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  1. SharePoint Connector

    to SharePoint. SharePointDemoListfortopofpage.png On This Page: Live Forms - SharePoint Configuration Scenarios Cloud Customers Connecting to SharePoint Online … the SharePoint Connector. Rename it to sharepoint.war. Copy it to the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\webapps folder Connect your Forms/Flows using the SharePoint wizard
  2. FAQ - Designing Forms

    will cause you to jump to the frevvo home page. Just click your browser’s Forward button to return to where you were. You will not lose any changes if you were in the middle of editing a form.
  3. Editing Step Properties

    list menu item in your space, you'll end up at the space home page. See the Email Integration topic for information on setting up email notifications for form … on the admin's Edit Tenant page. If you are using tomcat, emails sent are tracked in the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\logs\frevvo.log file when the INFO  log level
  4. Administrator's Guide

    Welcome The Administration Home Page is the page you see immediately after logging in as an admin. This page looks different depending on if you are the frevvo server admin or a tenant admin. There are two types of administrators (see the Admin Home Page for full details): server admin (superuser): who has
  5. Forms Tutorial

    at the top of the Application Home Page.  Browse for the downloaded application zipfile. Do not check the Replace or Copy checkboxes. Click the Upload button … Next Section What are we going to build? This tutorial will introduce you to creating forms using . We'll go through some of the main features that you'll
  6. Using Forms

    Now that you have designed your forms and workflows you will need to share them with others. This chapter discusses all the tasks and configuration options for sharing and using your forms.  v53useform.png Forms URL Parameters Initializing Forms with Data Making a Form or Flow Public Multi page forms Printing
  7. Creating a Form Connected to your Database

    . On this page: Generating the XML schema You can use the database connector to generate the schemas you will need to use in the  form.    To fetch … minOccurs="0" name="Home Phone" type="phoneType"/> Now the  form will only accept valid phone numbers. If you enter an invalid phone the form will flag the field
  8. Form Style Properties

    options. On this page: Width This specifies how wide your form will be. The default “wide" is 800px, but the dropdown also includes thin (450px) and regular … page breaks into your form can be found here. Print Margins Set the print margins for the pdf by entering values in the Top, Bottom, Left and Right property
  9. Printing Forms

    the column cell level or at the table level.  Use the PDF generation feature if you need a "Pixel Perfect" representation of your form. On This Page: Submission … located in this directory: <frevvo-home>/tomcat/webapps. Re-start your   server. Select the Print Font for PDFs in the Forms Designer as discussed below
  10. Flow Designer

    First navigate to the Flows Home Page inside one of your applications. See the Flows Home Page for help navigating here. We recommend that tenant admin users not create or edit flows, nor have roles assigned to them. These users should restrict themselves to administrative tasks. Once you are in a flows home page