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  1. Document Services

    Document Service ' built-in document service can be used for processing your form data prior to submission. The document service is accessed via the Url … will be passed as name/value pairs of all of the controls in your form with their current values. The target will also pass the collection of xml documents
  2. XML document management

     automatically manages the set of XML instance documents that are generated by a submitted form to ensure that it is valid with respect to the document types in the form. The validity of values is enforced as described in Valid Forms and in the discussion on patterns. However,  also ensures that the structure
  3. Database Connector

    The  Database Connector lets you create forms that read from and write to your database. Users can access data from your database using your , and if your business rules permit it, use the forms to update or delete the data as well. The connector translates the SQL queries you run against your database into a format
  4. Training Classes

    and schedules for each course. offers many features and configurations and though we make it easy for non technical folks to design forms and simple approval workflows sometimes you would like a little extra help. Our client services team can provide the expert guidance you need. Let us design and create your first form
  5. Layouts - 12 column grid

    Previous Section | Next Section  forms use a 12 column grid for laying out controls that makes it very easy to create responsive layouts that adjust to the device. Let's try it out: 2-column layout Drag and drop a Text control from the palette into the form. You can name it whatever you want but set the width to 6
  6. Release Notes

        GA Release Matrix The table lists the latest frevvo released versions. Product Version Matrix Product Latest Version Release Date Live Forms Cloud  v8.2.2 5/11/2019 Live Forms In-house
  7. Order Items Rules

    of the form. We will use the Visual Rule Builder to create the code for all but one of these rules. Update the Client Information Form Click the Copy.png Copy icon to make a copy of the Order Info form. Then, click the editicon.pngEdit icon to open the Form Designer. In the Properties Panel, change the form name
  8. Google Connector

    from a Google Sheet Update a Google Sheet with values from a form. Save documents generated by your frevvo form to Google Drive Single Sign On to Live Forms … Obtain Google Account Access Token(s). Click one of the links above to see how to connect your forms/flows to Google Sheets & Drive. In-house Customers
  9. What next

    Previous Section Thanks for using this Tutorial. You should now have a basic idea of using the Designer to create forms. You can build upon this knowledge … ? Do you need to route your forms around for approvals and signatures e.g. Expense Reports, Purchase Requisitions, Leave Approvals and others? offers powerful
  10. Obtain an Access Token

    location, you will use it when configuring your forms/flows.   You must obtain a Google access token for every Google Account you wish to use with your forms … Tokens unused for ~6 months. If this happens you must obtain a new new token and update your forms/flows. Google Sheet Best Practice Create a dedicated