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  1. Integrating with REST Applications

    on documents. In the diagram below, the form is being used to initially display a Customer and Order and then to update them. If you think in REST terms, the form … to update them. Compose_Documents.jpg provides a very flexible and powerful mechanism for interacting with documents (and the web in general). On this page
  2. Save your documents to Google Drive

    You can use Google Drive as an affordable system for managing documents. it’s a common scenario. When a Permission Form is signed, or a Leave Approval workflow … or manually drop them into a shared network drive. With  you can automatically upload them to Google Drive. We’ve created a sample form
  3. Adding Steps to a Flow

    Workflow steps are one of four types: Form(s) that you created in the Form Designer New Form Summary HTTP. Linked Steps in a Flow - this is a special type of step used most often for Approval workflows. Click the link for a detailed discussion. 80FlowPalette.PNG On This Page: Adding the First Step
  4. Save your Submissions to a Google Sheet

    Live Forms provides wizards and a Google Connector that support easy direct connectivity with Google Sheets. You'll need a Google account and a Live Forms account. Each time someone uses and submits your form, a new row is added to your Google sheet. Let’s look at the most basic and common use case. You have a form
  5. Live Forms v8.1 Documentation

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    Live Forms v8.1 Documentation / … / _IconsFeb 06, 2019
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    Live Forms v8.1 Documentation / … / _IconsFeb 06, 2019
  10. Vendor Quote Workflow Tutorial

    be on the manage tenant page (if not click Manage in the upper-right hand corner) Click Manage Roles Click the + icon Type in ‘employee’ into the role name and click submit Manage Tenant Page image2018-12-14 19:28:2.png Create Role Page image2018-12-14 19:30:12.png   Users can also only