicon.pngsave and exit icon to save the changes to your form and exit back to the Forms Home Page Click the RedX.pngcancel changes icon to discard changes you've made to your form and exit back to the Forms Home Page The current version number of your form shows to the right of the form title. When you create
  3. Forms

    your forms. You can set this property on the Forms Home Page  or the Flows Home Page by clicking on the lock.gif icon and filling out the Access Control screen … you navigate a browser to a form URL, for example the URL you can copy/paste into a browser from the Email/Web Page share choice, you will see a blank form
  4. Templates

    with the frevvo.Designer permission. From the Forms home page, click the Publish page_world.gif icon next to the name of the form you want to publish as a template … creating a new form, click the Templates tab on the Forms Home Page. Choose Forms by Category or Forms by Tag which display along with Controls by Category
  5. Testing Forms

    the UseForm.pngTest icon for the form on the Forms Home Page to enter Test Mode. Complete the form in the popup window to test it. Both methods display the test mode popup … the Reddiskicon.png save and exit icon to save the changes to your form but you will be returned to the Forms Home page after the changes are stored. The test
  6. Access Control and Shared Items

    . On This Page: Access Control List (ACL) User Interface Open the Access Control wizard by clicking the NotPublic.png Lock icon on the Forms Home Page or the Flows Home Page. It is also accessible by clicking the RedLockicon.png icon on the Form/Flow designer toolbars. FormFlowToolbarwithLock.png Form designers
  7. Digitech ImageSilo Tutorial

    to test your form. Click the “Finish” button on the form designer and click the “Test” button for the form on the forms home page. This opens your frevvo form … ImageSilo project with index fields every time someone submits the form. On This Page:   Prerequisites An ImageSilo account. If you don’t have one, please
  8. XML Documents

    download an XML schema that describes the document that the form will generate by clicking on the Schema button for the form. See the Forms Home Page documentation … This section is only relevant if you will be working with XML data either directly or indirectly (e.g. Updating Confluence Pages). This section is primarily
  9. Refresh Searchable Fields

    /flow you want to update by clicking on the cog_go.gificon. Click Manage Users. Login to the Home page of the designer user account that contains the form/flow you want to update by clicking on the door_in.gif icon. Navigate to the Application Home page where the form/flow is located. Navigate to the Forms or Flows
  10. Submissions Stored Inside of Live Forms

    submissions for a particular form/flow, the designer who created the form (owner) navigates to the Forms Home Page or the Flows Home Page and clicks … and can be viewed from the Submissions page. Filter your submissions using form data. Create Logical expressions to narrow the search for particular submissions