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  1. Electronic Signatures about Electronic Signatures feature. On This Page: Signatures can be added to any form using one of the methods listed … supports Digital Signatures. Authenticated users can digitally sign a section, lock it down and prevent tampering with the data. Sections in forms/flows can
  2. Control Templates

    these control templates into a final form or flow. v53customTab.png Click Control Templates for Common Rules to see examples of common custom controls. On this page … A control template is a control that was published by the form designer so that it can be reused in other forms and by other designers within the same tenant
  3. Detailed Release Notes

    This page contains the detailed changes made to the following products:  Online Please visit Planning for v8.1 for an overview of the changes and enhancements in this release. v8.1.0 (r93b07c0) Cloud Release Date: 3/9/2019 This is the initial GA release of Live Forms v8.1.0. It will be deployed
  4. Submissions

    page allows non-admin users, with the proper permissions, to view submissions activity over a given time period, Search your submissions using form/flow data … Forms submissions can be saved to many places. For instance you can save your submissions in the Live Forms server's built-in submission repository; store them
  5. Templatized Strings

    Variables for more details on these other uses. On this page: Templatized String Syntax Templates have the syntax: {<control name>}. For example, this form … Templates are like variables in your form that will be replaced with the actual values users enter into the form during use mode. Templates make your form feel
  6. Flow Design Patterns

    Application Membership Renewal You could design a long form with many fields to fill in on a single page. The user might have to scroll down to complete … This page is for new to experienced workflow designers  who are building a new workflow and looking for a pattern to meet their business requirements
  7. Third Party Reports

    Once you have one or more form submissions you may want to generate reports. provides four Reports that can be run by the tenant admin to provide valuable information about business processes. For example, you might want to generate reports on the specific data entered into your form such as how many students signed
  8. Visual Rule Builder for an overview of how to create dynamic forms/flows without writing code.  On this page: When Do … The Visual Rules Builder enables non-technical designers to add dynamic behaviors to a form/flow. Here are several behaviors that you can create: Show/Hide
  9. Adding Controls - Drag and Drop

    Initially, a form is created with no controls except for a Submit and Cancel button. You must add controls to the form in order to make it useful. Controls can be dropped from the palette or generated from a schema.   On this page: From the Palette When you create a new form from scratch, it has no controls
  10. SharePoint Connector Release Notes

    This page contains the compatibility release matrix supported for the  SharePoint Connector. frevvo SharePoint Connector Version Live Forms Server Version … #frevvoSoftwareDownloadsDirectory-SharePointConnector . This version of the SharePoint Connector was certified with Live Forms v7.4+  We suggest that in-house customers upgrade