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  1. DB Connector Configuration

    If you are upgrading your Database Connector, follow the Database Connector Upgrade Guide instead of the steps on this page. frevvo only supports/certifies … /certified by frevvo. On this page: Configuring the Database Connector The database connector can be installed in standalone mode or in the frevvo-tomcat in-house
  2. Confluence Add-on Release Notes

    This page contains the compatibility release matrix supported for the Confluence Add-on. frevvo only supports Confluence Enterprise versions. New Confluence Enterprise version releases will only be certified with the latest Live Forms release. Customers must upgrade to the latest major Live Forms release
  3. Manage Default _data

    The superuser admin can configure server-wide global data. One common use is for forms deployed from a development/test form server to a production form server … and another way in production. To see all the places where templates can be used, refer to the chapter Templatized Strings. On This Page: Setting Global Data
  4. Style Properties

      To access a control’s style properties, click on the control in your form, then click the Style tab in the Forms Designer’s Property area. StylePropertiesPane-v52.png Some controls have more style properties than others, so the specific style properties you see depend on which control you click in your form
  5. Printing Flows

    a Summary step to your flow Add a Print button v62AddingaPrintButtonforFlows.PNG On this Page:   Printing the Summary Step The summary step supports a print button. To print the summary step, first drag a summary into your flow from the palette and then setup summary fields to indicate which form fields
  6. v53Api-pix_Form-fromXSD-12.png

  7. v53Api-pix_Form-fromXSD-2.png

  8. v53Api-pix_Form-fromXSD-32.png

  9. Save and Load

    Save/Load is useful for lengthy forms where your users may not have all the information required to complete the form in a single session. This feature is enabled via the form's save/load property. When save/load is enabled, a Save button is added to the top of the form or the bottom of a flow step: Form users can
  10. Writing Rules to Retrieve and Update Data in a Google Sheet

     business rules are used to retrieve and update data in Google sheets via the Google Connector. One advantage to initializing your form/flow from a Google … in the Google sheet are reflected in the form/flow without further action. Designers are encouraged to: Use http headers for authentication in  rules.  You can