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  1. Installing the Google Connector

    up for a Google Account. Obtain Google Account Access Token(s). On this page: Installation Installing the Google Connector is a one time process for Live Forms In-house customers. The latest version of the connector is installed for all Live Forms Online cloud hosted customers, so you can skip the Installation
  2. Filesystem Connector

    Connector Start by clicking on the startup.(bat,sh) file for your operating system in the <frevvo-home> directory. It is also possible to configure Live Forms … . Follow these steps to connect your form/flow to the Filesystem Connector: Create a descriptor file named file-descriptor.ftl in your <frevvo-home>\tomcat\lib
  3. Working with Rules

    message returns to the Rules page where you can make changes. Clicking Ok proceeds to the Test popup. Refer to Testing Forms and Testing Workflows for more … Business rules are added by editing your form or workflow. Click the Rules icon in the form/flow designer toolbar to add new business rules or edit existing
  4. Testing the Connector

    - Live Forms tomcat running on non-default port If you have configured your tomcat in <frevvo-home>/tomcat/conf/server.xml to run on a port other than … the file content is generated Date/time of the last modification to configuration.xml. On this page: QuerySet/Query Validation When the Database
  5. Working with LDAP

    /certified by frevvo. On This Page: Configuring the LDAP Security Manager There are two configuration scenarios when integrating with LDAP. Each one uses … Security Manager in this situation.  Refer to Configuring the LDAP Security Manager for In-house if your Live Forms and LDAP server are both located behind your
  6. Defining SQL Queries

    Your SQL queries are defined in configuration.xml. The database connector looks for this file in Standalone bundle - <db-home>\database\database-connector-(DBC version number)\config. frevvo-tomcat bundle - The location you specified in <frevvo-home>\tomcat\conf\ via
  7. Operational Reports for Business Insights

    provides visibility into your overall system to allow tenant administrators the ability to easily monitor forms and workflows. The Report feature provides … . ActiveProcessesReport2.PNG Submission details can be viewed by users with the proper permissions from the submission repository UI page. On This Page: Who can
  8. Rules Examples

    controls. If you want to display that text in an html context, for example on a web page or in an html formatted email or in your form's Form Action display … This chapter contains numerous real world samples of the custom dynamic behaviors you can add to your forms and workflows. Many of the business rules described
  9. Box Connector Release Notes

    The connector will no longer be supported. The Save to wizard will be removed in the next release. This page contains the compatibility release matrix supported for the Connector. frevvo Connector Version Live Forms Server Version v1.0.31 v7.4.0
  10. Concurrent Users

    A ' user is anyone that is authenticated to  for the purpose of: Designing a form Digitally signing the form ( needs to know who the user is in order to generate a signature) Participating in a workflow ( needs to know who the user is in order to display a task list) Submitting a form that requires