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  1. Submissions Stored Inside of Live Forms - Legacy View

    on top of most SQL databases. By default, your form data is stored in the repository and can be viewed from the Submissions page. To access submissions for a particular form/flow, the designer user navigates to the Forms Home Page or the Flows Home Page and clicks the report_disk.png Submissions(legacy) icon
  2. Refresh Searchable Fields

    /flow you want to update by clicking on the cog_go.gificon. Click Manage Users. Login to the Home page of the designer user account that contains the form/flow you want to update by clicking on the door_in.gif icon. Navigate to the Application Home page where the form/flow is located. Navigate to the Forms or Flows
  3. Employee On Boarding Tutorial

    icon at the top of the Forms Home Page. Click the Next button to navigate through the wizard. Name the form Employee Information.  Drag and drop an image … at this point: v53FirstPartEOBEmpInfo2.png Click the Reddiskicon.png save and exit icon to save the work we have done. On the Forms Home Page, Click
  4. Palette Controls for Flows

    if you designed the form from the Forms Home page. Drag the New Form from the palette and drop it into the guide box. You will only see the guide box when adding … and which are listed in your current application's forms home page. You can use any form as a step in the flow. Adding an existing form to the flow creates a copy
  5. Multi Language Support

    to a form on the Forms Home Page. This opens the Locale Home Page for that form. TravelRequestFormFormsHomePage.png The default locale is the original language you … share button here on the Locale Home Page do that for you automatically. The test & share buttons on the Forms Home Page do not set the locale URL parameter
  6. Data Sources

    description of your form's controls. You can download this XSD from the Forms Home Page. This method is typically used when your forms do not need to integrate … representation of your form as you drop controls from the  palette to the form designer canvas. You can download this XSD using the schema button on the Forms Home page
  7. Palette Controls

    On this page: Input Controls Input controls allow users to enter data (text, dates, numbers, etc.) into your form and automatically prevent them from entering … palette offers a rich variety of controls that let you create virtually any form. All controls provide functionality as soon as you drop them into your form
  8. Setting Properties

    . ViewCustomerList-DynamicOptions.PNG Click Submit. Navigate to the Forms Home Page and click the Submissions icon. Open the submissions and view the Document tab. Note … On this page: Label A control’s label is displayed on your form beside or above the control. When you first drag in a control it is assigned an arbitrary
  9. Spaces

    you click on a form or flow name, the space opens the form in the page. A space also has a home panel and two optional panels at the left and at the bottom of its … or they are the designer. If an application has no forms/flows,  doesn't create a tab for it.  You create a new space from the spaces home page. Log
  10. JSP Tutorial

    these delimiters in the files: <% … %> delimiters in the JSP pages enclose Java code fragments. <%= ... %> delimiters are used for expressions.  <frevvo-home … the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\webapps\api \apitutorial\doLogin.jsp file.  On line number 14, replace the default values with your Live Forms server and port