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  1. Form and Doc Action Wizards

    to the user in the existing form windows Forward to a nicely formatted web page that you have created elsewhere Forward to Paypal if your form has sold items to the user Post the form data to a service and then forward the user to a web page  The wizards help guide you through the configuration process. Many
  2. Manage Production Forms

    below shows the production forms for a single tenant; if you log in as a superuser admin, the page displays the production form/flows for all the tenants … in production. Click a form/flow name to go to the owner's application page and view all the form/flows the user created on the tenant (see the example below
  3. Resources - demo account instructions; sales material; training classes Purchasing FAQ Cloud Subscription In-House … Customizable form/flow templates. Upload them into your Live Forms accounts. Tutorials Learn how to create forms and workflows via these step by step
  4. Initializing Forms with Data

    On this page: Default field values A form designed with all the form fields blank (empty with no values) in the Form Designer, will load  with no default … form/flow. Here is an example using the Link(Email/Web page) URL for a workflow: Add ?_formTz=America/Los_Angeles to the URL. Use the ? since
  5. Submissions Stored Outside of Live Forms

    be viewed directly in the default submissions repository view. On this page:     Send Form data by email Form submission data can be emailed to one or more … if not. To do this, you will enter URLs in the following wizards: The Doc Action POST wizard for web server. The Forward to web page form action wizard
  6. Embedding Forms and WorkFlows

    are public forms on your Extranet, you can simply use  built-in Share Dialog and copy and paste the code into your HTML, JSP, ASP, PHP or other web page. An example … or div) around the form. params.put("center", false); // Center the container on the page if desired. params.put("resize", true
  7. FAQ - Live Forms and LDAP

    Names. I can authenticate against LDAP via the Live Forms login page but SSO is not working In IIS: Make sure Windows Authentication is set in the Default Web … what you expect. If you can't spot the problem and need to contact frevvo support: Stop  Go to <frevvo-home>/tomcat/logs/frevvo.log. Follow these steps
  8. Getting Started

    the Application Home Page. If you are new to Live Forms and have not created any applications yet, you will see the following Getting Started message: Click the link … The ™ Getting Started Guide takes you through the process of designing, deploying and using your first simple form/flow.  You'll quickly see how easy
  9. Testing Workflows

    the UseForm.pngTest icon for the flow on the Flows Home Page to enter Test Mode. Complete the flow in the popup window to test it. Both methods display the test mode … the changes to your flows but you will be returned to the Flows Home page after the changes are stored. The test popup is accessed by clicking
  10. Designing Steps in a Flow

    schema of the flow that combines all the fields in all the forms in the flow. For example, if you go to the Flows home page and click Page_code.gif to download …  as a standalone form by clicking the v62downloadformfromclowicon.PNGforms icon. 80DesigningFlows.PNG On This Page:   Choosing a Design Pattern for your